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5 Things You Didnt Know About Rotiform

Fitment Industries Author | | July 10th, 2018 |

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    - No, you can't.
    I can't do it with you standing, 'cause it bugs me.
    - Well, hello there.
    (laughter) No, walking through doors is the best transition ever. When we take a look at aftermarket wheels, there's a lot of popular options out there, and probably one of the most popular right now is, well, Rotiform. So we thought we would talk to about five things that you probably didn't know about Rotiform, and if you're wondering, we've done this entrance like six times. Don't forget to subscribe, we're trying to get to 100,000. Let's get right into it. So the first thing that you may not know about Rotiform is that they're actually owned by another company, a company called MHT Wheels. Now MHT is a conglomerate of different companies. They own companies like Fuel if you're a truck guy, they own companies like Dub, if you're a Dub guy, they own companies like Niche, as well as well Foose. They have a couple different companies that they have underneath their umbrella and what that allows them to do is kind of combine all the technical stuff that each company can do so that they can all just make really cool wheels. So Rotiform is part of that umbrella, as being one of the companies that's involved under the MHT Wheels brand. That's why you see a lot of similarities between companies like Rotiform and other companies like well Niche, Niche, or however you want to say it.

    The second thing that you may not know is that from concept to cutting, everything that Rotiform does, they do in house and because they have MHT behind them, they have all their processes and materials that they could possibly need to make really cool wheels. Rotiform gets involved with pretty much everything so it's still the people that founded Rotiform are still there making wheel designs and making sure everything is hunky dory because Rotiform is such a prominent brand. And because it's from concept to cutting, they get involved in everything, Rotiform does make a lot of different designs. Because of how many designs that they make is probably why they're so popular, especially in 2018 because you can pretty much find anything from retro, to euro, to domestic, to well VIP in the Rotiform catalog. Now, although catalog sounds really kind of cheesy and lame, they do have an absolutely huge variety of wheels that you can get pretty much any size and shape that you could possibly want. Which gives us into number three. Now the third thing you may not know is that every single one of their wheels, you can get made any different style and well, you know pieces I guess. You can get one piece if you want, you can get a two piece modular fours, in from a one piece design. They'll even go to a three piece wheel for you if that's something you're looking to do. Because everything about their wheel brand is pretty much broken into one, two, and three piece wheels, you can get any style and pretty much any different design that you could possibly want. So whether you're looking at something like an INDT and you really want that in a three piece variant, Rotiform can do that for you. And because they have everything in house, it makes it extremely easy for them to do so.

    And on top of everything, being in house, that means all their milling, cutting, everything in between that makes a wheel a wheel they can get done right in house, and well, right away so a lot of the turn around times are actually pretty damn quick considering you're getting a multi piece wheel in not a long time. The fourth thing that you probably didn't know about Rotiform is probably the one that you really don't care about but we thought that we'd let you know anyway. Rotiform actually makes truck wheels, which if you're looking to get a set of Rotiform 6s, you could actually get a five or a six lug pattern, and they're getting more into the six lug pattern for a lot of their other wheels. In fact Rotiform wants to bring some of the multi piece game that makes everything about cars so special into the truck community, and hopefully you'll see in the next year or two them making multi piece force wheels like the Rotiform 6 in a six lug for trucks. So, if you're one of the 10 people that watch these videos because you really want a car but you just happen to open lift a truck, there is some hope for you for buying wheels that aren't, you know, black with machine milled finishes. And probably the final thing that's most unique to Rotiform is just how versatile the company really is. Now we don't get paid to say any of this stuff, we just get to see what you guys like the most. And probably the most common thing that you guys want is uniqueness, versatility, and pretty much just you want it your way, which I'm pretty sure is the Burger King slogan ♪ Have it your way at Burger King ♪ And Rotiform does a really good job at doing just that. Their one piece cast designs, they have a lot of blanks that allows them to drill to specific applications if you actually request it which is pretty cool.

    A lot of their hidden lug nut wheels also allows them to drill to a lot more different options that aren't as common. So what you can get is a wheel in a specific bolt pattern that probably you wouldn't get out of any other brand. Really, I don't like saying on top of that, but on top of that they have all their color options that really aren't the common colors that you can get for a one piece cast wheel and when you consider the amount of options that you have out there and Rotiform being able to pretty much do any sort of customization to their one piece cast while giving you bolt pattern options that just don't exist, I'm talking to you Ford Fiesta and Focus guys out there, there is hope and Rotiform is making sure to have that option for you because again, they do everything in house, so it makes it pretty easy. So those are five things that you probably didn't know about Rotiform. Drop a comment on what you'd like us to talk about next and don't forget to subscribe as well. We're trying to get to 100,000 subscribers. I'm Alex from Fitment Industries. I apologize for talking so fast, but I hope you kept up. We'll see you later, peace.