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Top 5 Fifteen52 Wheels

Author: Sterling Feathers

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Sterling Feathers

Sterling was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and has had a massive passion for cars since he could talk. He studied Business Administration at Ferris State University hoping to run his own car dealership one day. As time went on, Sterling began writing car reviews on his own website until he found his home with us as our first Copywriter! He loves everything about the car culture and was Vice President of the motorsports club during his time at Ferris. Sterling enjoys going to every car show and meet possible, attending autocross events, and going for long road cruises with other members in the car scene. He currently drives a 2016 Volkswagen GTI with a stage 2 tune, downpipe, BC Racing coilovers, and a set of Artisa ArtFormed Elders.

November 3, 2020

Fifteen52 Logo


Right now through November 30th, you will get all Fifteen52 wheels for 25% off! Since 1996 Fifteen52 has been creating unique wheels for the modern-day consumer. Based out of Los Angeles, California. Their undying love for all things automotive drives them to create unmistakable wheel designs. No one wants to look the same as everyone else and Fifteen52 aims to make sure that never happens. 




Table Of Contents

  1. Podium

  2. Tarmac

  3. Holeshot

  4. Chicane

  5. Turbomac


1. Podium

Fifteen52 Podium

First on our list is the Fifteen52 Podium. This is a multi-spoke wheel that definitely fits the old school vibe that Fifteen52 is known for. We see this wheel run a lot on the Ford Fiesta and Focus platforms and even in the Euro scene a little bit with the VW GTI and Golf R. There is also a center hub cover that makes the wheel look like it has a locking center cap. You can get the Podium in gray, silver, or white finishes and the prices commonly sit around $1000. BUT right now you can get the Fifteen52 Podium on sale for around $800!




Fifteen52 Podium Honda Fit



2. Tarmac

Fifteen52 Tarmac

Next is one of Fifteen52's most well-known wheels, the Tarmac. This is a fatty five-spoke wheel that is typically seen on cars that are going for a rally look or that are actually rally cars. You can even find it in video games like Forza and Dirt. This wheel really compliments the hot hatch scene and anything classic like a BMW E30 or Audi URS4. As far as finishes go, you can get the Tarmac in gloss white, gunmetal, or black finishes. Prices typically sit around $1000 before any sales.




fifteen52 tarmac fiat 500 abarth


3. Holeshot

Fifteen52 Holeshot

If you're looking for a more universal style, the Holeshot may be more up your alley. This one is more of a mesh-style wheel that keeps a pretty neutral design that should fit a wide variety of different styles, though like the rest of the Fifteen52 lineup, we tend to see them on hot hatches. There are currently only two finishes for the Holeshot, gray and silver and you can expect to pay around $1200 for this wheel.


GET THE Holeshot


Fifteen52 Holeshot Focus ST


4. Chicane

Fifteen52 Chicane

The Chicane is definitely a love or hate wheel, but we can definitely tell that more people love it than hate it. This classic five-spoke design is definitely suited towards the older euro and japanese cars. We can confirm it looks absolutely insane on older Audis and VWs. Three finishes are available, black, silver, and gold while this wheel also comes in a wide range of sizes. For pricing, you still tend to sit around that $1000 mark. This would be perfect for an old school performance build.




Fifteen52 Chicane Focus ST


5. Turbomac

Fifteen52 Turbomac

Arguably the most popular wheel Fifteen52 offers, the Turbomac is a fanned fatty five-spoke design that we all have seen on some of the most famous rally cars. This creates a huge amount of desirability for this style wheel and has made it a staple in the Ford hatchback market since that's what primarily showcases the Turbomac. There's really not another wheel that looks like it and that helps its popularity. You can get the Turbomac in either a gloss white or black finish and will pay around $1000. But hurry because these things are selling out quickly.




Ford Focus ST Fifteen52 Turbomac



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