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S550 Mustang Wheel Fitment Guide

Author: Carly Augustynowicz

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Carly Augustynowicz

Carly is a Copywriter that shares a huge passion for cars and autocross. She studied Marketing and International Business at the UW-Green Bay. During the summer months, she drives a modified purple '02 Toyota Celica GT built for autocross. During the winter, she drives a '03 Ford Focus SVT. Her passion with cars and autocross started when she got her license and bought her first Celica (go figure). Ever since then, learning about and modifying cars have become a huge part of her life. Aside from cars, she also loves to spend time with friends and family and make pottery.

February 8, 2021

The Ford Mustang. America's classic pony car with a huge community and tons of aftermarket support. The S550 Mustang has a massive range of wheel/tire/suspension fitment specs that can be really overwhelming if you're looking to upgrade.

Mustang GT Premium

I'm confident that since you clicked on this blog, you are a proud owner of an S550 Mustang and are doing some research on what wheels, tires, and suspension specs will fit your car. Well, you've come to the right place. 

2018 Mustang GT Premium


The fitment guide for today will focus on the 6th generation Ford Mustang, codenamed "S550". This generation Mustang covers the years 2015 to present-day (2021) and was originally offered with three engine options: the standard 3.7L "Cyclone" V6, the 2.3L Ecoboost Turbocharged I-4, or the 5.0L Coyote V8 engine.

2018 Mustang GT Premium

The Coyote V8 did get a revamp for 2018+ models, however, the Cyclone V6 engine was discontinued in 2017 leaving the Ecoboost I-4 engine the standard engine option. 

2017 Mustang Ecoboost

The order of trim levels for the S550 Ford Mustang goes Base model V6 (*sad face*), EcoBoost, Ecoboost Premium, GT, and GT Premium; let's not forget the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 with the 5.2L Flat-Plane crank V8 engine which spanned from 2015 - 2021 (*even bigger sad face*). 


 2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium

The most popular wheel/tire set up for the Mustang is an aggressive staggered set-up. If you aren't familiar with what staggered means, it refers to when a car has wider wheels in the rear, but we will also cover a square set-up in his guide.


Table of Contents:

- Stock Suspension Fitment

- Lowering Spring Fitment 

- Coilovers Fitment

- Air Suspension Fitment

2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium

Fitment Information

Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3mm (5x4.5") 

Diameter Range: 18" - 21"

Width Range: 8" - 11" 

Offset Range: 15mm to 45mm


Stock Suspension Fitment

Quick Links:

- Velgen VMB8 Wheel Review

- Nitto NT555 G2 Tire Review

Mustang Ecoboost

If you aren't looking for an aggressive set-up and want something more comfortable for everyday driving, running stock suspension is probably your best option.

This 2017 Mustang Ecoboost is rocking some beautiful 20x10.5 +45 Velgen VMB8 wheels wrapped in the 305/30 Nitto Nt555 G2, and riding on stock suspension. This is an awesome example of a square set-up that is doesn't have an aggressive fitment but complements the Mustang so well.

Velgen VMB8 Review  

Velgen Wheel Logo

This 2017 Ecoboost Mustang is running a flush stance with the 20x10.5 +45 offset Velgen VMB8 wheel in the complementary Gunmetal Grey finish. Velgen Wheels actually specialize in wheels for the Mustang, so if that doesn't make you want to go get some new wheels for your Mustang from Velgen, I don't know what will.

2017 Mustang Ecoboost

The Velgen VMB8 wheel is a high-quality, one-piece alloy wheel, featuring a beautiful thin 9-spoke design that stretches to the outer edge of the wheel and has a slight concavity to it.

They offer the VMB8 wheel in 19-inch to 22-inch sizes with +10 to +55 offsets and 8.5-inch to 12-inch wheel widths that fit perfectly within the Mustang fitment specs. 

Velgen VMB Wheel

As far as finishes, they have four stunning options including Satin Black, Gloss Black, Satin Bronze, and Gunmetal Grey as this Ecoboost Mustang is sporting.

2017 Ford Mustang


Nitto NT555 G2

Nitto Tires

The Veglen VMB8 wheels on this Mustang are wrapped in some 305/30 Nitto NT555 G2 tires. We're all probably familiar with at least the name Nitto, but Nitto tires make some amazing tires that extend across all applications whether it be daily driving, autocross, or drag racing, and all makes and models. 

Nitto NT555 G2 Tire

The NT555 G2 model from Nitto is a summer ultra-high performance tire with increased handling and traction on dry and wet conditions. WIth larger tread blocks and twin center ribs, the NT555 G2 is a complete revamp of their NT555 tire. As Nitto says, the NT555 G2 is "glued to the pavement". 

Nitto NT555 G2 Specs:

Price: Starting at $628

Speed Index: W

Tire Type: Ultra-high Performance

Warranty: Full Manufacturer Warranty 


Lowering Spring Fitment 

Quick Links:

- Velgen VF5 Wheel Review

- Eibach Lowering Springs

2018 Mustang GT Premium

The second Mustang set-up we're reviewing is a staggered set-up on a 2018 Mustang GT Premium. This Mustang is running some  20x10 +33 (front) / 20x11 +53 (rear) Velgen VF5 wheels wrapped in the 275/35 (front) / 315/35 (rear) Nitto NT555 G2 tire, and is rinding on some Eibach lowering springs

Velgen VF5 Wheel Review

Velgen Wheel Logo

Are you really surprised to see another Velgen wheel on a Mustang? As previously mentioned, Velgen actually specializes in wheels for the Mustang, so it is a very popular option in the S550 Mustang community.

