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5 Things You Didnt Know About Rays Engineering

Fitment Industries Author | | June 25th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's goin' on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries, and today we're gonna be talking to you about five things that you may not have known about RAYS engineering. So before we get started, we're talking about RAYS engineering, and not just Volk racing. So before we just jump into it, don't forget to obviously hit subscribe. We're trying to get to 50 thousand, and hopefully, we're there by the time you watch this video. So, the first thing you may not know about RAYS engineering is obviously their massive partnership and manufacturing processes that they share with Volk Racing.

    But Volk isn't the only company that RAYS Engineering partners with. RAYS also has partnerships between companies like Eco Drive, Versus, Gram Lights, and so many more companies. If you go onto their website, you can actually see all the companies that they do manufacturing processes with, which is actually pretty dang cool, especially considering that all of the wheel companies that they do manufacture with, are completely different across the board. Especially when you look at things like the Eco Drive and the Versus compared to the Gram Lights or even the Volks. The second thing you may not know about RAYS Engineering is that they have the one of one, 10 thousand ton forging machine process right in Japan. So what that means is that there's lots of forging techniques that companies use especially when it comes down to creating a high-pressure alloy wheel. Well, RAYS essentially has the biggest and the best and that's pretty much for good reason. They have a 10 thousand ton processing forge that allows them to pressurize these wheels to become the lightest, strongest, and still have some of the craziest, neatest designs in the market to this day. If you go in and actually look at the machine process, it's absolutely massive.

    Because of how big it is, it takes up it's own section in the factory in Japan. It's pretty cool to actually watch. The third thing that you may not know about RAYS Engineering is that their wheels really just aren't that cheap. Now that's not a bad thing, and you may wonder why you would spend a lot of money on RAYS Engineering wheels, and any of their manufacturing processes, and that would just be, come down to how good their tech is in their wheels. So a lot of the things that RAYS does, whether it's their forge line-up or their cast wheel line-up, it's pretty dang good. RAYS uses a lot of their Volk TE37's especially their forge line-up to talk about things like fiber lining in their wheels to help ensure rigidity and light-weightness in comparison to other just standard forged wheels. On top of that, some of their cast wheels with their Gram Lights feature TAF technology, which just finites the amount of metal grain structure in an easier way so that it makes it just well, you know, stronger. Then they have a bunch of other processes that help with light-weightness, a lot of rigidity testing, strengthening testing, and just a lot of other things that make well, RAYS Wheels, and everybody they partner with, just really good wheels, and you're gonna get a lot of tech with those wheels that you buy from them because you are just paying, you know, a little extra money. And that goes in to the fourth thing that you may not know about RAYS is that they have their own testing and safety structure in house. So as you know, Japanese companies take their stuff extremely seriously. Besides the weird shows that you see on TV Japan does really take a lot of pride in the business and products that they provide.

    If you look at RAYS Engineering and specific, they are no slouch. They have their JWL testing, which they also call a +R Spec 2 which allows RAYS Engineering to do additional testing that makes their wheels better than just what the standard is. In fact, they talk about how JWL is pretty minimalistic, and just not good enough to deem a wheel good. Their Spec 2 testing allows them to do rigidity testing, rotary bending testing, fatigue testing, drop testing, and everything in between to actually ensure that the wheels that you're getting can handle a beating. And for a lot of people that've had RAYS Wheels in the past, you know that they can. Which goes into the final thing that you may not know about RAYS Engineering is that, well, they're all made in Japan. Now that seems like a pretty simple fact, but it comes down to the fact that all the manufacturing processes and partnerships that they have is all done in house.

    That allows them to just maintain the same quality integration across their wheel lines and it goes through one company. They're not partnershipping, or outsourcing stuff where you're gonna get mediocre quality, or mediocre turn-around time. RAYS does all their stuff in house because they truly believe in quality first. And on top of that, when they look at the term "Made in Japan" they hold that to the highest regard, and RAYS Engineering wheels are, by far, probably one of the best kind of wheels you can get if you're looking for that sports style compact wheel. But that's five things you may not know about RAYS Engineering. Let us know in the comments below if you think we missed something and, of course, don't forget to subscribe. If you're looking to pick up some RAYS, Volks, or anything like that, head on over to FitmentIndustries.com. You can actually get a quote for the wheels if you just go to our quote page. Otherwise, if you're looking for anything in between, wheels, tires, suspension, or air-lift, we probably have it. But I'm Alex from Fitment Industries, and we'll see you later, peace.