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Top 5 Suspension Brands

June 9, 2020

1. Eibach

Starting off the list, we have Eibach. Most people learn about this brand because they're looking to get low on a budget. It's not uncommon for the new enthusiasts to go online and find the cheapest route to get their car lower. Typically one of the first products that will pop up are a set of lowering springs from Eibach. This is because Eibach is a very well known company that creates some truly incredible products. From lowering springs for the street to full coilover setups for the track, Eibach carries pretty much whatever suspension setup you feel like running. Back that with the fact that you can get a set of lowering springs with a name like Eibach for under $300 it's easy to see why they are one of the most popular brands we carry.

Eibach Mazdaspeed3Eibach Mazdaspeed3

2. Tein

Next up is Tein. Similar to Eibach in terms of price point and build quality, Tein has been killing the entry level suspension game for quite some time. Chances are you've heard of them and probably even considered purchasing one of their suspension products at some point. Tein even offers some budget coilovers. Their Flex Z coilovers are loved for their fantastic quality and performance for the cost. They offer the adjustability that a new enthusiast is looking for to allow you to get good performance and fitment.

Tein CorollaTein Corolla

3. Function and Form

Established in 2005, Function and Form set out to create suspension that, you guessed it, combined function and form. Since this is a newer company, you may not have heard of them before. However, we see Function and Form coilovers popping up all over our gallery. They are quickly becoming a big player in the aftermarket suspension scene. They offer a couple different coilover options depending on what you're looking to get out of your setup. Function and Form also released their new air suspension this year at SEMA which is exciting to see from such a new company. This is definitely a brand you'll want to keep your eye on.

Lowered Acura TSXAcura TSX

4. Air Lift Performance

If you've ever heard about air suspension before, you've definitely heard of Air Lift. Some people even just use Air Lift as the general term instead of saying air suspension. These guys have been around for a while and are extremely good at what they do. Air Lift Performance gives you the choice between a height or pressure based system depending on your application and they make the installation pretty simple even for people that have never installed air suspension before. Their instructions are designed specifically for your make and model and are even in color which means that as long as you can read, you should be able to install an Air Lift kit.

Bagged MiataBagged Miata

5. BC Racing

Last but certainly not least, is BC Racing. This is arguably the most popular suspension brand that we sell because their coilovers offer a ton of adjustment and a fantastic build quality. BC Racing is considered a name brand in the suspension world and we see a ton of people running their coilover kits. Why? Well, because they're so affordable for the amount of features you get. Their entry level coilover comes in at just under $1000 for most models and they will give you all of the adjustability you need for your first time running coilovers. Need something more aggressive? BC Racing has an extensive lineup of coilovers suited for various uses so definitely check out which one works for you.

Lowered 335ilowered 335i