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Asking a Lexus Owner 10 Questions

Fitment Industries Author | | October 30th, 2018 |

  • - Hey everyone welcome back! It's Steve from Fitment industries, and today we are going to be asking a Lexus Owner 10 questions. I want to introduce you guys to Steve to my left. Steven, you're going to be Steven and I'm going to be Steve.
    - Okay. That work's.
    - That's...that's okay with you?
    - Yeah.
    - Alright, perfect.
    'Cause that works for me. Yeah today we are going to be doing these ten questions. And make sure you guys subscribe to the channel. Try and get us to a 100k cause that's what we're going for. Help us out, do your thing, do your part.
    - That's (bleep) terrible.
    First question, what exactly do you drive?
    - I drive a 2015 Lexus RC350 F Sport.
    - Very nice, very nice.
    See normally we have it parked behind us, but today we decided to film in here. So it's not behind us but.
    - I mean it's white, but it's not this.
    - What made you choose the Lexus?
    - Um, I always when they first came out in 2015, I always kind of liked the styling of them so. And like the lines and...
    - [Steve] Right.
    - And Toyotas are usually pretty bullet proof in terms of engines and stuff so.
    - No, I feel you there. I um, When that car first came out I was just, I was just drooling over it 'cause they just look so damn good. And when you started seeing 'em it was just like holy (bleep) there is it! Like it was, those cars are like what you have is really, really cool. I definitely like it a lot.
    - [Steven] I used to have a 2015 WRX, and it was pretty modified, and then I switched to this and I got a ton more like looks, and head turns and...
    - Was it modified in the sense that you could use the power that you put into it, or was it modified like you could slam to the ground, and had to go slow?
    - It was track built so...
    - Cool.
    - Cool, well we're talking about the Lexus not the WRX but.
    (laughing) So how long have you owned the Lexus?
    - I picked it up last September.
    - Okay.
    - So a little over a year.
    - Okay nice, very nice.
    Any modifications to this car?
    - Uh yeah, it's got air lift performance 3P kit on it. Um, and Konig ampliforms with Michelin Pilot Super Sport, not Pilot Super Sports, the PS4S's.
    - Okay.
    - Got a carbon intake, a custom axle back exhaust from PL Performance, some other, oh and a full lip kit by Nia Auto design.
    - The car is super clean looking.
    It definitely is well put together. You've even got the under-glow, and the grill glow that I really, really like. I think that sets off the car really nice.
    - Gotta bring it back.
    - Yeah I mean when you see it on certain cars, some people I get it with under-glow it's like ugh it's gaudy it's gross, but if its done right, if it's done well, it can still fit in a modern car theme. Like, I think it works, especially with your car. Why did you choose air suspension over coilovers?
    - So on my previous car I had coilovers, it was probably dropped about an inch and a half.
    - [Steve] Okay.
    - And I still had probably two or three inches of ground clearance and I still bottomed out, could barely get over speed bumps and all that. And um, I didn't want to go through with that again.
    - [Steve] Okay.
    - And then when I bought the kit it was when Air Lift runs their special in February so then that also pushed me to get it so.
    - Nice, nice well that makes sense.
    It's a smart buy for sure then. Did you know that you can get a Lexus in another color besides white?
    - I did know that.
    It honestly wasn't my first choice.
    - Wasn't your first choice? Okay.
    What would have been your first choice?
    - I don't know the exact paint code, but it's kind of like a dark gray.
    - [Steve] Okay.
    - [Steven] Metallic.
    - Yeah I've seen what you're talking about. That's that's a really wild color. How tall are you? 'Cause you're like, I gotta ask people who are taller then me. 'Cause like I'm not that tall of a guy myself, and everybody seems to tower over me so, I mean how tall are you?
    - About 6'6".
    - Holy Jesus.
    - Yeah.
    - Do--
    - No I don't play basketball.
    - Okay, so you don't play basketball, but you do fit inside the car?
    - I do.
    - You do.
    - Comfortably.
    - Wow.
    - [Steven] Nobody can sit behind me though.
    - No is it is it like?
    - Yeah it's about like half an inch of room between the backseat.
    - Okay, so, so yeah.
