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BMW E30 | Did We Fix It?!

Fitment Industries Author | | October 19th, 2018 |

  • - This might be part of the reason why we tend to not get stuff done.
    (drone whirring)
    - Cory made this car so un-functional that we had to get the smallest wheels and tires we could find, off of the smallest car ever made, the uh Mazda Miata.
    - Which of course this gangly man owns as well.
    - A pair of tires that have 205s on 'em.
    The 205s need to be taken off and the wheels that have the 185s, the 185s need to go on the set of wheels that had the 205s. So we got our BBS wheels, the stock ones back from Matthews. They got the tires all mounted up. Uh, these were the tires off of my Miata, so they're a little bit smaller, little bit narrower, lower profile, so we're hoping they're gonna fit the car better. However, we did think of a back up plan this time. So we have some Adaptec spacers. Um, They are some five mil spacers, so just in case there is a little bit of rubbing we do have a slight back up plan. If we need more than five millimeters of-
    - You can actually get your spacers and everything you need at fitmentindustries.com/spacers. You can pick up any make, any size, any finish. They're custom made, hand-built to order. Come with usually in 10 to 15 business days. Forged 9.1 grade steel studs. It's everything you need and everything you want.
    (door opens)
    (rumbling engine)
    - Eyyyy.
    - That's a big car.
    - [All] Ohhhh!
    - Windshield wiper action.
    - I hit a bump and the fog light cover came off.
    - And it drives.
    - [Driver] Yeah.
    - And does it turn?
    - [Turn a little bit.
    - [Driver] Yeah, it turns.
    - Does it turn a little bit?
    - [Driver] No, I-
    - It doesn't turn a lot thought does it?
    - [Driver] I made it all the way around some 90 degree corners.
    - Yeah, it's ready for Chicago.
    - Yeah, nice Chicago potholes.
    - So right now its about uh 1:09 in the afternoon and we are coming back from a quicktrip, and we are on one of the worst roads to be driving a lowered car. Especially on some stiff (beep) coils. As Cory has them set up.
    - Yup!
    - But it works. And we are gonna get her did.
    - How well does it work Don?
    - It works like a 6 out of 10.
    - (laughs)
    - So we're getting there.
    - (both men) Ohhhh!
    - And he spilled coffee.
    - (all) Ohh.
    - Oh no!
    - Oh no
    - Stiff suspension probs.
    - Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait you gotta pull over.
    (all laugh)
    - So here we are in the back streets of Mexico
    - Don's first time driving stick.
    - My first time driving stick.
    And I'm gonna try 0 to 60 in our newly lowered E-30 to see if
    - Hold on, I got the stopwatch. Hold on
    - I don't know what this car can handle so I'm saying to pay
    (gears shift)
    - Flying red bull
    - Come on you've got 13:09 to beat that's 50. Almost there!
    - 60!
    - Ohhh that was 11.7 so
    - Lets go.
    - So Don ,are you installing the new clutch
    - That didn't happen I don't know what you're talking about
    - Alright, so we've got the wheels, tires, suspension on the car. We've got it lowered. We'll have these nice and sleek Black Label fog lights that will fit flush mounted right on the covers. So you won't even see them much but they will be super bright. Do you know anything about wiring?
    - No.
    - (beep)
    (rap music)
    (rap music continues)
    - Mmm Mmmm. Oh so sick. Alright so we've got the fog lights all in uh we are just finishing up cleaning up the wiring harness in the engine bay right now.
    - So we are here and we are going to be looking at the BMW's new fog lights. That Cory apparently says was done correctly but we are gonna find out.
    - Woooohooo
    - How did you get it? Those are (beep)
    - So how hard was it?
    - Um it wasn't bad because it came with like the pre wired lube and all that
    - Okay
    - So really the hard part was just cuz the battery is in the trunk. So I had to do a wire extension and then
    - So did Steve stayed all night while you were doing this?
    - Yeah
    - Did he like you after this?
    - Not much So if you'd like come check out where the switch is
    (heavy banging)
    - Oh that's cool Its like That is like just that is 2022 written all over it. I'm living in 2018 right now.
    - (Laughs)
    - You've got 007 action right now.
    Ashton and I are about to shoot missiles out of this thing
    (imitates missile)
    - (laughs)
    - Why am I?
    - I don't know I figured they should go in there I don't know why though
    - I think you did a good job. And I think I think I believe
    - Did you guys hear this
    - Yay!
    - This is awesome
    - No I think it looks good.
    I think you did a really good job and I actually really like the style of the black label lighting like housing is really aggressive and industrial and stuff so. I think with the way the viewers are seeing this
    (loud drill) I think in regards to like what the viewers wanted I think you are actually getting somewhere with this I think they are gonna like it
    - Its not unfunctional, which is what they were mad about
    - And it drives
    - It drives
    - And it turns
    - It turns
    - Its got lights.
    - It makes U turns too
    - The real question is what are we doing next?
    - Well That's actually up to the viewers, um immediately next, immediately next excuse me Gelz
    - So heres, heres the thing right I had 0% faith in Cory on this episode. We need to get new wheels, but unfortunately Costmas only has a 4 by 100 bolt pattern and we know you guys wouldn't like it if we ran adapters. So we are gonna see if they can kinda help us out a little bit but in the mean time we are gonna be running these style 5s
    - Beaut
    - Because if you've ever seen the meme of Lil Xan and whatever Cyrus girls name is Noah or whatever it is style 5s E30 Noah Cyrus Lil Xan
    - Oh God please don't do that
    - Lil Xan Noah cyrus
    - We have a couple questions for y'all.
    Wasn't kidding about it being viewers choice next week So interior, do you want like battle stance roll cage or do you want super luxury? For the, oh that's watch. I thought you were interjecting for the body, would you like wide body or stock panels uh for the steering wheel would you like leather or would you like wood grain and finally would you like 16s or 17s?
    - 16s uh if you really appreciate everything that I have done for you guys please vote 16s. That's the only time I'm gonna pull that one So if you guys want to keep it easy just put number it 1,2,3, and 4 what your guys votes are for what we are gonna do next to the cars otherwise I think Cory is on the right path, I think in time I think we'll be okay
    - I hope.
    - Hopefully we can avoid another drama filled Monday meeting. I'm Alex from Fitment Industries. Cory take it away
    - I'm Cory from Fitment Industries, don't forget to subscribe. Uh if you need Fitment wheels
    (beep) I suck at this! Alright, I'm Cory from Fitment Industries
    - And I'm Alex from Fitment Industries and if you need Wheels, tires, suspension, air lift, accuwear wheels tires anything in between car care, gear all of that sort of good stuff head up to Fitmentindustries.com I'm just gonna finish up for Cory because the poor old squirt probably won't make it through the out trail. he usually gets pretty awkward. We will see you later (girl laughs) Peace.