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Corvette Wheel Fitment Guide

Author: Carly Augustynowicz

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Carly Augustynowicz

Carly is a Copywriter that shares a huge passion for cars and autocross. She studied Marketing and International Business at the UW-Green Bay. During the summer months, she drives a modified purple '02 Toyota Celica GT built for autocross. During the winter, she drives a '03 Ford Focus SVT. Her passion with cars and autocross started when she got her license and bought her first Celica (go figure). Ever since then, learning about and modifying cars have become a huge part of her life. Aside from cars, she also loves to spend time with friends and family and make pottery.

January 27, 2021

Corvette with Heritage Wheels

The Chevrolet Corvette. A classic American muscle car that is a popular car to modify due to its versatility between the track, daily driving, and everything in between. Due to this, we’ve compiled a few types of fitment options. We’ll be focusing on the C5 generation for this guide, however, check out the galley for older and newer generation Corvettes for your fitment research!


Corvette Photo Gallery


1999 Corvette


The C5 generation Chevy Corvette covers the years 1997-2004 with a RWD 5.7L LS1 V8, unless you have the Z06 model which is powered by the LS6. Following the C5 generation, you have the C6, C7, and now the C8. If you own a Z06 model, you may need to measure to ensure your bigger brakes fit.


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Table of Contents

  1. Fitment Information
  2. Coilover Fitment
  3. Stock Suspension Fitment
  4. Air Suspension Fitment


Fitment Information

Bolt Pattern: 5x120.65 mm (5x4.75 in)

Diameter Range: 17 - 20 Inches

Width Range: 8.5 - 9.5 Inches

Offset Range: +39 - +56

2003 Corvette


Coilover Fitment

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  1. - Build Breakdown

  2. -Heritage Ebisu Review

  3. - Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Review



Build Breakdown

Corvette on Heritage Ebisu



Let's start with a more functional setup for this C5. This ‘03 C5 Corvette is running Heritage Ebisu three-piece forged wheels in a Gold finish in a 19x10 +44 fitment with the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S — 265/30 in the font and 305/25 in the rear. What makes this set up slightly more functional than the next few fitment options are the coilovers that this red beauty sits on. 


2003 Corvette


Although three-piece wheels are not the best option for everyone and their build, this setup is Hellaflush, which is the goal for a good handful of builds. This particular fitment setup also requires no trim alterations and has no rubbing or scrubbing issues which is a huge plus for those who want a simple install. With the coilovers, this set up works well for taking tight corners, daily driving, and overall is an awesome setup.

Corvette with Heritage Ebisu



Heritage Ebisu Review

Heritage Wheels Logo

Like I mentioned before, the Heritage Ebisu is a three-piece forged wheel that resembles a vintage JDM style which is what this brand is all about. This particular wheel shows off the beautiful Trophy Gold finish which fits the vintage style very well for a classic American muscle style car.

Heritage Ebisu Wheel Gold Finish


Get The Ebisu Here



Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Review

Michelin Tires Logo

If you’re looking for a tire that can be trusted to perform, these are your tires. Not only is the beloved Michelin man enough to make you feel like you’re getting the best tire out there, but the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tire is an ultra-high performance summer tire that was designed with endurance racing origins, so you know you’re getting a tire with proven performance.

Not to mention, this tire also has an excellent track record for great wet traction for those rainy days. Overall, this is a solid tire that has a lot to offer for every build type.


  • Summer performance focus

  • Ultimate wet traction

  • 30K Warranty!


Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Specs:

Price: Starting at $1064

Speed Index: Y

Tire Type: Performance - Summer 

Warranty: 30K mileage warranty


Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S



Get The Pilot Sport 4 S Here!


Stock Suspension Fitment 

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  2. -Volk TE37 Review

  3. - Continental Extremecontact Sport Review


1999 Corvette Base


Build Breakdown

Another functional set up, especially since this build stuck with the stock suspension. This 1999 Corvette is running the Volk TE37 18x9.5 +57 wheels in the stunning Gunmetal finish with Continental Extremecontact Sport 265/30 tires.

With a nearly flush stance, this setup is the ultimate daily driver with a softer stock suspension for those occasional bumpy roads, grippy tires that were designed for constant contact, hence the name “Extremecontact”, and a classic 6-spoke wheel that complements a variety of build styles and functions.


Volk Te-37 Review

Volk Wheel logo

The Volk Te-37 is a favorite for many, and for good reason. It's light, it's very strong, and it's one of the most iconic wheel of the Volk Racing Line. This wheel has a beautiful 6 spoke design in the Gunmetal finish that is sure to make your car stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for a more simple and elegant look, this is a fantastic choice. 

Volk Te-37 Wheel

GET Te-37 Here!



Continental Extremecontact Sport

Continental Tires Logo

The Continental Extremecontact Sport tire is a great sport performance tire that has a huge focus on road contact. This tire is known for its dry traction and performance ability which makes it a great option for builds with some track exposure or even daily driving. This tire is also recognized for a high comfort rating which is a plus for those daily drivers. 


Continental Extremecontact Sport


  • Sport Performance focus

  • High Comfort Rating

  • Full manufacturer warranty!

Continental Extremecontact Sport Specs:

Price: Starting at $720

Speed Index: Y

Tire Type: Performance 

Warranty: Full Manufacturer Warranty





Air Suspension Build

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  2. - Heritage Imola Review
  3. - Achilles ATR Sport 2 Review

  4. - Air Suspension Review


2003 Corvette on Heritage Imola


Build Breakdown

For those who are much more concerned about the show aspects rather than the practicality or functionality of their C5, this setup will fit your style better. This 2003 Corvette is sporting a beautiful set of custom Heritage Imola 19x19.5 +40 wheels with the Achilles Atr Sport strapped on and, you guessed it, Air Suspension


2003 Corvette Heritage Imola Wheels


Heritage Imola Review

Heritage Wheels Logo

Another wheel from Heritage Imola that complements the Corvette. The coolest part about these three-piece wheels is the customization options available. You can really take your ride to the next level in terms of looks with a custom set of custom Heritage Imola wheels.

Heritage Imola


Achilles Atr Sport Review

Achilles Tire Logo

The Achilles ATR Sport is a great tire at its low price point. These directional performance tires do well in both wet and dry conditions and rank high on the comfort scale. Additionally, for those show builds, this tire is known to stretch making it a great option.


  • Great in wet and dry conditions

  • Low price point

  • Full manufacturer warranty!


Achilles Atr Sport Specs:

Price: Starting at $332

Speed Index: H

Tire Type: Performance 

Warranty: Full Manufacturer Warranty!





Air Suspension Review

Lastly, we have the Air Suspension that this show-like Corvette rides on. Air suspension is typically the choice for builds that are more concerned with looks than functionality; however, that isn’t to say air suspension is completely impractical. Air ride offers the driver full control over their ride height and comfort with the click of a button.

It’s a great option for those who want that control and desire a more stance look.  You can make your car go from a normal ride height to slammed in about...3 seconds; I think we can all admit that’s pretty cool. Paired with a set of custom three-piece wheels, you’ll be sittin’ pretty.

Corvette on Air Suspension

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2003 Corvette with Rotiform Wheels



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