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Everything You Need To Know About The New Nissan 400Z

August 26, 2021


It's back, baby.

Nissan has the enthusiast community shook with its official reveal of their new Z car, dubbed the 400 Z, and we couldn't be more excited. 


The official release of the new Z badged car, the Nissan (400)Z


Now, don't get us wrong, we love the original 370z. It offers a wide, beautiful body with a fun platform to drive and build.

Still, after producing the same car without any significant changes over the last ten years, we started to get bored and lost hope that Nissan would refresh this iconic car.

So, here's everything you need to know about the all-new, Nissan Z (Nissan 400 Z). 

Buckle up because she's faster than you think. 

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- Nissan 400 Z Interior Design


All Nissan 400Z Photos Courtesy of Nissan 

The all new 2023 Nissan 400 z with a sunset peaking through in the background

The all-new Nissan Z in Metalic Blue 



Nissan Z/Nissan 400 Z Full Specs:

 - 3.0L Twin Turbo V6 (VR30DETT) 

 - 400 HP & 350 lb-ft torque

 - 6 Speed Manual or 9 Speed Automatic tranny

 - Mechanical Limited-slip Differential

 - Launch Control

 - Rear Wheel Drive

 -  Electric power steering

 - Mono-tube shocks

 - Stiffer chassis design

 - Sport brakes w/ 4-piston calipers and 14" rotors

 - Legendary triple pod cluster

 - Race-car inspired gauges

 - GT-R inspired steering wheel

- 14-inch display w/ Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™


The all-new Nissan z car in the metallic blue paint

The all-new Nissan Z in Metalic Blue 




Nissan (400)Z Styling

Let's start with the biggest topic and the one we're most excited about, the styling.

When it comes to the looks of the 400z, Nissan has found the perfect way to bring the iconic 350z and 370z styling to a new era. 


The yellow and metallic blue all-new Nissan 400Z cars

The New Era of Z Cars From Nissan

Starting at the front of the car, you're immediately greeted with a sleek, sloping hood that leads into a massive rectangular grille.

You can instantly tell that Nissan was designing this grille after the great 240z featuring the same bold grille.




A grey 1973 Nissan 240Z running American Racing VF502 wheels, Nitto Invo tires, and coilovers

1973 Nissan 240Z w/ Pandem Rocket Bunny Kit

Along the side, we see an incredible similarity to the 370z design, however, you can instantly see the difference in headlights.

The headlights are a teardrop shape that ties the hood, fender, and front bumper together perfectly with accenting LED running lights that make an almost complete oval shape.

Everything about this design screams high-class and stays true to the timeless Z style. 




The new Nissan Z/Nissan 400 Z headlight design

The new Nissan Z Teardrop Headlight Design

The roofline, fender, and rear quarter panel are almost identical to the 370z but aren't quite as bubbly in their execution.

This thing looks absolutely gnarly and features a black roof which gives an added depth to the design that accents the 400z bright yellow or metallic blue paint perfectly.




Nissan 400Z Side Profile

Side Profile of the new Nissan Z in Yellow

Our favorite part? Nissan added a huge nostalgic piece behind the rear window—the retro Z badge!


Nissan 400Z Logo

Retro Z Badge 

While we're on the side of the car, we can see the 19-inch wheels that share a resemblance to the NISMO wheels that come from the 370z NISMO of the previous generation.




Up close on the new Nissan 400 z wheels and yellow brake calipers

19-inch Bronze, Forged Wheels w/ Yellow 4-Piston Calipers

These wheels are finished in what looks to be a very deep bronze color and wrapped in a set of custom-lettered tires


The Nissan 400 Z's wheels and brake calipers

Side Profile Showing Off The Wheels + Brakes

Finally, we have the back of the car, which has to be our favorite part. 

The seamless integration of the fastback into the rear with its black roof adds an aggressive look that we don't see with the 370Z.

