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How to Find What Wheels Fit Your Car

June 30, 2020

1. The Gallery

Did you know we have a gallery and it has a lot more than just pictures? If you head on over to the gallery, you'll be able to see tons of photos of cars with aftermarket wheels. What's better is that you can filter the gallery by your year, make, and model of car to see what your car will look like with various types of wheels. Already know what style you want? The gallery also shows you sizing and even has links directly to the products the current car is running. The owner will be able to put in information such as rubbing issues or if any trimming or fender modification was needed to run their setup. Best of all, you can filter by wheel size, brand, and much more! Go check it out!

Work Wheels Toyota SupraTwin Turbo Supra


2. Search Using Your Year, Make, and Model

If you head over to the Wheels and Tires section, you'll be able to put in the year, make, and model of your car to find wheels that fit. This system uses the gallery to find wheels that others are currently running. This feature finds you the recommended fitment for your vehicle but it does not guarantee that they will fit properly. This is an easy way to narrow your search since there are so many wheel options to choose from.

YMM Page

3. Fitment Calculator

Last but not least, check out our Fitment Calculator. Simply enter your wheel specs and the calculator will tell you the more technical measurement you need to really dial in your fitment!

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