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Airlift Tips for Noobs

Fitment Industries Author | | June 27th, 2018 |

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    - Hey what's going on guys? Andrew here from Fitment Industries, and we're gonna talk about some airlift components for Noob. So if you're new to airlift, not a problem. We're here to help you guys out, make an informed decision about some of the components and then some things to consider when you're installing the actual kit on your vehicle. Now we get a lot of frequently asked questions sent to the page. A lot of people will comment things on a lot of our ads and things for airlift, asking a lot of different items. So we're gonna cover some of those things. Hopefully to help you guys out when purchasing your kit. Now I'm gonna, I could actually talk for days and days about different topics and things here, and go into a lot of detail. So I'm gonna try to just touch on certain things to give you guys a general idea. If you need any additional help, shoot us a message, SHOP@FITMENTINDUSTRIES.COM and we will certainly go into detail and get you guys all of your questions answered. Let's check it out.

    Choosing the proper management. Now there's two options with airlift performance. You have V2 or you have 3P/3H, I'll put those in the same category. Now V2's a little bit older system, it's gonna do same exact functionality as 3P and 3H. 3P and 3H are essentially just the newer system that you would run into. So on my all track here I'm running 3P. There's a couple dudes at our shop here that are running V2. Now, what are the pros and cons of each? Of course, what is your budget is kinda the main thing that I would ask you. If you're looking for something that's a little more inexpensive, V2 is a great option. It's a little bit smaller controller, a little more analog functionality, but it's gonna have eight different presets on it. You're gonna be able to raise your car, lower your car, look at your tank pressure, essentially everything that you can do with the newer one. The newer one is just that, a little more fancy. One of my favorite features about 3P, what kinda drew me to it is the application based systems. So the application will actually mimic your controller inside the vehicle so you can air the car up, air it out. All of your presets, tank pressure, everything is located on the application and this mimics this right to your screen.

    Now a cool thing that is available for Apple or for Android, so depending on what your phone preference is, you can rock either one. Now the other things that you'll run into with these two different kits, back to price point, is if you're a little more price driven, V2 is more inexpensive. If you run over to 3P you're gonna pay a couple hundred dollars more. Now, it's a little more accurate system, and then the manifold itself is actually a little bit different than the actual V2 manifold. So we'll show you a photo of each and then we can kinda compare it and I'm gonna jump into that in just a minute, here. Now V2 does not let you have the functionality to run that to your cellphone. Now, do you have to do that? No, but I thought that was kinda cool because there's so many different applications now. They link up with smartphones and all this kinda different stuff, watches and all the different apps. So I thought that was kind of a cool feature if your at a show or something and you just wanna stunt, air out the car, or my other thought, too, was that worse case scenario, if the controller craps out you can always air up from the application on your cellphone.

    Now to segue from the management into the bags. Now there's two different series. There's the Slam series or there's the Performance series bags. Once again, just like V2 and 3P, if you jump into the Slam series bags, it's a little more inexpensive option. If you jump up to the Performance series you're also gaining a couple more functionalities with that which is kinda cool. So if you're looking to dial in your fitment exact and you do need to run camber, or maybe you're going to track your car, and you want adjustability for dampening, that's a cool thing about the Performance series. I'm running that on this vehicle. So the Performance series is gonna come with camber plates, and you're also gonna get adjustability for damping on the shock. So it's 30-way adjustable, 15 clicks to the left or to the right, so softer or harder ride quality, and you do have adjustability of positive three or negative three. So you're not gonna need camber in all cases. I know plenty of people rocking the just the normal Slam series kit on their car with a V2, and that's just enough to get the job done, slam your car, it looks amazing. If you want a little more additional functionality and kind of a newer kit, I certainly would suggest going 3P or 3H. Now what's the difference between that? If you jump up to the 3H from the 3P, you're getting the height sensors.

