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About Fitment Industries' Guaranteed Shipping Dates

May 26, 2021

As we all know, it's been tough to find wheels, tires, and suspension in stock these days. The automotive industry has been hit hard due to challenges in the global supply chain causing products to be completely out of stock and/or delayed like crazy. 

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we know the pain of waiting for products to be in stock and/or dealing with backorders and delays.

Don't tell us you didn't watch that giant boat filled with product block the entire Suez Canal... That basically sums up what's happened with the automotive industry in terms of getting products to our warehouses.

We have worked tirelessly to combat these issues by implementing an efficient process to guarantee delivery dates on select wheels, tires, and suspension. 

FAQ: About Fitment Industries' Guaranteed Shipping Dates

- Why Are Shipping Dates So Delayed Right Now?

- How Has Fitment Industries Solved This Issue Exactly?

- How Does The Fitment Industries Guaranteed Shipping Feature Work?

Warehouse Sneak Peek

Why Are Shipping Dates So Delayed Right Now?

The automotive industry has been hit hard in its supply chains as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the anti-dumping investigations into companies like Federal and Atturo, for example. Getting products from overseas into the U.S. has never been more complicated...

Due to the challenges presented by the pandemic, shipping has been severely delayed and inventory has been less than ideal, therefore not allowing us to guarantee any shipping dates to customers.

To combat this issue, Fitment Industries put a new, efficient system in place to solve these inventory and shipping problems. This new system now allows us to secure guaranteed shipping dates for select wheels, tires, suspension, and complete packages.



How Has Fitment Industries Solved This Issue Exactly?

So, how did we do this exactly? To combat the delayed shipping dates and inventory issues, Fitment Industries has purchased extra inventory in anticipation of new orders and to prevent any delays in shipping. 

This has allowed us to guaranteed shipping dates on select products. We cannot guarantee that all products on our website are going to be in stock and have a guaranteed shipping date due to some foreign manufacturers not having the resources and/or ability to get products to the U.S. in a timely fashion. However, products that are in stock in our warehouse are going to have the fastest shipping times on our website, especially our in-house brands like Artisa ArtFormed Wheels.

For example, if the product you're looking at says "Guaranteed Quick Delivery: Monday, June 7th", this means that your order will be delivered to your doorstep on Monday, June 7th. Guaranteed.


Warehouse Wheels

How Does The Fitment Industries Guaranteed Shipping Feature Work?

Fitment Industries guaranteed shipping date feature gives enthusiasts peace of mind in knowing exactly when their orders will be shipped. Show season is upon us so we understand the need to get your new setup as quickly as possible. 

To determine whether or not the products you want to order have a guaranteed shipping date, look for the blue shopping cart icon that says "Guaranteed Quick Delivery".

Notice how the blue shopping cart icon means guaranteed delivery vs. the grey icon on some products which highlights free delivery


Warehouse at Fitment Industries

Although we cannot guarantee shipping dates for every single wheel, tire, and suspension product we have, we're proud to offer this on over half our products!

We know how much your project cars, track builds, show cars, and dailys mean to you so we're stoked to have more bangin' wheels, tires, and suspension making it to your doorstep quickly and efficiently


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KKobe Braunschweig


Definitely appreciate that, y’all rock can’t wait for you guys to sort out my shipment know y’all are working hard! Mines the one that has been shipped with no tracking info lol!

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