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Are Expensive Tires Worth it?

September 22, 2020

Today we are going through whether expensive tires are worth it or not, so sit back, take a read and decide whether expensive tires make sense for you. 


Cheap Tires




Cheap tires are obviously enticing. Why would I spend thousands of dollars on tires when I can just spend a couple hundred? What is the difference? Isn't it just rubber anyway? Everyone wants to save money when they can and it may seem unnecessary to you if your like hey I'm not a race car driver why should I spend a ton of money on tires? If you get cheap tires, the tread could likely wear out much, much faster and you could in turn end up spending more money again on another set of tires, rather than getting higher quality ones that will last much longer. This obviously isn't always the case, there are good quality lower price tires and there can be crappy high price tires too. Just always do your research and make sure you look for the reviews of the tire and make sure that you get one that fits your lifestyle. Ultimately you want a tire that will be safe, within your budget, and work for you and your life. Ideally, you will find all of that for a decent price. But the rule of thumb is that if it is incredibly inexpensive and seems like such an insanely dirt cheap deal, it probably is not the greatest quality and is too good to be true. Our cheapest tire is the Westlake RP18 coming in at $372 a set. 



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Expensive Tires




What is considered an expensive tire? In our research, it seems anything over $300 per tire is considered expensive. So if you are spending more than $1,200 for your tires thats considered expensive. So if you are ready to shell out the money for a nice expensive set of tires, again I say, do your research. You just need to make sure that the tire you get has the features you need. Most times a tire that is high priced is that way for a reason and it will be a very reliable tire. It will probably last longer than a cheap tire, have better brake times, help your mileage, and will be effective in all conditions. Your safety is obviously most important so you want a tire that you can rely on if there is inclement weather, or if someone brake checks you or something else unexpected happens, you want to be equipped to the best of your ability. Again, generally, if you shell out a good amount of money for tires, you will get a high quality, nice tire and you will probably be happy with it. A great tire is worth the money though. Our most expensive tire is the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S coming in at $3560 a set. Wowza that's a lot of money!



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Our Tire Recommendations

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All in all, just do your research. Find a great quality tire that has the features you need for your life, within the budget that you can afford. We hope this helped!