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Carbon Parts for the Company Cars

Fitment Industries Author | | May 4th, 2018 |

  • (Hip pop instrumental music)
    - Alright, what's up guys? My name's Charlie. You've probably seen my car in the Flipping Industry Channel before, it's the green Mini Cooper. We're currently rebuilding it. Just got this new intake in from ECS tuning. Let me pop this here box open. Alright, so I went with, I'm gonna butcher the pronunciation, but the Kohlefaser Luft-Technik intake, It's a full carbon intake, straight from ECS. The whole thing is carbon fiber. Really, really beautiful weave. They did an awesome job with this. As far as I know, we'll be, I think one of the first ones in the U.S. to have this on their car. So shout out to ECS for making this killer product. They did an absolute insane job. Like I said, it is a full carbon intake. I think this thing only weighs, honestly, three to four pounds, with the cone filter in it right now. So...
    - [Camera Operator] What kind of horsepower did they say?
    - Um, it increases torque by six foot pounds and then it increases horsepower by four horsepower at the wheel, and that was done testing on a stock N14 motor, so I'm really interested to see how it does on mine. I should have a little bit of fun.
    - [Camera Operator] I guess you could hear the turbo in the intake.
    - You'll hear it suck in like a vacuum.
    I'm pretty excited to run it. Shout out to ECS for this awesome product.
    (Hip pop music playing)
    - So, we decided to put in a barbed wire fence. As of late, it seems like we've had a few more haters, as they would say. So this is where we keep them. That's Erik. Erik say "hi!"
    - Let me out!
    - [Alex] And that's Cobb
    - [Camera Operator] What are you doin' time for, bro?
    - [Eric] Uh, you know, just a lot of hard stuff, man, like you know, just hanging out, like, I don't know, I'm just a real criminal. And that's why they needed to put up this fence and, you know, I don't know.
    - [Camera Operator] That's legit.
    Can you climb it for the viewers and see what happens when you climb barbed wire fence?
    - [Eric] Well, I could.
    I can give her a whirl. I don't know if you guys really want me to do that. It would be a little reckless, but, um, my middle name's reckless.
    - You would be shocked at how much, barbed wire actually isn't that much more expensive than just putting in a fence, so we decided that if we're going to put a black fence in our black building, we're going to put some barbed wire fence around it, to make it look really cool.
    - [Camera Operator] Is it (mumbles)?
    - No, it's Qdoba!
    - [Camera Operator] Those look like chips.
    Yeah, yeah, I guess that's just as cool as Carcar.
    - It's actually too heavy for the handles, so we're actually going this way.
    - Yoga mats.
    - [Camera Operator] Yoga mats.
    We do yoga here too. We're fitness enthusiasts. And car enthusiasts in one. Chips!
    - Can't forget the chips!
    (hip pop music)
    - [Camera Operator] So many options.
    - Right. Seven gallons of sour cream.
    - [Camera Operator] Yep, we're going to need all that. Thirteen salsas
    - We got the pico, we got the hot, we got the mild, we got the corn, everything.
    - [Camera Operator] Everybody is pretty anxious to eat here, they're all lined up.
    - When we have food days around here it's like basically wild animals. A regular spoon would get it.
    - [Ben] Hey! Everybody file in.
    - [Camera Operator] Yeah, you tell 'em, Ben.
    - [Ben] Sean, get in here! What are you doing way back there?
    - Everybody circle around so you can hear him, all the way around, you won't lose your spot in line.
    - This is weird.
    - [Camera Operator] This is the guy who got us the food today.
    - I know everybody, and it's still like nerve-wracking, you know, like you're just staring at me, and it's just like, uh!
    - [Camera Operator] Anyway, we got the queso here, keep this a little cheesy, right? But no, okay. Alright, so, basically even I think I've known most of you before you even started working here, but overall over the last two years you guys have really helped me out a lot. Probably more than you guys even know, and it's not just even just like the car aspect, or getting things done on the car that need to be done, especially like last minute, especially Baker. I think with some of you I feel like I'm a burden, but that's just what I feel. I think even with Alex I think I like bug him everyday, like hey, wheels, sizes, I need this, I need that. But yeah, you guys always help me out. It's never been like a moment where I felt like "dude, get away, or stop bugging us." I've never been canceled or treated any different. I feel like I'm part of the family. So I think, just, you guys don't get recognized enough for the stuff you guys do even behind the scenes, so I figure I'd get you guys some food, treat you to something, 'cause I feel like I've been treated to a lot. So it's just like my respect back to you guys. So, thank you.
    - [Camera Operator] Thanks man!
    (car revving)
    (hip pop music)