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5 Things You Didnt Know About Airlift

Fitment Industries Author | | June 2nd, 2018 |

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    - Wow, we make one political correctness joke and the YouTube comments like just blew up. Guys, it's a joke, just relax. If you guys want to know what we're talking about go check out Bizarre Wheels, but I'm Alex from Fitment Industries and today we're going to be talking to you about five things you probably didn't know about Airlift Suspension. Since Airlift is becoming probably one of the most popular after market suspension components we figured we'd just jump into a couple things you may not have known about the company but of course if you want to know everything go check out our Airlift history that we did a month ago. It was a pretty good time, I made air noises with my mouth I was like psssht, braaa, psssht. So the first thing that you may not know about Airlift is that they really didn't even understand how comprehensive their product would eventually become.

    Claude Pemberton back in 1949 when the company was founded and actually incorporated in 1953 really didn't understand the full comprehensiveness of what this air strut style component would do for the game I mean when you think about it at the time, there really were only springs and you could get different spring rates for cars and things like that, but when it came to customizing really the amount of pressure that you could have in your coil, it was unheard of and when Claude initially came up with the program initially came out with the product with Airlift it was a massive success because it really was something that nobody else had at the time. And really it was all about load-carrying capacity because when you think about back in the day people wanted to bring their RVs or their campers with them or if you're talking about the Prohibition days they wanted to make sure the moonshine in the back of their trunk didn't actually sag the car when the police were checking out cars. So it came out to be a very important product and once they realized that they could use it in a lot more than just cars Airlift just continued to have success over very simple idea that really two people came up with. The second thing that you may not know about Airlift is that they started to explode in the 50's and 60's. Now they're popular now but they really grew a lot back in those times because, when you think about it their marketing tactics were very different from what they are now. So right now, if you want to go and you want to sell a product you better jump on Facebook, get really good at marketing and social media and all that sort of junk to eventually try to sell somebody a $200 part in 4-5 months. Back in the day, Airlift did things a little bit differently they would just go to all the local tracks drag strips, oval tracks, anything in between and convince drivers that day to install Airlift suspension components so that they could prove to people that their products worked. And a lot of times they did this at little to no cost they called it their Airlift sponsorship. The coolest thing about the sponsorship was that Airlift just asked that you do one thing that you run an Airlift decal on the back of your car. Because of how successful their products were and how well it did at eliminating time on the drag strip and helping with cornering on the oval tracks Airlift was massively successful and you'd hear stories about Airlift vendors at different tracks would actually end up with massive amounts of lines after the event had been over because everybody wanted to run their product. And by the way, since we're--
    (beeping) And of course don't forget to subscribe guys I know I don't look like Dave Battista or have a mean voice like everybody wants guys talking about cars to have but it would mean a lot so we can make more videos for you boom, sales pitch, done, moving on to number three. The third thing that you may not know about Airlift is they are one of the first companies to offer no drill applications. What that means is that a lot of times when you get into custom suspension components it requires some level of fabrication and metal work. It's not uncommon for a lot of people to have to pick up a grinder or pick up something, a weld tool, or something like that to really start dialing in specific suspension components back in the day. Airlift really didn't want to have customers to do that they wanted something simple and easy and that would allow the customer to buy something right off the shelf and install it with minimal work required. And because of the way that the customization offered through Airlift was at the time it was just monumental, you pair something that gives you a ton of freedom with the fact that it was super easy to install and everybody wanted Airlift's products even more. Because Airlift was one of the first companies to actually offer no drill applications they continue to coin the term as them being one of the original companies to offer suspension components that you didn't have to worry about welding, fabricating or changing the geometry of your car. The fourth thing that you may not know about Airlift is they're a lot like Disney they are absolutely everywhere, their products and patents and everything in between goes a lot farther than just Airlift Performance, they go into trucks and SUVs and campers and RVs.

    They go into semis, they go into businesses and foundations of buildings that help with load-carrying capacity for earthquakes and things like that. They're in ambulances, they're in fire trucks they're absolutely everywhere because Airlift's component it's product is actually very versatile you'll even see them in vending machines if you really look close enough so it's cool to see that Airlift does a lot more than just what we think on the car side of things. And realistically, the reason that they're so successful is because they're so big. And the fifth and final thing that you may not know about Airlift is you can actually thank the mini-truck scene back in the late 80's and early 90's for making Airlift as popular as it is in the current scene. Now back in the day when you thought about customization all those sort of options, Airlift had those no drill applications but it was tough to get in front of the market because it was a little bit more expensive than other counterparts like hydraulics and things like that. The mini-truck scene was really coined during the easy street division back before Airlift Performance was Airlift Performance and took the product and ran with it. A lot of the mini-trucks back at the time ran Airlift suspension components because of the increased compressor, the new management system and everything in between that made the product so good. So, Airlift Performance is really kind of based on the success of the easy street division back when mini-trucks ruled the world so if you have a mini-truck, thanks guys. So that's five things you may not have known about Airlift Suspension, drop a comment on what you'd like to see us talk about next and of course don't forget to subscribe. If you're looking to pick up Airlift head on over to FitmentIndustries.com/Airlift I'm Alex from Fitment Industries and we'll see you later, peace.