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5 Most Iconic Wheels Pt. 2

Fitment Industries Author | | July 31st, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries. And today, we're gonna be talking to you about five iconic wheels. So we made the first part of this video, and everybody was super excited, and then we got to number one, which was a Volk TE37, and then people were like, "But what about this brand, and this brand, and this brand", and like every other brand you could possibly imagine. So we're doing a part two because, it's Monday, why not? So don't forget to subscribe, and we're just gonna jump into number five. The number five most iconic wheel is the Dayton Wire Wheel, which came out, well, a long (bleep) time ago, especially well, considering that the Dayton was founded back in 1916. The Dayton Wire Wheel was an iconic wheel, especially back in the 70's and 80's, and was probably considered one of the most popular wheels for the low-riding scene. The multi-spoke style was kind of a pain in the butt to keep clean, was really not overall the greatest wheel to kinda hold air in any of your setups at all, but the the Dayton Wire Wheel was an iconic wheel, and because it played such an influential part in the low-riding scene, it continues to be one of the most popular wheels to date. We actually have a set on our media van, which we're not entirely sure if they're authentic or not, but besides the point, they look super cool. Taking place at number four, the fourth most iconic wheel that we have is the (bleep).

    (bright horn music) Taking place at number four, the fourth most iconic wheel is the Work Equip 05. Now, I feel like when we make these videos, Work always manages to find their way into one of the most iconic wheels, and it's for pretty good reason. It's one of the largest aftermarket Japanese wheel companies that exists to this day, and the Work Equip 05 is definitely not a slouch. It's just an iconic, super simple, pulled-back five-spoke wheel that was available in a multi-piece variety, so you can get it in any size, offset diameter that you could possibly want, and people just ran them. Now the Work Equip 05's probably not my personal favorite out of the Work lineup, just because there's so many other cool designs, but the 05 is pretty much at every single car show you could possibly imagine, and Work continues to produce different variants of that Work Equip 05, depending on what you're looking to buy. But it's an iconic wheel, they've been around forever. Work is gonna continue to probably be on these lists if we made, like 10 parts of this, just because of the fact that they're pretty much everywhere. Coming in at number three is BBS LM. Now BBS is just like Work, if you're ever gonna talk about popular iconic wheels, they're probably gonna be right next to each other. The BBS LM was a double 10 spoke style. It had a bunch of different finish options that came back in the time, and it's considered one of the most popular wheels. You can't go to any European car show without seeing some variant of the LM, just in addition, to like the RS that we talked about in the first video. BBS puts a lot of pride and quality behind the BBS lineage because they are a racing style wheels. So they focused a lot on light-weight, styling, rigidity testing, and everything in-between, so they can take quite a beating. But the BBS takes place in number three in our iconic spot, just because they're really cool. They're just, I don't know, they're iconic. You guys know 'em, we know 'em. You probably confuse them for RS's.

    You confuse the LM's. You confuse every variance of the BBS because they're all kinda similar in the star shaped design that they do, and they all look extremely similar. But I mean, when you talk to an enthusiast, or you talk to somebody that's like, super particular about the BBS name, they're probably already writing an angry comment, talking about how they're completely different wheels But they are an iconic wheel, and the LM takes a spot at number three. Coming in at number two is the OZ Superturismo WRC. So OZ has just been one of those wheel brands that has never really left the spotlight, but was never really fully in the spotlight either. They just continued to make very good wheels that a lot of people love, and the Superturismo WRC is definitely not a slouch. In my eyes, it's considered one of the most iconic wheels just because of the styling that OZ had during the World Rally and the rally events that they partake in. It's a multi-spoke design and most of them come in that iconic arctic white finish, with the red embossed OZ Racing in the center there, and there's a bunch of other variants of the Superturismo if you really are looking to get into one. And there are plenty of other variants of the Superturismo, if you're looking to get into a set. Now the best thing about this wheel, and the iconic factor is that they're not super-duper expensive. A lot of times when you get to the more iconic wheels, they get very, very expensive. But OZ just continues to make, just high quality cast wheels, and the Superturismo WRC is one of those wheels. And you'd be pretty hard-pressed to not see the OZ wheel line on a lot of hot hatches, especially in today's day and age. And last but not least, we're on to the number one most iconic wheel, which is gonna make some of you super happy, and some of you super mad, or just maybe leave you guys with more questions, but the number one most iconic wheel that we have out there for aftermarket wheels is the Watanabe RS-8, so the Watanabe is an iconic styling. It was, came from the Watanabe dealer over in Japan and it continues to be, probably one of the most hot wheels, when it comes to the JDM import scene that you can possibly buy.

    Myself, personally I wanted a set for the longest time, until I realized that picking up a set cost around three grand if you wanted a good quality Watanabe wheel. Watanabe's and a lot of their super-lights, and different things like that, especially in the early 70's, that iconic eight spoke, daisy spoke style wheel, became extremely popular in the scene. It continues to be one of the most iconic wheels that you can possibly buy for your 240, 260, or 280Z. The best and worst part about the Watanabe's is the fact of how hard they are to come by, especially if you go and type in Watanabe RS-8, you're probably gonna find around 20 to 30 different ads for wheels that are definitely not Watanabe's, because you just go on Ebay, and everybody's making that iconic eight spoke style design, and that's just how it works. But Watanabe is one of those super iconic wheels that focused on light-weight, road racing driving, and just everything of the like, and if you can find a set, hold on to 'em. because they're going up in value which is pretty cool. So those are our top five most iconic wheels. We hope you guys enjoyed. Don't forget to subscribe, and if you need wheels, hit up fitmentindustries.com, we have wheels, suspension, air-lift, that whole sales plug. And of course we'll see ya later, peace.