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BMW E36 Wheel Fitment Guide

September 29, 2020

Whether you're new to the car scene or a seasoned veteran, you can't argue that one of the most popular cars in the scene is the BMW 3 series. Specifically, the E36. Thanks to this car's legendary performance, heritage, good looks, and low cost, the E36 has become a staple in the car community and will be around for quite a while.

That being said, it's not uncommon that you find one that is still running on stock wheels or has bunk fitment. This is where we come in!

Today, we're going to look at what fits the BMW E36 so you don't have to worry about finding wheels that fit! You'll be able to grab a set from the links below! Let's get right into it!



1. Recommended Fitment

 If you don't know already, the BMW E37 has a 5x120 bolt pattern. The bolt pattern will be key in deciding what wheels you go with so don't forget this!

As far as what wheels fit the BMW E36, we typically see the following:

    • Diameter - 16 to 18 inches

    • Width - 7 to 8 inches

    • Offset: +20 to +40

We'll break down each type of fitment and have pictures to go along with so you can find the perfect setup for your E36!


2. The Daily Driver

Lowered BMW E36 with 17 inch wheelsLowered BMW E36

Our first car in the daily driver category is running on 17x8 +20 BBS LM wheels with a 235/45 Set of BFGoodrich TA KDW tires with Bilstein coilovers for suspension. This is a nice, simple, clean-looking E36 that won't require any rolling or pulling of the fenders making it the perfect setup for someone who just wants to throw a set set of wheels and coilovers on their car and be done with it. The BBS LM is incredibly popular for this platform and the BFGoodrich tires will provide perfect daily driving performance. Bilstein is also a very popular entry-level suspension setup that shouldn't be too harsh to daily and still give a great look.


This next one is slightly more aggressive but still daily drivable and doesn't require any modification to the fender or quarter panels. This one is again sitting on a set of BBS wheels but this time they're the RC090. They are the same 17x8 +20 size as the last but with a smaller 205/40 Federal 595 Evo tire. This smaller tire allows the car to be lowered more without rubbing so the owner opted for the extreme low variant of the BC Racing Coilovers. The Federal 595 Evo is a pretty aggressive, performance-oriented tire that will be a little louder than average on the road but provide better grip while the BC Coilovers will give a great ride and response making this the near perfect setup to take down some back roads during your errand run.


3. Aggressive Fitment

If you want more of a show look, then this is the category for you. These cars will need some modification to the body to be able to fit these setups but they're the ones that can look the coolest.

Bagged E36 with a big wingBagged E36

First, we have a 1996 3 Series running on some 17x10 +15 Rondell 0021 wheels which look absolutely killer with a Minerva F205 tire, 215/45, and riding on none other than Air Lift Performance air suspension. This thing is completely stanced out and super aggressive. The Air Suspension is the only reason this thing is probably even drivable, but we dig it! The wheels have an incredible amount of concavity and there is quite a bit of camber going on here in order to fit those 10 wides on the car. Overall, a really clean and very aggressive build.

Slammed E36 ConvertibleBMW E36 Rotiform RSE

Last but not least, we have a beautiful black E36 on some Rotiform RSE wheels 17x9 +30, wrapped in a 205/40 Nitto Neo Gen and riding on none other than Fortune Auto 500 Series coilovers. This fitment is fantastic and very dialed in. This aggressive fitment didn't come without some modification though. This guy has camber plates, fenders pulled and rolled, as well as a removed fender liner. This took quite a bit of adjustment to get so dialed in but it definitely paid off. You can actually buy this whole setup by clicking the button below!

Get This Setup!

Hopefully this helped you find the fitment you want for your BMW E36 or helps you decided whether or not you want one in the first place!