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Asking a Focus RS Owner 10 Questions

Fitment Industries Author | | October 16th, 2018 |

  • - [Alex] Hey guys what's going on? It's Alex from fitment Industries and today I have with me;
    - [John] John.
    - [Announcer] JOHN CENA!
    (Intense instrumental ♪)
    - [Alex] John, and John you are here today to answer ten questions. One is about the car, so we're just going to hold out on the car in case you guys can't see it in the background. But before we get started, don't forget to subscribe and drop a comment on what you would like to see us talk about next. Of course if you're going to (unclear) we are doing a meet and greet on Tuesday at 4:00. So if you guys are interested drop a comment below and if you plan on being there, we'll meet up with you. Johnny you going?
    - [John] No. I have to Work.
    - [Alex] Wow. Okay.
    So question one, what do you own and are there any mods?
    - [John] I own a 2016 ford focus RS.
    - [Alex] You're so quiet.
    - [John] I HAVE a 2016 ford focus RS it is stock, I had some wheels on it that I'm sure you'll ask me about later. But I recently sold those because I want to get a cheaper car.
    - [Alex] Are you like adulting? Is this what adulting is like? You're trying to make like a strong, smart, financial, responsible decision?
    - [John] Mhm.
    - [Alex] Don't.
    Next question, what's your favorite part about owning an RS?
    - [John] Having an RS is my favorite part about having an RS.
    - [Alex] Can you dive into that a little bit for me?
    - [John] It is... okay, so you have a car and there's a better version of it. That's the better version.
    - [Alex] Like the better version of everything?
    - [John] The better version of everything.
    - [Alex] Of everything?
    - [John] Of everything.
    - [Alex] Nothing to compare it to, is it the best?
    - [John] The best.
    - [Alex] Hands down?
    - [John] It has all wheel drive, 350 HP, 350 torque,
    - [Alex] 350.
    - [John] six speed manual trans.
    - [Alex] That's nice.
    - [John] It's not available in an automatic, but that's the best. Don't need anything else.
    - [Alex] So you did have wheels on the car at one point, and what was the brand?
    - [John] 1552.
    - [Alex] So did you know that there are other wheel companies that also make wheels for ford focuses?
    - [John] Nope.
    - [Alex] So you go, you click year, make, model, and there's just one brand; 1552.
    - [John] To be fair, I have not seen any other RS's with the R43's.
    - [Alex] That's fair.
    But we have stockers now, because we're trying to be an responsible adult. But you know the RS is a great car, I think we can all agree on that. But what's the most annoying thing about the RS?
    - [John] People asking about the head gasket.
    - [Alex] Really? Does it blow?
    - [John] It did.
    - [Alex] I thought you said it was like the best?
    - [John] The way that uh,
    - [Alex] Let's talk about it.
    - [John] Okay, the way that the recall works, for anybody that's thinking about getting one; whether your head gasket is bad or not, they replace it.
    - [Alex] Okay.
    - [John] But when you bring your car into the shop, they will pressurize the cooling system to like 15 PSI. If it drops more than 5 PSI in five hours they'll replace the head gasket and the entire head assembly whether its wrapped or not. So since mine was blown I got a whole new head.
    - [Alex] So you did get a blown head gasket damn. I mean, but it's a good car now though right?
    - [John] Yep.
    - [Alex] I mean it was covered under warranty, was it a recall?
    - [John] It was a recall.
    I bought my car like three days after the recall came out.
    - [Alex] Oh, really? Wow, that sucks.
    That's uh, that's unfortunate. So kinda circling back, can you maybe besides the fact that it's better in everyway, why an RS? There are other cars in the same bracket, STI would be I think the most common one. There's some volkswagen options, there's the golf R. Why an RS?
    - [John] Part of it is because of the height.
    - [Alex] Okay.
    - [Alex] Honesty, I like it.
    - [John] The RS was never available in the US. So when they announced that they were coming out with it in 2016, they were marking these things like $20,000 over MSRP, and people were paying it for a reason.
    - [Alex] Sure.
    - [John] I don't want to say it's better than an STI, I know the (unclear) isn't available anymore, or isn't being made. But it's better.
    - [Alex] Is it?
    - [John] Yeah.
    - [Alex] See you've owned other ST's, you've owned a couple different ones. We talked about how the RS has, what was it? $20,000 over MSRP?
    - [John] Something like that.
    - [Alex] It was a massive price mark-up right? Is it worth it?
    - [John] No.
    - [John] It's not, it's not worth paying over the sticker for the car.
    - [Alex] No?
    - [John] No.
