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5 Most Popular Budget Tires

September 1, 2020

Here are our top 5 picks for budget tires!

1. Nitto NT555 G2

Nitto NT555 G2

First on the list is the Nitto NT555 G2. This is a fantastic bang for your buck performance summer tire that provides excellent grip. If you need performance for your daily driver, the NT555 G2 offers great performance in wet conditions as well, even under hard braking. These tires also have a low treadwear rating which will help with grip under heavy acceleration. Keep in mind this is a summer tire so if you're driving in snow or ice, these won't be the tires you're going to want to run. This means that the NT555 G2 will be the perfect tire for a powerful RWD car like a Mustang or Camaro. You can grab a set of 255/35/20's for under $710!

Get the NT555 G2 Here!

Bagged Camaro

2. Nankang NS-25

Nankang NS-25

Next up we have the Nankang NS-25 which is a performance-oriented all-season tire meaning it will be able to perform well in most weather conditions. The really attractive part of this tire is that it has a higher speed rating than a lot of other all-season tires and still allows you to drive in adverse weather conditions. Essentially, the NS-25 will offer OE performance without having a huge price tag. These tires can be had for around $688 for a set of four 235/35/19 placing it at a very competitive price point when compared to other all-seasons.

Get the Nankang NS-25

Slammed Honda Accord

3. Nitto Neo Gen

Nitto Neo Gen

Like the Nankang NS-25, the Nitto Neo Gen is a performance all-season tire. However, the Neo Gen features a silica-reinforced tread compound with a unique tread design that allows the tire to maintain a quiet, comfortable ride without compromising the performance. We see this tire pretty often on modified vehicles and the main reason is that the outer part of the tread is wider than a lot of other tires which means that if you're running negative camber, the Neo Gen will give you more tread life than its competitors. You can get a set of 225/40/18s for under $610!

Get the Neo Gen Here!

Slammed Audi TT

4. Toyo Extensa HP II

Toyo Extensa HP II

If you want a more subtle, comfortable tire, check out the Toyo Extensa HP II. Another performance all-season tire, the Extensa HP II offers greater comfort and less road noise than the rest of the tires on this list which makes it perfect for a daily driver. You'll notice decent dry and wet grip, a smooth ride, little to no road noise, and you get the Toyo name to back up the quality. You can grab a set of Toyo Extensa HP II's in a 235/40/18 for around $710 a set.

Get the HP II Here!

Slammed New Honda Accord

5. Federal SS595

Federal SS595

Last but not least is the Federal SS595. This has been one of our most popular tires lately and it's easy to see why. The SS595 has an aggressive tread design that looks awesome as well as plenty of performance for the average enthusiast. The drift community has especially taken an interest in this tire thanks to its insanely low price for a performance tire. You can grab a set of 234/40/18 for around $500 which is absolutely crazy cheap for a performance tire.

Get the SS595 Here!

Federal 595 240sx