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Top 5 Red Wheels

August 18, 2020

Red has been an incredibly popular finish in the car scene lately so we felt we definitely needed to talk about some wheels that come in red finish. Some of these are already popular wheel models but a lot of people never realize that they come in a red finish! Today we'll take a look at the most popular red wheels that we have seen people running!

1. XXR 567

XXR 567 Red Finish

Starting off the list we have the XXR 567. XXR is possibly one of the most well-known names in the wheel industry thanks to their awesome designs and low cost. The 567 is one of their most popular wheels and it looks incredible in the red finish. This is a multi-spoke design that has sharp accents along each spoke that gives the entire wheel a little more depth for its otherwise simplistic design. You can find the XXR 567 on anything from a Subaru to a Honda and it can usually accent any car really well. If you're looking to get that beautiful red finish without breaking the bank, the XXR 567 comes in just under $700 for a set of four 18x8.5 wheels!

Lowered Scion FRS with XXR 567 wheels


2. F1R F21

F1R F21 Red and Black

If you're looking for more of a mesh-style wheel with a lip, check out the F1R F21. This wheel looks absolutely incredible in the black and red finish. F1R keeps the red only on the face of the wheel and makes the barrel of the wheel gloss black. This color combination makes the red spokes of the F21 pop and creates a completely unique looking wheel. F1R is another company that brings really cool looking wheels at an affordable price. The F1R F21 in this finish is priced at $740 for a set of 18x9.5 inch wheels.

Mini Cooper Pacemen F1R F21 Red


3. Rohana RF1

Rohana RF1 Red Finish

So you want the best of the best wheel with a red finish? Well, Rohana has the wheel for you! This is the RF1 and needless to say this is absolutely beautiful wheel designed by prestigous company. The RF1 would fit perfectly on any big bodied car like an E92 M3 or Infiniti G37. It has a deep concavity with sharp spokes and a beautiful cherry red finish that will make your ride stand out from any other build. If price is no object and you want to flex your masterpiece, you can pick up a set of Rohana RF1's in the gorgeous red finish for around $2300 for a 20x10.

Bagged E92 M3 with Rohana Wheels


4. Rotiform BLQ

Rotiform BLQ Red Finish

Arguably the most common wheel brand for the Euro scene, the Rotiform BLQ has a different take on the traditional mesh style design. There isn't a ton of concavity so if you're looking for more of a flat faced wheel, this will be right up your alley. In fact, Dakota ran these exact wheels on his VW wagon and they made his car stand out even given the relatively subtle styling of his VW. With this wheel, not only do you get an intricate wheel design but you get the Rotiform reputation that so many Euro enthuiasts love. Grab your set of 19x8.5 Rotiform BLQ's for just under $1250!

MK6 GLI Rotiform BLQ


5. Rotiform WGR

Rotiform WGR

We'll finish off this list with another Rotiform wheel but this time the complete opposite of the last one. This is the Rotiform WGR and it's a fatty 5 spoke design for those of you who prefer a more simple, clean style to your build. Again, being a Rotiform, it's not uncommon to see this wheel on Euro cars. The red is a nice touch to the super simple design and helps the wheel stand out more. This one may be more focused towards a racing style build and if you have big, beautiful brakes, the WGR would be a great wheel to show them off. You can grab the WGR for around $1100 in an 18x8.5.

Bagged MK7 Golf R Rotiform Wheels


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