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Asking an FRS Owner 10 Questions

Fitment Industries Author | | October 9th, 2018 |

  • - [Guy With Cap] Ready for this Steve?
    - [Steve] Nope
    - I'm not ready.
    - I'm not ready either.
    Hey everyone. Welcome to the show. You might be wondering who the (bleep) is this guy? I'm not Alex.
    - I am.
    - This is other Alex.
    - Other Alex.
    - I am Steve and I'm one of the new guys here. I'm usually behind the camera. We decided to give Alex the normal normal Alex, the Alex you guys know, a break. So today I'm going to be sitting down with other Alex to ask ten questions, he is an F or S owner. We are going to ask him ten questions. Let's do it.
    - [Spectator] Are you guys filming?
    - Yes we are [Woman] Yes no
    - [Guy] No no we're not filming.
    - No we we just have lights set up
    - We're just fuckin' man.
    - I'm wearin' I'm miked up but we'er not filming. Alright so first things first we are going to be asking the most important questions. Do you vape?
    - No actually.
    - He doesn't vape. Probably coz it's not a Subaru.
    - True.
    - It's a Subaru on the inside, in his heart. So what's your favorite thing about your FR-S?
    - My favorite thing about the FR-S and probably one of the main deciding factors of why I purchased this car over something else, is the fact that there's so much after market stuff out there for it that, you know like, more popular like VRZs and FR-Ses and stuff you see that they all have like the fandom kit and stuff on it like that but that's not all that's out there. There's a lot of like, different body kits for it. There's a lot of different, you know, performance parts to it. I mean there's like, fifty different headers for this thing all unequal length and equal length, I mean, it's just, it's just a huge list of stuff out there and I think that was a big deciding factor for me too. Because like you can really kinda make it your own in a certain way, like, you know just make a car your own but
    - Uh huh
    - There's more options so you're not kinda just like copying everybody else. Honestly I think it's just a good platform, it's a real world drive car. It comes in a manual and automatic option. This is a six speed manual. You know, like I said they're a four cylinder, they're easy to work on. It's a small little car. I mean it's, I think, that it was just a good platform to build a car like this off of.
    - Any modifications to the car?
    - Not a whole lot right now. Like I said, I just bought the car last year but as of right now, I have a Tomei unequal length header and then, a Greddy three inch exhaust.
    - See I, I hear your car start up every single time we, any time you go to leave because you park like a hundred feet that way
    (Alex laughs) and our desks and stuff are that way.
    - Uh huh
    - You guys in internet land don't know that. Okay so you are a pretty tall guy
    - Six two.
    - Six two holy (bleep).
    (Alex laughs)
    - I'm a Jesus (bleep).
    I'm five eight I think.
    (Alex laughs)
    - Maybe five seven and a half.
    - There's a reason the tripod is like the level that it's at.
    - It's not for him, it's for me, I mean
    - Yeah it's definitely not for me. I could probably stand up and still stay in frame. So you do fit inside the car though correct?
    - Actually fairly well yeah.
    - Really?
    - It's actually quite amazing 'cause I know I've talked like, a couple of other people going to like, cruises and meets and stuff with other FR-S and VRZ owners and stuff like that. A lot of them are pretty big dudes, I think, a lot of that because like, when I talk to them about it, that they first went and like, tried out a WRX or an STI and they couldn't fit in those cars. But for some reason, taller guys like me could fit in the FR-S pretty well.
    - See and I can understand that 'cause I've been there where I've gotten inside of an STI or a WRX and then I'm what the, this is surprisingly small on the inside
    - Yeah
    - And they really are like, most of you probably know that. How many snap-backs do you own?
    - Not important.
    - He got at least one.
    Are you okay with the fact that Civics can keep up with you?
    - Yeah (laughs).
    I know and that's like the biggest beef that people have with these cars is that like, oh they should have put a Turbo on it from factory, oh they should have it supercharged from factory, they're so slow. And I'm not gonna make the argument, it's like, oh well they're meant to be driven, I mean, yeah, they're meant to be driven
    - Yeah
    - They're a fun car to drive, I mean, I compare it more to like, a Miata than anything.
    - Uh huh
    - Again it's a real drive platform, they're meant to be driven, they're meant to be, you know, thrown around corners and stuff like that. But for me, I've never owned a fast car so like, I don't know what I'm missing so that's kinda
    (Steve laughs)
    - How I think about it (laughs).
