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Asking B is for Build 10 Questions

Fitment Industries Author | | November 7th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries, and we're at the Konig Booth, SEMA 2018, with none other than--
    - Chris from B is for Build.
    - Holy moly.
    How's it feel to have the Datsun here?
    - Feels good, feels great.
    - You had a lot of people following the build on YouTube, Google, all that sort of stuff. So we are here and we decided that it's Thursday, we're flying and filming by the seat of our pants. Usually, we have a schedule for this sort of stuff, but we saw Chris and we're like, "Let's just ask him 10 questions for a Datsun owner," or just for Chris, or for B is for Build, or pretty much for anything that you're involved in, which seems to be a lot.
    - A lot.
    - So, you ready?
    - Yeah, shoot.
    - Alright, first off, how difficult was the Datsun build? Out of ten.
    - I would say it was like an eight out of 10.
    - Eight out of 10.
    - One of the tougher things that we've done is we twin-turboed an NA Mustang that had no room whatsoever. So luckily, when you're building a Datsun like this, starting with a two frame chassis, you can make room for things that you know are gonna be a question mark. So it actually wasn't as hard as some of the other things that we had done.
    - So, what's in the Datsun? Tell us a little bit about--
    - It's got a S85 power plant from a E60 M5. The front subframe, rear subframe, engine, dashboard, transmission, all the wiring.
    - Just because?
    - 'Cause I love the engine.
    - Okay.
    - Once you decide you want that engine, that's the easiest way to go about it. I didn't wanna buy a new transmission, and then, so I just knew if I bring the ECU in, everything, all the wiring, I'll have all the sensors. Everything'll play nice, I'll just throw it all in.
    - So when you started B is for Build, did you think it was gonna be to where it is now?
    - No, no.
    - You just wanted to do it for fun, or?
    - I used to post on build threads, and I got tired of uploading photos and typing words. That's as simple as it was. So then I just grabbed my camera, turned it on, I figured I'll just upload this at the end of the day, it'll be a lot faster.
    - That's cool.
    - And that was it.
    And then once it took off, I was like, "Wow, this could be cool later on if I keep workin' at it!" And then it just kept goin', it kept workin'.
    - So, we're trying to build a BMW E30, right. And we spent two 10-minute episodes installing and uninstalling coilovers, okay. The viewer base, they got angry with us. They're like, "No, no, no, no, no, "you need to be like B is for Build. "You need to change the entire car in three episodes, "or we're not watching it anymore." So that leads us into the question. How do you maintain doing so much to a car in the series that you do so often? 'Cause you guys have so many different cars you've built, right?
    - Yeah, we just work too much.
    - Really?
    - We don't really have a normal life, no.
    You wake up at eight in the morning, you edit your episode, as you know if you're doing dailies, and you work 'til midnight after that.
    - That's crazy.
    - Yeah, there's no real life.
    - [Alex] (laughs) It's like, it's fine.
    - I hate that that's the answer.
    - It's fun, but you never have any free time.
    - It's fun, but it's a job.
    You put in the investment now, and especially when you have SEMA deadlines, you call all your friends and throw money in their face and say, "Work for me, man, we gotta get this done."
    - That's awesome.
    So you've built a lot of cars, Datsun's here. That's my personal favorite of all time. What is your favorite build that you've done?
    - Lotus Evora, probably.
    - The Evora?
    - [Chris] Lotus Evora, yeah, I feel like, I mean, so we've done some really fun, kinda gimmicky builds that we've done on budgets, so I built a, I think it was $1,000 or $1,500 apocalypse-style G35.
    - [Alex] I remember that, yeah.
    - [Chris] I really, really enjoyed that car. I actually sold it at an auction. I kinda wish I had it back now, and I really recently built a Mercedes with no doors, no roof.
    - Mad Max style?
    - It wasn't Mad Max, it was themed after a Kanye and Jay-Z music video.
    - Oh, the Otis!
    - The Otis Mercedes, yeah.
    (both laugh) I really liked that car too, but as far as how proud I am of doing those builds, I'm not as proud as this, but if you're like, "Hey, we're gonna drive somewhere really cool. "What car are you gonna grab?" I'm gonna be sitting there thinking like that one, that one, or that one.
    - That's awesome.
    So do you keep a lot of the cars that you build?
    - Yeah, I've got a garage full of cars.
