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5 Things You Should Know Before Lowering Your Car

Fitment Industries Author | | July 25th, 2018 |

  • - Lowering your car can be all well and dandy, but if you don't think about all the other things that you're going to have to do while you're underneath there trying to get everything dialed in, it can be a huge mess. So, we thought we'd make a video talking about five things you need to know before you lower your car. By the way, I'm Alex from Fitment Industries and don't forget to subscribe before we jump into these five things. The first thing you got to know when you're lowering your car is what you're getting into. A lot of people have a tendency to buy coilovers, they slam them all the way to the ground, they put them in their car, then all of a sudden they have issues with everything known to man. Whether that's bushings or sway bars, end links that ride like crap, everything in between that you could possibly have that's a negative when you're in selling after market suspension, is pretty much what happens. So, before you get into actually go in to lower your car, whether you're doing coilovers or something in between, is try to figure out what you're looking for in terms of fitment, ride quality, and everything in between. If you're looking for something just straight for looks, then maybe just slamming it on the ground and dub to rub and you're ready to roll. But, if you're looking for something with increased responsiveness or lower center of gravity, all that sort of stuff while still being able to do full lock on a 19 by 10s, you're gonna want to make sure that you have all that stuff dialed in and if what you're buying is going to accomplish just that. So, the second thing you're going to want to know when you're lowering your car is that a lot of time with used products that stuff is going to break and it's just natural. And we're actually gonna talk about it while outside. So, this is an E36 and regardless on if you like stamps or not, this is something that people do. The biggest thing that a lot of people tend to forget is when they work on cars like an E36 or older cars, you're going to break stuff and some of it's your fault and a lot of times it's not. Because cars are older, you're going to break things like washers and nuts. And some of these parts aren't really even meant to be taken apart and then put back together. Plan to actually have, you know, replacement parts and expect that some stuff is going to break, it's only normal. Now, this is a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 with, like, no miles on it. This car is nearly brand new, you're not gonna have to replace the same parts you would on an E36 or something like that. Pretty much the moral of the story is, if you're thinking about lowering your car anticipate if you're going to need to replace parts or not. And a lot of times when you go into the older cars, it's going to be normal, you're probably going to have a couple more headaches and, obviously, when you have a new car you're probably not gonna have to do that. But, at the same time, always anticipate that you're gonna have to do a little bit more than just install a coilover. So, the third thing that you may not think about when you're actually lowering your car is the fact that just because you install coilovers doesn't mean you're going to immediately start feeling like Ayrton Senna. What you're going to have to remember is that a lot of people dial on their suspension components to a T to get that race car-esh feel. If you're just throwing coilovers into slam your car and rock around on Instagram, that's completely cool, but if you're looking to dial in your suspension and you really want to make sure that it's perfect and you have no body roll and everything's feeling right as rain, it does take a little bit of extra knowledge and education. You're gonna need to understand how spring ... You're going to need to understand how preload works, damping, all that sort of stuff, compression rebound, everything in between that actually makes a coilover a coilover, or, just your suspension components and how that all works together to really dial in your suspension components. Remember, a lot of times coilovers are gonna do what you want for a lot of people, which is essentially just lower your car and make it a little bit more aggressive. But, if you really wanna dial in your suspension, you're gonna wanna make sure that you understand the fundamental things that make a coilover a coilover. Now, the fourth thing that you're gonna want to think about is longterm use. Now, behind me, we have a lifted truck on some hostiles, that's pretty well and dandy. And for the most part, besides going to your local Walmart meet, they're gonna not really care about speedbumps, potholes or anything in between. By the way, to the 12 people that own trucks that watch this video, that's a joke, please don't get mad at us. But, what you do have to remember, is when you're lowering your car there's a huge difference in what you're going to have to take into consideration for longterm use. Potholes, speed bumps, everything in between that's pretty much just in your local town. Do you have terrible roads? Because if you do, you're gonna wanna plan for that when you're driving around town. If you have a daily driver and you're looking to slam it to the ground, you're likely just gonna have a bad time. So, when you're lowering your car, try to consider and take that into account, because it may look really good just standing still, you know, in a garage or something like that, but, you might just get caught when you're trying to actually take the car out onto the road, 'cause you have bad roads. And the fifth and final thing you're gonna wanna know before lowering your car is that there's two ways to install pretty much anything in cars. You can either hack it all together and just pray that it works, or you can do it the right way. There have been so many times where I've gone out to see a car on airlift. It looks awesome, it sits well, open the trunk and the compressors are flying all over the place. You're gonna wanna make sure that you're taking your time and just installing things right the first time, because, overall, it's gonna last longer, you're gonna have less issues and it's just gonna look better. Because, at the same time, with pretty much anything that you do in life, you wanna do it right the first time. So, those are five things that you're gonna wanna know before lowering your car. We hope you guys enjoyed. Don't forget to subscribe. I'm Alex from Fitment Industries. We will see you later, peace.