    - So in other words to you it is a fast car you don't know what people mean by like
    - (laughs) Exactly.
    - What do you mean a Civic keeps up with me and then you get next to one. You obviously have plans to continue doing things to do the car.
    - Yup
    - You planning on going static, with coils or you gonna go bagged?
    - It's something that I've been thinking about for a long time 'cause it's like, I can either go two directions with the car. First thoughts on it, we're doing like, kinda like, a track race build, like just get a nice set of coils
    - Uh huh
    - Like maybe something like, RPF ones or some cosmic racing wheels, some nitty tires and you know, some aero on it like, a front end splitter, some side scripts, some stuff like that.
    - Can we just clarify? He wasn't paid to mention those brands.
    - I was not paid to do it.
    (loud noise)
    - Whoa
    - So like I said, like more a track oriented set up you know, just the basic aero and stuff like that. The other way I go with it, I could go to bags. Wider wheels, really stands it out which is another option that's been thrown around in my head. But it really depends, I guess, I haven't made up y mind. Part of me just wants to get bases and you know, like, bags are so universal that you could run the slummed out look but then you can also
    - Uh huh
    - Run on the track with it You know, there's plenty of cars out there that do run on a track or track-oriented that run air suspension.
    - Yeah see I couldn't imagine doing that to a car like, taking a car that's meant to be on the track
    - [Alex] Right.
    - [Steve] And then doing something to it that makes it completely not,
    - uh huh
    - Like, I'm gonna go to the track today.
    No you're not 'cause you ride
    (Alex laughs)
    - Core of the ground and you'll rip apart your car.
    - Right.
    - So have fun with your wide goofy slanted wheels.
    - So we know Steve stands on stencil cars.
    (Steve and Alex laugh)
    - I prefer function over form.
    - Fair enough.
    - That's where I'm at. I think people can respect that. Next question. I don't even know how many questions I've asked. What trends would you like to stop in the car community?
    - Like in the whole car community or like the FR-S VRZ owner community?
    - I mean, by all means the FR-S community? Tell the FR-S owners what you wanna see, what you would like to see them stop doing to their cars? Lambo doors
    - Lambo doors (laughs) Yeah that could just be in not a thing throughout but I mean, you know, it's their car, do whatever. I've hung out with quite a few FR-S VRZ eighty six owners and it seems to me that you know, a lot of the people that they got really good taste in modifications in cars and stuff like that. I haven't really seen any other cars that are like okay you know, okay, you know. That's your thing I get it. But I mean, no I can't really say that there's anything that I would wanna put a stop to per se in the FR-S community. I haven't really seen anything like, really wild, except for like, the only thing that I couldn't see and the thing that kinda throws me for a loop is when I don't know what company it is, but they make like, this biggest frickin' wing possible. It's not even a chassi mount though.
    - (Steve laughs) It's not that big.
    - It's a trunk mount but it sits almost higher than a chassis mount. I don't know what the brand is but I've seen a couple of them and they'll take like, my car's stock body and everything and just throw that wing on the back and that's it.
    - I think I know what wing you're talking about. You bought that a year ago, what made you decide to go with the FR-S over the VRZ or the new GT eigthy six?
    - Honestly this is what was available to me. When I bought it I had been living in Green Bay for probably two months at the time. It's really the first like, car that I bought from a dealership and I've been looking to buy like a different car for quite awhile before that. And I was looking at like Genesis, I was looking at like Evos, I was looking at a couple of other, like different cars and something like that.
    - Uh huh
    - But I always kept coming back to like, the FR-S and the VRZ and I wasn't exactly partial to either one at the time 'cause it's like I didn't really you know, know anything about them except for like, the research that I've done and that the front end looked a little different. You get a little more interior options with VRZ but honestly it came down to the fact that I moved to Green Bay and there was a dealership in Green Bay and this was sitting out front and it's bright orange. And it's a six speed transmission and it's been sitting on their lot for awhile and they couldn't sell it. So I got a good deal on it.
    - Yeah it is very orange isn't it?
    - Yeah.
    - It does look great though. It looks great. You guys saw the rollers. Looks good in house.
    - Uh huh.
    - What's your dream c