    - Okay, so how do you make time for all of them? Do you drive any of 'em, or do you just stare at 'em when you're going into the next?
    - I drive every one I can.
    So like I said, I'm workin' all the time, so I drive my FJ to work normally, like loadin' in tools and everything like that. And then, when Chelsea and I go out for like a date night, or something, we'll either grab the Aston Martin or the Evora, something nice, you know. And then, the some of the other ones get dailied when we can and some of 'em honestly just sit for a couple months at a time, and we gotta spend a day sprucin' 'em up. Get 'em all charged up, and then we take 'em out.
    - So this is the most recent one that you built, right? So what's next on the docket, do you know?
    - So it's mainly, actually, this is coming back in the shop. So we gotta kinda un-SEMA-fy it. So right now, to fit comfortably in there, you don't want two matching seats. You want once custom seat, and one passenger seat because it's so small.
    - Tiny, yeah.
    - And then, we have some other test and tune stuff to do. So that's what we're gonna do then, and then we got a really big build. A super car build after that.
    - Really,that's exciting!
    - Yeah.
    - You think it's gonna go well, no headaches, no pains?
    - The super car build?
    - Yeah.
    - Yes, it will.
    - Are you just saying that, though?
    - No, I'm 100% sure.
    We're not that highly modifying it. It was weird, it was a super car that somebody else crashed. It was already modified, I met up with the guy. He's actually here in Vegas.
    - Is he really?
    - Yeah, I'm going to buy parts off of him in two hours.
    - That's awesome.
    So there's a lot of people that watch your channel. There's like 12 people that watch our channel. There are a lot of people, though, that want to get involved doing car stuff in front of videos that want to do wheels, tires. They're startin' their IG, they're doin' stuff like that. And you've done it. What's a tip for somebody watching these videos that's like, "I wanna go out and do that same thing, too?" 'Cause there's a lot of those.
    - I always tell people, do something that you wanna do. Don't do what you think other people will wanna watch you do 'cause then best case scenario, your channel gets really big and then you're stuck doing something that you don't enjoy. It's better to do nothing than it is to do something that you don't enjoy. Do something you enjoy, find something you're passionate about. Make that the first priority. Make the second priority turning on the camera. At the end of the day, you'll be so much happier if you actually start your build, finish your build, than if you got views. So that's my number one thing, because you can always work on views or YouTube later, but just work on what you're passionate about and what you're happy about. 'Cause for most people, it's not YouTube. YouTube, they think, is a good outlet for marketing, for sharing their experience, which it really, really is, same with Instagram, same with all that other stuff. But at the end of the day, you're into cars 'cause you like cars. So focus on building the cars, YouTube will come later, or it won't. But if you focus on building a car, at the end of the day, you'll have your car.
    - So, we're a wheel/tire company.
    That's pretty much what we do, you have Konigs on the car.
    - Yeah.
    - Now, that's great.
    You like 'em, that's good. Let's get that out of the way, but do you have a dream set of wheels? Or is every car different for you?
    - Oh, every car is different.
    And no, I don't have a dream set of wheels.
    - No?
    - No.
    I mean, I look at things like weight and durability and performance and economy. A lot of what I do with YouTube is I wanna help inspire kids. I don't think showing up with wheels that are $5,000 apiece is inspiring to anybody.
    (laughing) Do you have $5,000?
    - Nah, I'm looking at the people that are gonna watch this video that are buying some AGs right now or something like that.
    - These are good performance wheels, they're good economical, and you can use 'em for all sorts of stuff. My next super car build, I can't run a set of Konig wheels 'cause it doesn't take them.
    - Work, yeah.
    - They don't work, so sometimes, you gotta go outside the box, but yeah, no, that's really where I like to stick 'cause I think it resonates better with people and I don't give a (bleep). So when it comes down to something I don't care about anymore on a build, like if I don't care, then I'm goin' for looks and I'm goin' for economy, so other people can say, "I can do that, too."
    - That's cool.
    What was the most difficult part of about this right here? You can't say time crunch, don't say time crunch. But what is it, what was it? The dash is from a BMW.
    - That was super easy, we planned it all out.
    - You guys, also, everything.
    - We planned it out.
    A lot of it was laying the body on the frame rails. So we developed the frame rails, we had the engine sitting inside the frame rails. Then, mounting the body, once you mount that thing there, that set