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BMW E30 | Current Status

Fitment Industries Author | | October 26th, 2018 |

  • - All right guys, so as you can see we are rollin' three deep in the E30 right now. And I think we are all above six feet. So this isn't exactly the most comfortable ride we are taking however it is one of the last rides we're taking in it for quite awhile. Because as you remember in the last episode, we asked you guys to pick out the four things you want done on the car. It was 16 inch wheels, it was a wood grain steering wheel, it was a luxury interior and it was stock body panels. So, in order to do the interior, we have to rip this whole one out. Take a left up here. But yeah, we have to rip this entire interior out in order to get the nice luxory interior, so what we realized is that if the interior is ripped out, we can't drive the car and make fun videos for you. So we're gonna try to cram that all into this week. We're gonna do some honin, we're gonna do some driving, we're gonna do some lifestyle stuff.
    - [Man] Some honin.
    - So we're basically just going to try to bring you a fun video this week about this car while we can still drive it. Because once it's all put back together there's probably gonna be snow on the ground, because we live in Appleton Wisconsin and that's just the way that things go around here. So, Jones is going to take it from here, enjoy.
    - Mom if you see this video, just know that I am alive because I am the one that edited it. So don't worry, we're all good.
    (upbeat music)
    - Hello? Mr. President? Yeah this next episode is going to be (bleep) sick yeah.
    (upbeat music)
    - Cory, I got a question for you.
    Now with the suspension installed we drove it a couple of times right? How do you feel, with it driving right now? How does it handle? Like you see right there
    (bleep) prime example.
    - When we reached out to Silvers and said hey, we're looking to throw a 10k springs in the front and 14k in the rear, they said all right. But that's not what we recommend for your car at all. So you shouldn't do that, because your car only weighs about 2500 pounds and the springs you're putting in it could hold up a semi truck. And so we were like, all right, but we're trying to get really stiff suspension so that we can fender to lip and have no problems. We don't want them, we don't want the lip of the wheel bouncing into our fender. And they said okay, that's a fair explanation. However, the car is gonna ride like (bleep). And we don't want to advertise a
    (bleep) riding car on our coil overs. So we said okay Silvers, we understand that. We will make it explictily clear that you did not recommend this
    - [Eric] So they didn't recommend it?
    - They didn't recommend it.
    - They didn't recommend it.
    - On the flip side, I think it rides amazing.
    - [Eric] It does ride nice
    - I does not ride nearly as bad as everyone thought it was going to. It's definitely stiff.
    - [Eric] Absolutely, What's cool too is that all these roads suck, like literally every single road we go on sucks. It's not like we're riding on glass over here like in California or something.
    - Don't slow down.
    - Just whip it.
    - All the way through?
    - Yeah, straight through.
    So like I was saying no body roll whatsoever.
    (upbeat music)
    - All right guys, so we made it out to High Cliff State Park. We have actually got it in a beautiful spot. The coil overs were able to handle the slight bit of off roading that we had to do. And while we're out here today, we also got Heritage wheels, they sent up a couple samples. So Eric, do you want to pop the trunk and show us what we're working with today?
    - [Eric] Hey, get over here, check this out ready? Hold on let me make sure. All right. Here we go. Cue The Candy Shop by 50 Cent.
    - So we're just gonna to take some nice lifestyle pictures of these out here. We figure all the other pictures we have are around the shop or around the back of the shop or in the shop So we'll get out by the state park and get some really cool pictures. Get these in a nice, cool environment around an old German car that they're used to be in on. And yeah, should be a pretty fun little day.
    (upbeat music)
    - All right guys, so as you can see not a whole lot exchange on the E30. But as we've said, it's going to snow here pretty soon, so we thought we would just get you as much content on the E30, moving, driving and all of that cool stuff as we could, do a nice little spotlight on it so you could really see it. We have a whole bunch of parts on the way though, we have a bunch of interior parts, we have got carbon fiber goodies, we have got leather goodies, we have got wheels, we've got tires. So the car should be coming together pretty nicely here in the next upcoming episodes. Just make sure you stay tuned for that. Sorry that it's going a little bit slower than some of the other channels. We're pretty new to this, so give us a break. Give us some patience, but we definitely appreciate it.
    (airplane flying overhead)
    - Airplane break, we need it, time out.
    - Don't forget to subscribe on YouTube, we are almost to 100,000 subscribers. Can't wait to get there. And also we're going to be a Sema next week. So if you are out there, please stop by. Say hi to us, give us a shoutout. We like to do fun stuff, we like to party. So you might even see us at some clubs. I don't really want to put that in there. Yeah, I'm Cory from Fitment Industries. Thanks for tuning in, peace.
    (upbeat music)