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A Kids Dream Car | Alexs 911

Fitment Industries Author | | October 25th, 2018 |

  • I think when I was young, there was always something that just fascinated me about art. These kids I'd sit and stare at them making paintings, or poems, or drawings, and I just wanted to do something like that too. Except I was terrible at it. I remember sitting in front of all these different art classes and my ambition to create could never outweigh how terrible I was. As I grew up, I guess I found different kinds of art and poems, singing, photography, and nothing just really ever stuck. Until I found one that I was really hooked on. Cars. The only two people in my life that were into cars were my grandpa and my father. I'd sit and talk their ear off about how I'd buy my grandpa a corvette one day. And I would compete with my dad to see who could buy a Porsche first. My name's Alex and I own Porsche 911 Turbo.

    - In my eyes, Porsche was just a car that I could get in and enjoy for what it was. It just had something that no other car company could ever duplicate. Even as a kid, I would read up on whale tail 930s, and the infamous 993 and I told myself I would eventually a Porsche, if not for myself, then for my dad. As I grew up, I began thinking about how I was gonna get one. When I was 16, I started off with a 300 E, and then I bought a Dotson, and then I owned a few other cars before finally deciding to set my eyes on something that had the Porsche name on it.

    I've been involved in cars since I could drive one. And to me, my car was, I guess, just a way to form my own version of art. I couldn't paint, write, or even play the trumpet, but when I could tinker with a car and make something mine, and something I could enjoy everyday, I couldn't imagine doing anything else.
    - I think it's important that everyone has a dream to have something that represents them. Whether that's a painting or picture, or a car. Having your own piece of art is super important to achieve. It's like having your own representation of yourself on something that's not you. And I dig that.