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Behind The Shoot: Mega ESR Unboxing and New Tees

Fitment Industries Author | | March 20th, 2018 |

  • - Oh, hey guys.
    So glad you caught us out here in the showcase. We are unboxing the rest of the ESR wheels for our wheel wall, so if you guys haven't noticed, we have a wheel wall that goes all the way up there. We decided that we're not going to go any higher because you just can't see the wheels anymore, but fortunately for us, ESR sent us 15 wheel samples, which means we're putting 15 wheels on this wall, or so help me God, I'm going to quit tonight. So we're going to get these things unboxed. We're going to get them mounted up and ready to go. They're going right below the Cosmis and the Concept 1s and then we're going to put some up front. We're going to put some in the meeting room and eventually just take over this entire showroom with car stuff. So, sorry Custom Offsets, but it's just how she goes. So let's do this. Which definitely looks way more, Oh, dang, okay.
    - [Andrew] Oh there it is. Yeah So that's the SR11
    - Nice.
    - A hyper-silver, 18x10.5, 15 offset, 5x114.3. So this actually has, it's pretty interesting, is like a deep two inch, or so, cut in for the bolts, or lug nuts, I'm sorry, which is pretty interesting, but it's the double six-spoke, it's that iconic RPF1 look, there for you. So, pretty neat. I got to open up the other 14. And something, too, that you may not know is that ESR is a relatively new company, so a lot of their designs are, you know, it's no shy that they do take inspiration from other wheels. Other things like that, rep company, non-rep company, we're not going to get into that, but for the most part, what's cool is that ESR is trying to dive into rotary forging so they came up with the RF1, the RF2 so you're going to see us talk about those in Wheel Talks and Wheel Reviews and then they're actually going to be sending us their first multi piece wheel, which they just unveiled earlier this year, we want to say, but less than four or five months. So, definitely going to take a look into that and see if ESR is starting to step up their game. Hopefully, they go into those original designs and try their own thing because that usually pans out better for companies as a whole, but a lot of companies started out by making other people's designs and then they slowly grew into their own, you know, company. So, hoping that that happens, but just wanted to let you guys know, that it's just one of the things that they're working on in 2018, which is pretty neat.
    - [Andrew] Gloss white.
    - So, this is the gloss white finish.
    - Nice, nice.
    - What is this? The SR, I can't even read it. SR03, Interesting.
    - Clean.
    - Not bad.
    - A little step lip action, dope.
    - Nice.
    yeah the step lip is nice.
    - Yeah, those are cool.
    - It's cool that they have the step lip as like a polished.
    - That's a good sized lip, too, look at that.
    - And then the color, you know, it's the simulated multi piece, yes, yeah, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know.
    - SR12?
    - SR12?
    - Right, is that it? 12?
    - Yep.
    - Nice, a little gun metal.
    - I think the most that I like about this it the the pulled out spokes, so you shouldn't see a lot of clearance issues if you're running a big rig kit on something like this, just because they bend out so well, they're not very flat which is super nice.
    - Nice.
    - This is the SR09, but it's very similar to powder coating I think they said, is where they put it in a vacuum chamber at a high pressure.
    - [Travis] Sup?
    - What's up, Travis?
    - How are you guys doing?
    - Good. And then they because of the magnets, magnets? No. Because of how the powder reacts with the material in the chamber, it gives it this, like, hyper gloss, almost metallic, finish, so definitely cool. Probably my favorite one so far.
    (heavy bass music)
    - [Andrew] I think the stability of this with two people on when it's this high
    - Oh, it's a little questionable
    - A little questionable.
    - [Coworker] Hey guys!
    (all yell and laugh)
    - That is insane.
    - [Andrew] Yeah, I'm scared, bring it down.
    - So, we've been working on some new lifestyle shirts. They just came in receiving so we're going to take our first look at them. Let's go check them out.
    - Here's one of them guys.
    - How do they look Kevin? This one's awesome, the new revolution tee. And then the back.
    - [Andrew] See the back.
    Nice, nice.
    - A little taggage on the inside.
    - Dope
    - Alright, check out the other ones.
    - Oh, we got the other one in, too?
    - We got a few more.
    (coworker talking about shirts)
    - Oh yeah, the new IND. Nice, Nice.
    Here we go. Is the inside of that one printed too for the tag part?
    - Yeah, this one's got the tag.
    - Show them this one too.
    - Oh. There we go.
    Yeah, its the line logo.
    - Nice little touch on the back.
    - The back is great.
    So that's three styles.
    - Yep.
    (heavy bass music)
    - This is the RF2 from ESR wheel, so this is another rotary forge wheel. So the RF1 and the RF2 are brand new rotary forge styles that they've dropped. So this is a hyper black, 18x10. Let's chop the box open, check it out. Opening brand new wheel boxes never gets old. It's like Christmas morning around here. So, right off the bat, for our 18x10 inch wheel, this this is pretty light so you can definitely tell that it's rotary forged. Once again, this is hyper black. Oh yeah, that's dope. You got a a beautiful finish on this one. Check her out. It's almost, kinda, a titanium finish to this one. So stay tuned for the Wheel Talk. We'll get you the scoop, the sizes, all that stuff, the information on it. Shout out to ESR wheels.