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Feeding America Donation And Giveback Efforts

August 14, 2021


Giving back to the community is a huge initiviate of ours and has been since the early days of FI.

We believe that donating time, money, and resources to those in need—whether directly volunteering at a shelter or contributing to an organization's efforts—is crucial in bettering the lives around us. 


Group picture with the Fitment Industries' team at Feeding America with our $4,305 donation!

The Fitment Industries Team Making a Donation to Feeding America 

Recently, the Fitment Industries team had the incredible opportunity to give back to our local communities through a giveaway with Kansei wheels.

By partnering with this nostalgic JDM wheel brand to give away a set of monoblock wheels, we were able to raise $4,305 for Feeding America, and its efforts to stop hunger in America. 


Dakota, Mike, and Colin organizing green beans at Feeding America

Slam Dunk Green Bean Edition at Feeding America

To put this in perspective, every $1 raised for Feeding America equates to 3 meals, so this donation provided about 12,915 meals to those in need.

In other words, we made a positive impact on the lives of nearly 16,000 people in our local communities who are suffering from hunger. 

This is a massive success for our organization and inspires us to continue giving back to our communities to help those who need it most. 



The Fitment Industries crew at Feeding America donating their time to help those in need!

Colin, Dakota, Mike, Anthony, and Carissa at Feeding America

We also sent a few of our very own team members to their Eastern Wisconsin location, including our YouTube personality and wheel slap professional, Dakota, one of our badass videographers, Colin, our fitment gallery guy, Mike, and our PR team, including Anthony and Carissa (all pictured above)!

They spent the day organizing +1,000 pounds of green beans, or 3,000 meals, for Feeding America's local food banks in the Fox Valley and Milwaukee areas. 


The Fitment Industries crew over at Feeding America organizing Green Beans

Organizing Green Beans at Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

Who Is Feeding America?

Feeding America dates back to the late 1970s and is recognized as the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization, with over 200 food banks throughout the US.

This massive organization began with humble intentions and a passionate mission to end hunger, which they've worked tirelessly to do. 



Feeding America building

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin Location

The Eastern Wisconsin location began in 1982 with one simple notion: 

"Instead of plowing under excess crops or discarding product due to slight defects in packaging or weight, we could help reduce food waste by connecting food resources to those facing hunger." - Feeding America.

And it all started with a bushel of apples. In fact, the first donation from the Eastern Wisconsin location was 600 pounds of apples from a local farm. 

Their annual impact provides food to 400,000 people right here in our local communities, making them the largest hunger-relief organization in the state of Wisconsin


A map of the impact from Feeding America's Eastern Wisconsin location

The Impacted areas of Feeding America's Eastern Wisconsin Location

Feeding America's passion for serving people in need and putting an end to hunger in the United States leads them to feed over 40 million people every year, including 7 million elderly folks and 12 million children. 

We are stoked to have been a part of their efforts through this giveaway and are looking forward to organizing our next giveaway donation with Feeding America!


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