This Mustang is running a 20x10 +30 in the front and a 20x11 +53 in the rear for a staggered set-up. 

Velgen VF5 Wheel

The Velgen VF5 features a unique dual five-spoke design that stretched to the outer edge lip with minimal concavity. This wheel is offered in very minimal sizes: 20-inch wheel diameter, 9-inch to 12-inch widths, and +18 to +55 offsets.

This wheel is also offered in the same finishes as their VMB8 that was reviewed earlier: Satin Black, Gloss Black, Satin Bronze, and Gunmetal Grey. 

Velgen VF5 Wheel


Eibach Lowering Spring Review

Eibach Springs

Since 1903, Eibach Springs has built a very reputable name for itself and is often the go-to for many car enthusiasts when it comes to upgrading their suspension.

Most people know Eibach for their lowering springs, which is what this 2018 Mustang GT Premium is riding on, but they also offer coillovers and handling kits.


Ford Mustang

With the Eibach lowering springs, the fitment set-up on this Mustang has a flush stance with no rubbing or scrubbing and no trim modifications.


Coilover Fitment

Quick Links: 

- ESR SR12 Review

- Federal 595 RS-R Review

- BC Racing Coilovers

Mustang GT Premium

A very popular suspension set-up for the Mustang is coilovers. For our 3rd wheel/tire/suspension fitment setup, we're looking at this 2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium running the 19x9.5 +22 ESR SR12 wheels wrapped in some Federal 595 RS-R tires, and riding on some BC Racing coilovers.

ESR SR12 Review

ESR Wheels

ESR has taken the entry-level wheel world by storm, and the SR12 is a perfect example. The ESR SR12 wheel on this 2018 Mustang is a 19x9.5 +22 size for a flush stance.

Although some enthusiasts aren't a fan of ESR wheels, they actually have some really elegantly designed and high-quality wheels that complement a lot of cars. 

ESR SR12 Wheel

The SR12 wheel features a beautiful 7 split-spoke design that is apart of their mono-block Performance wheel series and is offered in a variety of finishes including Gray, Black, Machined, Hypersilver, Bronze, and Gloss Black.

This Gloss Black ESR SR12 wheel matches perfectly with the dark aesthetic of this Mustang. 

2018 Ford Mustang GT Premium


Federal 595 RS-R 

Federal Tires

Federal Tires was founded in 1954, so needless to say, they've developed some pretty good tires since then. The Federal 595 RS-S is an ultra-high performance tire developed for competitive applications, but due to its low noise rating and excellent traction and cornering capabilities, it is a popular daily driving tire. 

Federal 595 RS-R Tires

This is a great example of an affordable tire with great specs, not to mention a nice tread pattern design with wide V-shaped grooves for maximum road contact. 

Federal 595 RS-R Specs:

Price: Starting at $604

Speed Index: W

Tire Type: Performance

Warranty: Full Manufacturer Warranty 


BS Racing Coilovers

BC Racing Coilovers

BC Racing has been around since 2006 and offers over 1100 suspension kits! Aside from coilovers which everyone knows BC Racing for (I mean, it's part of their company name so...), they offer springs, struts, and other suspension upgrades. 

2018 Mustang GT Premium

This 2018 Mustang is lowered on some BC Racing BR series coilovers and has 3.4 degrees of camber in the rear. The main advantages of coilovers are all the adjustments that can be made to ride height, damping, camber, and even caster angles.

Coilovers can dramatically enhance a car's handling and cornering abilities which is why they are a such popular option for more track-focused builds. 


Air Suspension Fitment

Quick Links:

- Rotiform Kps Front

- Air Lift Performance Air Suspension

2015 Mustang V6

Our last fitment option is riding on air suspension. This 2015 Ford Mustang V6 has the 20x9.5 +35 (front) 20x10 +35 (rear) Rotiform KPS wheels wrapped in the 285/30 (front) / 305/35 (rear) Nitto NT555 G2 tire, and riding on Air Lift Performance air suspension

Rotiform KPS 

Rotiform Logo

Ah yes, Rotiforms. You've seen them on almost every car at some point or at least have heard about Rotiform as a company. Whether you're a fan of Rotiform wheels or not, the KPS Rotiforms that this Mustang has look banging. 

Rotiform has become a top-tier brand for its innovative euro-inspired wheel designs and modern construction techniques.

Rotiform KPS

The Rotiform KPS has a unique split 5-spoke design that extends to the outer edge of the wheel. This is a one-piece alloy wheel with exposed lug nuts and a clean-cut spoke style. Like this 2015 Ford Mustang demonstrates, the KPS can add a lot of character to any car and make your car stand out from the rest. 

2015 Ford Mustang V6


Air Lift Performance Suspension

Finally, Air Lift Performance. This 2015 Ford Mustang is riding on some air suspension from none other than Air Lift. Air Lift Performance is actually the performance division of Air Lift Company and offers a large range of full air ride and air management systems for lowered and performance cars. 

Ford Mustang V6

Air suspension is a very common aftermarket suspension upgrade for the 6th gen Mustang community and the Air Lift brand seems to be the most popular brand.


Ford Mustang V6

If you want to go this route for your 6th gen Mustang, make sure to take your wheel and tire sizes into consideration so you can avoid any rubbing, trim modification, or just bad fitment in general.

Due to the nature of air suspension fitment, you'll have a tucked stance which is where the wheel sits inside the wheel well.  If this is not your style, you may want to go with coilovers or lowering springs. 

2015 Ford Mustang


Thanks for reading! We hope this guide was helpful. If you own a 2015+ Mustang, make sure to add your car to our gallery! You may just be featured in a blog post or on our website!

Ford Mustang V6


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