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2015 - 2020 Subaru WRX Wheel Fitment Guide

November 11, 2020

Bagged Red WRX


So you own a Subaru WRX or maybe you're just looking to pick one up and want to know what wheels are going to fit. This guide will apply to all of those cars and will have links to anything you want to check out further!




Table of Contents

  1. Fitment Information
  2. 18 Inch Wheels
  3. 19 Inch Wheels

Fitment Information

Here's where you'll find all of the basic information that you need for fitment on this platform. The Subaru WRX uses a 5x114.3 bolt pattern with wheel diameters usually ranging from 17 to 20 inches, widths from 7 to 8.5 inches, and offsets from +35 to +48. This is an absolutely massive platform so you'll see quite a bit of variety when it comes to fitment.

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3 mm

Diameter Range: 17 - 20 Inches

Width Range: 8 - 10.5 Inches

Offset Range: +15 - +48


18 Inch Wheels

Quick links

  1. - Build Breakdown
  2. - Enkei RPF1 Review
  3. - Dunlop Tire Review
  4. - Tein Coilovers Review



Build Breakdown


Lowered WRX on Work Wheels


  • Wheels: Work D9R 18x9.5 +38
  • Tires: Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 245/40
  • Suspension: Tein Flex Z Coilovers


Our first build breakdown starts with a 2017 WRX with Tein Flex Z Coilovers, Work D9R wheels, and Dunlop Sport Maxx RT Tires. This is a super easy setup because it doesn't have any rubbing and the owner didn't have to do any fender modification to get this fitment. This would make a great daily driving setup that offers an aggressive look without being over the top about it. The lack of fender gap is also incredibly satisfying to look at.


Wrx on coilovers and work wheels




Work Emotion D9R Review


Work Wheels Logo


The Work D9R is no stranger to the scene. It has made it onto many of our top 5 lists and we even go as far as to say that the D9R looks good on just about any platform. Featuring an absolutely massive range of sizes and finishes, a timeless multi-spoke design, and of course the hype of owning a true set of Work wheels, the D9R has easily become one of our favorite wheels on the market.


CHECK OUT the D9R here!




Dunlop Sport Maxx RT Review


Dunlop Logo


The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT is the company's performance tire that features an adaptive compound. What this means is that when a standard tire goes down the road it tends to ride over the uneven surfaces which makes the tire actually have less contact with the road at some points.


Subaru WRX with Work Wheels


The compound that Dunlop uses here allows the tire to conform to the uneven surfaces and always gives the most possible contact with the road beneath you. This maximizes grip on a lot of different surfaces making the Sport Maxx RT a great tire for someone who does autocross or track days.


Dunlop Sport Maxx RT


It also tends to be a little more comfortable when daily driving than some of the competitors, just don't expect it to do well in adverse conditions like freezing temperatures, snow, or ice. It is a performance summer tire after all.



  • Low Road Noise
  • Adaptive Tire Compound
  • Tons of dry grip


Dunlop Sport Maxx RT Specs:

Price: $1264

Speed Index: W

Tire Type: Summer/Performance

Warranty: Full Manufacturer Warranty





Tein Flex Z Coilovers Review


Tein Logo


Tein is the local favorite for entry-level coilovers. Not only do you get a brand that has years of fantastic reputation in motorsport, but you get their Flex Z Coilovers for an incredibly low price. This perfect way to give your WRX  a massive handling upgrade while getting lower to complete that fitment.  The Flex Z system will be the perfect set of coilovers for daily driving. This entire build is definitely the right balance between performance and practicality.




Tein Flex Z Coilovers

19 Inch Wheels

Quick links

  1. - Build Breakdown
  2. - ESR SR08 
  3. - Achilles ATR Sport 2
  4. -Stock Suspension


Build Breakdown


Bagged FRS on Kansei Wheels


Bumping it up to more of a show style, this WRX is sitting on 19x9.5 +15 ESR SR08 wheels. This one isn't too aggressive when compared to some of the other cars we see. 





ESR SR08 Review


esr Logo


ESR is dedicated to providing the utmost excellence in customer service and manufacturing quality wheels. With amazing styles, elegant designs, and the highest quality standards, these wheels will make any car feel luxurious. ESR Wheels produces cast, rotary forged, and multi-piece wheels. At ESR Wheels; every order receives personal attention throughout the process to guarantee quality and your satisfaction. ESR has taken the car scene by storm.  The ESR SR08 is one of our favorite wheels to come out recently because it looks so aggressive yet so clean. It can fit on just about any build from a track or drift weapon to a bagged show car.







Achilles ATR Sport 2




Established in 2005 out of Indonesia and seen on cars globally, Achilles tires are considered a benchmark of quality among its competitors. Achilles is recognized for its versatile product line and has a tire for just about anyone in the market. Using innovative technology and utilizing the knowledge from their parent company, MASA, they have been able to create some of the greatest tires in the industry. The Achilles ATR Sport 2 has become a go-to tire for someone who wants a dependable performance tire with better than average grip. Oh, did we mention that these are one of the best bang for your buck tires we offer?!



  • Low Price
  • Better grip than the average performance tire
  • Good warranty




Achilles ATR Sport 2:

Price: $620

Speed Index: W

Tire Type: Performance

Warranty: Full Manufactuer Warranty 





Stock Suspension

This owner has decided to keep their stock suspension on this car. Though we don't necessarily agree with this they have their reasons. If you are dailying your car every day then this would probably be your move. But we do obviously recommend getting suspension of some sort. There are plenty of affordable options out there that we love! Look into Tein above!


shop suspension





More Builds from Our Gallery

Bagged/Stance Setup

Bagged WRX

Wheels: CCW Classic, 18x10 -35

Tires: Achilles ATR Sport 2, 205/40

Suspension: Air Lift Performance Air Suspension

Check Out More Photos


Performance Daily Driver

Lowered Subaru WRX

Wheels: Kansei Corsa, 18x9.5 +22

Tires: Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2, 235/35

Suspension: BC Racing Coilovers




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