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FI Car Reviews: 2009 Audi TTS

July 13, 2020

You've seen it before, probably thought it was pretty cool, but then forgot it existed unless someone you know owns one. The all-wheel-drive, turbocharged two-door hatchback that's not a Golf! The underrated car that rivaled the Porsche Cayman in performance and in price. We are of course talking about the Audi TTS!

As this is our first review, let's go over the topics we'll be covering as well as the scoring. The car was reviewed by two people in order to capture an unbiased review from two different viewpoints. The cars will be scored on a scale of 1-10 in each of the following categories: Looks, Performance, Interior, Aftermarket Support, and Value.

Special Thanks!

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to Meister Import Motors Inc. of Greenville, Wisconsin for allowing us to review their 2009 Audi TTS!

1. Looks

Audi TTS Aodhan Wheels

Score: 7

Starting off with the Looks category, we talk about our first impressions of the styling of the vehicle. This pertains only to the exterior of the car.

Though understated, we definitely think that the Audi TTS looks more expensive than it is. The smooth, swooping lines and the short wheelbase gives the TT a look that is distinguishable without looking out of place. The average joe would be able to look at this car and think, 'wow, that's a sharp little car' but it wouldn't have the expressive styling to break everybody's neck. Aside from the body lines, the TTS boasts a retractable rear spoiler which definitely helps make the car look way more expensive than it is and paired with the styling of the taillights, which when lit look like an Audi R8, make the TT stand out just a little bit. 

Audi TTS Aodhan DS002

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You'll also notice that this particular TTS is running a set of Aodhan LS002 wheels in a gold finish. We love the way these wheels look on this car. The gold adds a little bit of pop to the otherwise subtle styling of the Audi TT and surprisingly doesn't look over the top.

While we like the looks of the TTS, part of us wishes that it was a little more aggressive in its styling. Now, we know some will argue that the TTRS looks way better, and we would agree with that statement. However, when you look at the price and power difference between the two, they aren't even in the same category. We do wish some of the styling of the TTRS found its way to the little brother, but overall the styling of the TTS is done pretty well.

Audi TTS Aodhan Wheels


  • Exotic look
  • Wheels paired nicely with this car
  • Spoiler is cool
  • Taillights look like R8


  • Attractive but not all that aggressive

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2. Performance

Audi TTS Engine

Score: 7

Next, we'll talk about performance. This Audi TTS comes with a 2.0L TFSI turbocharged four-cylinder that pumps out a very respectable 265 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque. This launches (yes, it has launch control) the TTS from 0-60 in just 5.2 seconds. Those are pretty solid numbers and definitely enough to have fun. However, that's on paper. How does it actually feel to drive?

Audi TTS Interior

We'll start off with this: The TTS isn't fast but it has the perfect amount of power for this platform. It's quick, not fast. Around town, the TTS has plenty of torque for you to have fun, the engine is very responsive and sounds great. You get turbo noises for days with this car. The transmission was equally as responsive which is expected since it is a dual-clutch automatic. The shifts were lightning quick and made the dual-clutch farts that so many people love. Merging onto the freeway was fun and easy, but not mind-blowing. Where this car really shines is in the corners. The TTS has adjustable suspension and when paired with the sport mode and paddle shifters, you'll be sure to have a blast in the corners. The Quattro all-wheel-drive system is phenomenal and we feel that it's the main part of what makes the TT so special.


  • Wasn't fast but the right amount of power for the car
  • Quick, responsive transmission
  • Sounds good- DSG farts, factory intake noise
  • Engaging driving experience
  • Adjustable suspension


  • Launch control - Cool but not very aggressive

3. Interior

Audi TTS Interior

Score: 7

Moving to the inside of the TTS, it's nice but not that nice. We need to keep in mind that this car is now 11 years old so we can't expect it to be as nice as a new TT. For the time, it is a solid interior. The seats are very comfortable and get a really good amount of bolstering. The steering wheel is the right size and has a flat-bottom which scores extra cool points for enthusiasts. The Bose audio system was pretty good for the time but we weren't blown away. Our favorite part of the entire interior was the seating position. The TTS gives you a very engaging seating position as the seats seem to be more towards the middle of the car. You always know where your corners are and the visibility is pretty good for this being a two-door hatchback. 

Audi TTS Seats


  • Good for the time period
  • Comfortable seats, good bolstering
  • Good size steering wheel - flat bottom
  • Good sound system
  • Good visibility
  • Trunk space


  • Doesn't really feel any more special than the base TT

4. Aftermarket Support

Audi TTS on BC Racing Coilovers

See More Photos of This TTS

Score: 9

Next is the aftermarket support for the TT. Simply put, it's large. From downpipes and tunes to air suspension and a wide variety of wheels, the TTS can fit pretty much any build. Want to build a track monster? Grab yourself a set of ST Suspension or Silvers coilovers, lightweight wheels like the Enkei RPF1, aggressive tires such as the Federal 595 RS-R, and pair that with some power mods like a downpipe and tune. This will give you a fantastic looking setup that is ready for the track. Did we mention that with a tune and downpipe, your TTS will be pushing about 330 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque to the wheels?!

Bagged Audi TTS

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Going for more of a show style? The TTS does that well too! Grab some air suspension and slam the car to the ground on some 19-inch wheels and you'll be breaking necks in no time. It's truly crazy how much you can do to this car and we've just touched the surface of the modding potential!

5. Value

Slammed Audi TTS

See More Photos of This TTS

Score: 8

Last but not least, we have value. The car we drove is currently for sale for $13,999. But is it worth $14,000? We definitely think so! Considering this car brand new was nearly $70,000, we think it's an absolute bargain. You get a good looking car that can go through pretty much any weather situation, has plenty of power, tons of modding potential, and isn't really a 'mainstream' vehicle. For $14,000, it's hard to argue with the looks and driving experience of the TTS.

Overall Score: 38/50

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