    - [Alex] Because tell, I mean, I would say tell the viewers but you've owned other ST's. What have you owned?
    - [John] I had a 2014 ST that I bought.
    I did an intake, a down pipe, and an axis port on that. This actually, the one I traded in on that was a 2017 Fiesta ST. It had a bigger inner cooler and a bunch of other parts that I never put on it because I sold them, adult.
    - [Alex] Sounds like you're going through a really rough time.
    - [John] Yeah.
    - [Alex] Do you want to talk about it?
    - [John] No.
    - [Alex] Okay.
    Ah so in other news, we're going to interchange this. How many times do you hear somebody either; A. Make a Ken Block joke or B. A head gasket joke?
    - [John] Everyday.
    - [Alex] Both of them? Like simultaneously almost?
    - [John] Mhm, like in the same sentance.
    - [Alex] Because that is the Ken Block car. I mean if you were to make an compound question, it would be like, "Yo, how are those head gaskets in Ken's car?" and then you have to look at them and be like; just stop it, just stop it, just stop, it's the same, it's whatever.
    - [John] There's a recall and the car's under warranty.
    - [Alex] Well I mean every car has one.
    - [John] And every focus RS you buy, unless it has like over 36,000 is going to have a warranty. So yeah, it came out in 2016.
    - [Alex] Well I don't know, they've just been so hyped I figured it existed for like ten years.
    - [John] It has, other places.
    - [Alex] So, what is your dream car?
    - [John] Okay, you can change the interior, you can change the interior.
    - [Alex] Okay, "okay" he says as he adjusts himself let me just (exhales).
    - [John] I've always wanted a C6 ZR1.
    - [Alex] How old are you?
    - [John] It's not a Porsche so it doesn't matter.
    - [Alex] I'm just wondering, and you know this is a bonus question; how old are you?
    - [John] 26.
    - [Alex] You feel like you might be growing up a little bit too fast?
    - [John] No, I've wanted a C6 ZR1 since it came out.
    - [Alex] You're having a midlife crisis.
    You're selling your car, you sold your wheels, it's a completely stock ford focus, and now you're getting a, you want a corvette?
    - [John] Can you scoot that way?
    - [Alex] No we're here together in this now. It's like an intervention, like the one episode where the guy cries really loud. That's what we're about to do. C6 ZR1, final answer? All the cars in the world, if you could have any single one, and you're choosing a chevy?
    - [John] See I like to be realistic.
    - [Alex] Don't be realistic, dream car.
    You can have anything you want, a Cadillac CTS V coupe.
    - [John] I was going to say that. Not a coupe though.
    - [Alex] Oh my gosh.
    - [John] C6 ZR1.
    - [Alex] Final answer?
    - [John] Final answer.
    - [Alex] That was not the correct choice.
    It's been a pleasure having you on this show. Just kidding.
    - [John] GT3 RS.
    - [Alex] You pay more for less in cars like that though.
    - [John] Yeah.
    - [Alex] Like that is such a marketing ploy. Good on em'! Good on Porsche for somehow making you buy something that's more expensive with less stuff.
    - [John] It's slower, no manual, no transmission I don't think.
    - [Alex] Ugh, those things are painful.
    Anyway, next question.
    (Clears throat) Somebody comes up to you and has the same exact year as your ford focus RS, except he's rolling around in a Subaru impreza WRX STI. Give me two reasons why you think your car is better? I would say do you think it's better, but I already know what you're going to say.
    - [John] It is better.
    - [Alex] It is but give me two reasons why.
    - [John] Number one, the interior even in the focus ST I would prefer over something like a WRX or an STI.
    - [Alex] Okay.
    - [John] Number two, is I think that the new STI's are ugly.
    - [Alex] Wow.
    Are you trying to loose us subscribers right now? You can't say things like that. It's like a religion to some people.
    - [John] It's a good looking car, it just doesn't look that good.
    - [Alex] It's a good looking car, I like it. I think it's, ah, I mean it's a very cool car. John and I go way back in terms of all the vehicles that he owns, I remember when he had the ST so I got to give him just a little bit of poke fun. Which goes into our final question. Somebody is out there, they youtube ford focus RS, they come across this video, because we're at 100,000 subscribers hopefully sometime soon. If you guys haven't subscribed yet, that was the plug. And they watch this video, and they get to question ten, and they get to hear John answer the question of; What is one thing you would want a potential ford focus RS owner to know before they bought one?
    - [John] Make sure that the recall was done before you buy it.
    - [Alex] Is it a pain if you don't?
    - [John] Yeah, they replace everything right down to t