The rear decklid is all-black with stacked LED taillights designed to mimic those of the early Z cars, like the 300ZX shown in the picture below. 


The Nissa 400 Z iconic taillights

Iconic Taillights Inspired From The Nissan 300ZX 

The back of the new Z looks like some Japanese muscle car out of the Burnout video game series—If you know, you know.

Right under the classic, retro-styled taillights, the 400z features dual exhaust and a stunning carbon fiber diffuser.

The finishing touch is the Fairlady Z emblem above the decklid that looks absolutely killer!




A rear shot of the all-new Nissan 400 z in metallic blue

The Slopped Back of the all-new Nissan z



Nissan 400 Z Horsepower

The engine found in the new 400Z will be the same engine found in the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport and will pump out a whopping 400 horsepower (roughly), beating the MK5 Supra and 350 lb-ft of torque, which will be sent through one of two transmission options; a 6-speed manual or a 9-speed automatic.

Yes, there is a manual option, FINALLY! #savethemanuals worked. 


The new Nissan 400 z in Yellow cruising around a bendy road.

Zoom Zoom 




Nissan 400 Z Interior Design

Arguably the most significant change to the new Z is the completely redesigned interior.


The new performance seats in the all-new Nissan 400 Z!

Sleek Interior With Yellow Accents

The new performance-oriented seats resemble the original 370z seats towards the bottom cushion.

Still, the back has some significant design changes with sharper lines along with the side bolsters and what looks to be suede or Alcantara inside the center sections of the seats. 

The yellow Nissan Z featured a yellow accent line that shoots down the seat, while the Metallic Blue features the same colored leather-appointed performance seats with synthetic suede. 




An interior shot of the redesigned interior of the Nissan Z car!

Full Interior Shot With Yellow Accents

Another big change inside this sporty coupe is the touchscreen center console, race-car-inspired gauges, and legendary triple pod cluster. 

We have been staring at the same Nissan infotainment and gauge cluster since 2009 and finally, after all these years, the interior has been redesigned, and let us tell you that it was definitely worth the wait.


The all-new Nissan 400 Z interior featuring a GT-R Inspired GT-R

GT-R Inspired Steering Wheel

No longer do you have an awkward lift-up compartment in the center that houses either a dated navigation system or nothing at all.

It's replaced with a beautiful 9-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. It seamlessly blends into the dash without looking out of stye. 


The updated tech center in the all-new Nissan Z

Apple Car Play and Andriod Auto

Nissan didn't stray too far from their roots though.

As you can see, they kept the three gauges on the dash just like all of the other generations and it even looks like they removed the clock from one of them!




The redesigned interior of the all-new Nissan Z car featuring the blue performance seats.

Interior Shot in the all-new Nissan Z in Metallic Blue 

Finally, there are no more physical gauges.

They've been replaced with a screen that looks configurable and ties the entire interior together—not even to mention the 6-SPEED MANUAL gearbox that makes this car even more special. 

This is probably the most exciting part of the new Nissan 400z interior because it rockets this car up to today's standards for quality.


The 6-speed manual gearbox in the all-new Nissan Z


Words can't express how excited we are to finally see a new Z in the works, especially one that looks this good, has a turbocharged powerplant, and is expected to cost only around $40,000, making it cheaper than the new MK5 Supra!

Sorry to all the Supra owners...**Dakota, cough cough**. 

Seriously though, we think this thing will be the next biggest platform in the enthusiast community. 




The all-new Metallic Blue Nissan 400 Z speeding through the country side

Zoom Zoom Pt. 2

We can already picture the new 400 Z lowered on some coilovers with a set of aggressive wheels, and maybe even a widebody

The 400Z is going to be heavily sought after when it launches in 2022, and we bet it won't be long before aftermarket companies start pumping out new mods! 

What do you think? Do you love the new Nissan Z as much as we do? Let 'er rip in the comments below. We want to hear what you have to say!




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