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Asking A Stance Guy 10 Questions

Fitment Industries Author | | August 15th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex.

    - Sorry, I had the giggles.
    - I'm interviewing a child.
    Hey guys, what's goin on? it's Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - And I'm Jasper from Fitment Industries.
    - And decided today--
    and today, we decided we were gonna ask Jasper ten questions about well, static stance cars. He owns a static stance car. What do you own?
    - I, a 1997 BMW 328i.
    - So we decided we gonna title this Ten Questions for a Static Stance Guy. And Jasper doesn't know the questions which is gonna be interesting so we're gonna just start it off. Are you ready?
    - Yeah
    - Are you sure?
    - Yeah.
    - Okay, so my first is why? Why did you do it? Why--
    - Is it a crime? When people ask me--
    - [Alex] Was putting spinners on a car a crime?
    - That's baller.
    Anyway, normally when people ask me my main argument, I like to party.
    - Okay. So is that a real answer--
    - So, no.
    I would say it's cause like aesthetically, is a very good looking decision.
    - [Alex] Sure.
    - To most people.
    - [Alex] To most.
    - To most.
    Not to everyone.
    - So like most, could you give us a percentage of the car community that would be like 'I like that?' Like the only sentence is, 'I like that.' Not, 'I'm not a stance guy, but I like that.' It's just I like that.
    - I'm gonna like safely say like probably 75%. Which is a C.
    - [IAlex] Next question that we have, what are you doing with your hands?
    - Nothing.
    - Alright, it's cool.
    Where did you get the idea from?
    - To be honest, I think because of today, I'd say the internet has been like probably one of the biggest inspirations. I didn't build my car for the internet, but it was definitely a big inspiration.
    - Alright, okay, cool.
    So would you say this kind of ties in back to the first question? Would you say most people like it? Or most people hate it?
    - I dunno, that's tough.
    It all depends where you live, I guess, and like the people you hang out with. All the people I hang out with love it. I would say most people like it, in general.
    - Just generically?
    - Yeah.
    - Okay.
    - I would say so in consent--content...
    - Consensus.
    - Consensus.
    - Consensus, right.
    - Yeah, I would say most people like it only cause like a lowered car will always look good.
    - Sure.
    So what are the specs on your car?
    - The specs on my car, so the wide body kit is a 45mm over fender kit from Felony Form. But then the wheels are 17 by 10, negative three. And specifically if you wanna talk about camber as well, I just got my alignment. So I have negative 7.2 in the front and negative 6.4 in the rear.
    - [Alex] Sure.
    - Did your mom pay for your second alignment?
    - Nope.
    - Third alignment?
    - Nope.
    - First alignment?
    - Nope.
    - Damn.
    - Cause I didn't get a first alignment, remember? I couldn't get it on the rack.
    - Why couldn't they get it on the rack?
    - Cause it was too low.
    - How many tires have you blown?
    - So.
    That's tough because I had a bad alignment prior.
    - Oh.
    - So, right.
    - So it has nothing to do with the stretch?
    - No.
    - Okay.
    Continue on what the issues were.
    - So first off, my tires aren't even used from my previous set up. So one of them de-laminated because it was low psi and the bead wasn't properly sitting, which is currently actually happening to another one, and the tread stopped that dumb phase. (both laughing)
    - And it's like, almost bald as well.
    - [Alex] Why?
    - But that was because it pulled to the right so hard that it was literally because of the alignment.
    - Yeah?
    - Yeah.
    And then, another one is de-beaded, but that's not like going through a new tire so I'd say two, almost.
    - Two and a half?
    - Two and a half, I'd say.
    Because I have to buy another one but that's because --
    - That's not because of the stance.
    - No.
    - Three tires, no stance?
    - No.
    - [Alex] Are you confident?
    - Yep. Very, yep.
    - [Alex] Okay, sure.
    How many Instagram followers have you gained since you made your wheels slanty?
    - A hundred.
    - Really?
    - Yeah.
    - What the?
    (Jasper laughing) I thought that was just what you did.
    - No. People just like me.
    (Alex laughing)
    - What are you doing with your nose? Alright so, originally a multi-piece wheel was meant to make wheels fit in the fender.
    - Right.
    - So why did you -- Why are you making wheels not fit?
    - They fit, no they fit.
    - Not properly.
    - They fit with work.
    - With extensive modification.
    - With extensive modification, right.
    So what was the question?
    - So you took the function out of a multi-piece wheel.
    - Right.
    - For what reason?
    - Cause multi-piece wheels are baller.
    That's pretty much my whole case.
    - Okay. Do you think stance is a fad that will die?
    - I don't think so.
    I think lowering your car and tampering your car is always gonna be a thing because you look back at old 90's race cars, even when they used E36's, Mercedes 190's, stuff like that, they still had a functional camber, but it was still camber. And the whole point of lowering your car is to lower the center of gravity and when you have a super stiff setup, it's also for no body roll. I think it'll always be a thing.
    - That's a pretty good reason, I agree with that. I don't think it's a fad at all.
    - I think it's benefiting.
    It's more extreme nowadays.
    - Yeah, okay.
    So when people tell you that your car has no function anymore because of what you did to it, what do you tell those people?
    - So it's not an M3, so that's already like the function is not the best thing you could buy for like my car. I mean it is a 2.8 so it's arguably the next best thing, as in it's probably the biggest thing you could buy that isn't an M3. And it's a 90's car, it's a 90's convertible, so it's not like it's a brand new Lamborghini that I'm slamming and getting rid of some camber.
    - So I'm just wondering how many items of Supreme do you get per one degree of camber that you achieve on your car?
    - Four.
    - Four?
    - Four.
    - Is that where you got the hat?
    - Yeah, I actually only own the hat.
    - I don't believe you.
    - No you're right, I own a shirt and a hat.
    - Okay so final question, what is your dream car?
    - My dream car? Probably a Mercedes 190 E Evo II.
    - [Alex] Okay.
    - So it's like the nice flared out boys with the big wing. I just think it's always been one of the best-looking cars and I don't know, I'd probably still slam it, but obviously because it's a dream car so whatever. And if I have enough money to buy one I don't care what people say.
    - Cool.
    - But yeah, it'd be fun I think.
    - Awesome, well those are our 10 questions for Static-Stance-Guy, aka Jasper. I thought he did pretty good. So we are going to do another version of this where we're gonna ask me questions which is gonna be interesting. You guys, don't forget to subscribe. And if you have cars out there or stancy cars, add your car to the gallery at fitmentindustries.com/add. But of course if you guys are interested in actually picking up anything for your car, shoot us an e-mail at shop@fitmentindustries.com. Wheels, tires, and suspension. It's pretty much what we do. I said that really fast, we hope that there's something below on the thing that tells you what to do. But we will see you later, I'm Alex.
    - I'm Jasper.
    - Bye.
    - Peace.
    - [Cameraman] Peace.
    - Peace.
    - [Cameraman] Bye guys.