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Top 5 Wheels Under $1000

June 16, 2020

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Sometimes you just want to be part of the cool kids and throw some new wheels on your car to make it stand out. Let's face it, most wheels aren't cheap but there are a few that won't really break the bank too much. So sit down and grab your favorite snack as we dive into our top 5 favorite wheels under $1000.


5. 3SDM 0.04


3SDM 0.043SDM Jetta Wagon


Starting off our list is the 3SDM 0.04. This wheel is commonly found on euro cars like BMW and Volkswagen and it offers a clean, classic look at an affordable price. 3SDM has been killing the game, especially in the show car scene thanks to their incredibly beautiful finishes and clean designs. The 0.04 is available in a 5x100 or 5x120 bolt pattern making it primarily directed at the Euro market. You can pick up a 18x8.5 3SDM 0.04 for just under $1000 and you'll get a wheel that looks far more expensive than it is.


4. ESR RF1


ESR RF1ESR RF1 Genesis Coupe


Next is the ESR RF1. ESR has been producing their own wheels, not reps, for a little while now and this is one of their first designs. The RF1 has incredibly aggressive styling with a double 7 spoke design and a concave look. The RF1 has a few different options for offset and finishes such as Hyperblack, Black, Bronze, and Gray giving you plenty of room to adapt them to fit your build style. They are also rotary forged so they're pretty lightweight and ESR also puts a warranty on these bad boys. The RF1 sits right on that $1000 mark.


3. Rotiform LAS-R


Rotiform LAS-RRotiform LAS-R BMW M2


Rotiform is arguably the most popular brand for euro cars and has a wide variety of wheels available. They aren't only for the euro scene, however. Rotiform offers its wheels in a huge amount of bolt patterns so they fit a wide variety of cars. For this list, we're going to talk about the LAS-R. This is another multi-spoke retro design that has been increasing in popularity lately. The spokes are beautiful and bow in towards the center cap making the whole wheel seem like it's designed around the iconic center lock cap. You can grab a set of the Rotiform LAS-R for about $830.


2. Konig Dekagram


Konig DekagramKonig Dekagram Fiesta ST


Konig has a lot of wheels out there right now and a lot of their designs are absolutely killer. The Dekagram is no exception to this. Based around more of a track style, the Dekagram is very simple in its design and that's one of the reasons that we love it so much. It's a thin multi-spoke wheel that is flow formed meaning they take the barrel of the wheel and smooth it out using rollers. This makes the wheel much lighter and a lot better suited for track use. The Konig Dekagram is available in black or bronze finishes and sits just under $1000.


1. XXR 559


XXR 559Konig Dekagram Mazda6


Last but not least, we'll bring in a wheel brand that gets a lot of hate but doesn't really deserve it, XXR. Specifically their 559. The XXR 559 is another very aggressive looking wheel with sharp, rigid spokes, a small amount of concavity, and plenty of room for customization. The style of this wheel is something that a lot of people are looking for. It can work with both a show or sport inspired to build and has definitely been one of XXR's most popular models. The 559 is available in Gunmetal, Chromium Black, and Bronze with a 5x114.3 bolt pattern so it should fit most domestic vehicles. The best part, the XXR 559 only costs $650 for a 18x8.5 set.


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