    Now the height sensors, of course, it does cost a little bit more. That is the most expensive kit, if you will, but those height sensors are gonna be an additional add on where you're gonna have to fabricate brackets to the vehicle, and then those height sensors are gonna allow for, let's say a couple dudes jump in your car, you're doing some heavy cornering, it's gonna keep your car level and keep all those PSI levels accurate inside all four corners. Now, you jump down to 3P, I can always add the sensors on this which is why I didn't do the 3H right away. I wanted to see how 3P kinda rode. It's the first year on air for me, and I might add the height sensors maybe next summer just to kinda see what the variation is, but I wanna little more seat time on this kit first. So let's check out the next item. Test fitting. So once you figure out which management and which series air struts and bags you wanna go with, you wanna make sure that you have the proper wheel fitment. Now I know this seems silly, but depending on whether you're running an older wheel setup, that may not work once you air car out. Now there's two options. So, actually there's three options. So you could have Pope fitment where you air it out, you're gonna sit fender to lip. That wheel's gonna sit out farther and you're gonna put the edge of the wheel right on top of the fender here. Now there's flush fitment where your wheel, of course, is gonna sit flush with the fender. It's gonna air out really smooth, or the third option I decided to run with this vehicle here is the tucked fitment. So, now the best source you can do this is basically just do your homework, cruise out to our website, fitmentindustries.com, check out our gallery, there's hundreds of vehicles out there, different makes and models that are gonna show different wheel sizes, what tire they're running, and along with offset, because if you're running the wrong wheel and tire setup, it doesn't matter if you air out your car wrong, and then your wheel fitment is all funky. So I decided to do the tuck fitment. So I found out that an eight and a half wide on this vehicle with a 45 offset was gonna sit a little more sunk in allowing me to sit this vehicle right on top of the wheel and then essentially tuck this wheel and tire right inside the wheel well here. Now I also have the camber plates.

    I was able to run about half a degree of camber. You can't go too excessive on this particular vehicle, but once again, if you get the Performance series bags and you have those camber plates, you're able to tilt that wheel and then shove it up in there. Now another thing to consider is you may have to roll the fenders. Now I did roll the fenders on this one. I have this plastic trim on the all track or the all roads have the same thing, on the Volkswagen and Audi's. So I actually rolled the inside of the fender allowing me just a little more room here to sit this vehicle all the way down. So this is zeroed out on my car here and it's tucking this big massive 20 inch wheel. Now the wheel diameter is not gonna matter, more or less as it is, that you wanna be concerned with the width and then the offset. So this a plus 45, which is typically a pretty flat face on this one and this thing is just sunk all the way in. Now you may wanna consider removing some fender screws and then sometimes people will take out the wheel well liners inside here allowing that wheel to just fit a little more snug up inside there. Now I took out two screws inside here so those aren't rubbing on my tires, and then I decided to leave the fender liners in so there's not a bunch of junk flung up around here inside the motor. Now once you have the proper wheel size and offset figured out you wanna make sure you're also running the proper size tire. I did a 225/35 series tire on an eight and a half wide. So that's just gonna allow me to have a little bit of stretch on the sidewall here, allowing that additional clearance for that fender to sit over here.

    Now if you're running a standard size tire, where it's a little more straight up and down, or you have a little bit of poke on the tire, you're gonna run into some issues when you air the vehicle all the way out, if that's how you're sitting. Now if you're gonna do the fender to lip option of course a lot of people will stretch that out and you're just looking to fill in that gap between the actual tire bead and then inside the lip of the wheel and then sit that fender down in there, that's a little more advanced stuff. So for now I'm assuming that most of you guys just wanna run flush or the tucked fitment like this. So just something to keep in mind. You know you're not gonna have to chop into your car a bunch but it's one of those things you may have to do some trimming and just remove some items to make sure everything fits in there nice and snug. So something to consider when you're routing interior cords on this is you're gonna have to rip up the panels on the inside of the vehicle. So you're gonna have your car tore apart for a couple days, so I always tell a lot of people