    - Yeah.
    - Basically no one.
    (laughing) Or unless you're cut off at the knees then you can fit in the backseat, but that'd be weird. Okay so back to one of the regular questions. Is there a reason that you went with the Konig wheels over a multipiece?
    - Right now, right away I was I just wanted something a little more simple and more budget friendly.
    - [Steve] Okay.
    - [Steven] I had just bought the air suspension and--
    - [Steve] Right.
    - [Steven] Didn't want to drain the bank account too much so.
    - That makes sense, air suspension is expensive.
    - And they're full form wheels as well.
    - Okay.
    - So they're still like a light weight wheel.
    - Yeah that's, stuff like that's important. What is your favorite thing about the car?
    - Uh honestly, probably the steering wheel that I put in it.
    - [Steve] Really?
    - Yeah it's a custom carbon fiber.
    - Okay.
    - It's something you touch everyday.
    - Yeah okay.
    - It's nice to look at and--
    - Yeah that makes sense.
    That's a very, very unique answer like I know a lot of people have like certain things that they like or love about their car and that's that's a unique answer. I like unique answers like that.
    - Otherwise I would, besides that I would just say the interior itself.
    - [Steve] Yeah, the interior of the car is really nice. I really like that red leather.
    - [Steven] Yeah.
    - That's super nice.
    What about your least favorite thing about the car?
    - Uh, probably how heavy it is versus like, the power to weight ratio.
    - [Steve] Okay.
    - Cause it just has the 3.5 liter V6 in it, and then, which makes, or the brochure says it makes 3.06
    - [Steve] Okay.
    - [ Steven] And then it weighs like 4,000 pounds.
    - Okay so yeah it's got the power, but it probably doesn't move as as if, if it was like 1,000 pounds lighter.
    - Yeah.
    - Yeah okay. That's makes sense. Any future plans on?
    - Shh.
    - Oh, oh!
    (laughing) Moves in silence. I like it.
    - Um, I want to do more power stuff for sure, like more exhaust work, possibly a super charger.
    - [Steve] Cool I can appreciate stuff like that going for the motor build.
    - [Steven] Yeah maybe some wrap stuff.
    - [Steve] Yeah, that would be super cool.
    - [Steven] I'm not talking about mix tape (laughing).
    - I mean you, you got the hair slicked back, you you could pull off that G-Easy look maybe.
    (laughing) Come on like can we get him a microphone real quick?
    - Yeah, he's tall and skinny too.
    - Yeah exactly.
    You could be his stunt double man.
    - Okay so you've got, a car that I know a lot of people would be like, dude that is my dream car. Do you have, what's your dream, what's your dream car? Cause it's gotta be something beyond this.
    - Yeah well every Fast and Furious Paul Walker fanboy wants the R34 TR so.
    - Yep.
    - Basically any of those classic JDM cars like the GT-Rs.
    - Right.
    - Or the RX7's or Supras.
    - Yeah, I'm a bit of a fanboy on the RX-7 right now. I've, it's like I cycle through cars that I really like and the RX-7 is one that I'm like, that I'm on that right now. But yeah, that's, R34 Skyline's a very, very good dream car to have. That's, it's considered by many to, I would think, to be like the ultimate performance machine. Depending on who you talk to I'm sure Alex would disagree. 'Cause--
    - He likes to argue.
    - Cause he, he's well...
    (laughing) Yeah, maybe, he's a Euro guy though too.
    - Oh true.
    - So I mean I'm sure he would--
    - He likes paying maintenance.
    - There's a car that he'd probably argue that'd be better than an R34.
    - Yeah.
    - Just 'cause, probably cause it's his.
    Alright that's been it this is our episode asking a Lexus owner 10 questions. If you guys have any suggestions on any type of vehicle owner that you'd to see ask them 10 questions. Go ahead and drop a comment down below. Don't forget to subscribe. If you guys also need any wheel, tire, or suspension needs--
    - It's where I got mine.
    - Check out fitmentindustries.com add your car to our galleries fitmentindustries.com/add. I'm Steve from Fitment Industries. This is Steve who hangs out at Fitment Industries. We'll see you guys later. Peace.