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Federal SS595 Review

August 24, 2020

Federal Tires Logo

Today we'll talk about the tire that EVERYBODY seems to be running. When you hear the question: What's the cheapest performance tire for my car? We'd bet you'll be mentioning this guy. Let's take a look at the Federal SS595

Federal SS595

Being a performance tire, the Federal SS595 has a very aggressive tread pattern. The tread voids for a sharp V-shaped pattern that looks unlike anything else on the road. These tires also stretch really well making them perfect for more of a stance setup. If you're searching for a tire that looks as good as it performs, the SS595 is really hard to beat. 

Bagged WRX STI

As far as performance goes, the Federal SS595 gives you all of the performance you want from a tire in this category. Federal designed this tire with stiffer tread and shoulder areas that not only make the tire grip the road better but also eliminate uneven tread wear. The grip that this tire provides is astounding for its price. The 595 offers fantastic road feel and response that comes fairly close to some of the more expensive tires such as the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500. Ride quality is also really good which is surprising again for a performance tire. There wasn't a time where the tire felt too aggressive or didn't adapt to bumps in the road.

MK7.5 GTI on Bags

The only thing that we noticed as a drawback with the Federal SS595 is the road noise. It's not unbearable but you will notice a difference in noise especially if you're coming from something like an all-season tire. 

If you're looking for an affordable performance tire, it doesn't get much better than the Federal SS595. You can get a set of four of these tires for as low as $420 and have yourself the perfect summer setup that is ready to take on curvy backroads whenever you need.

Bagged RSX

Grab your set and see what the hype is all about!

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