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Driving Review - Toyo Proxes R888R

Fitment Industries Author | | June 6th, 2018 |

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    - Oh hey guys, what's going on? I'm Alex from Fitment Industries and today we're going to be talking about a tire that we did a tire review on. Our Tire Talk, the Toyo Proxes R888R. You all asked us to drive on them and let us know what we thought because you didn't just want to see it, you wanted to learn a little bit more about the tire. So, I have driven on these tires for about 150 miles and I wanted to give you guys my personal take on it so far and I thought the best way to do that would be just to shoot a video while we're driving around town. So, let's go. The Toyo Proxes R888R is a dragish style, street, road tire that is pretty much all about trying to be the best it could possibly be on the track yet also having street application and be able to handle inclement weather. So, for those that don't remember, the R888 was a very good tire, a lot of people liked them, but at least among the Porsche community and a few other communities stated that the lifespan of the tires was not that long. And on top of that, the actually capability of it driving in the rain was next to impossible. So, Toyo decided that they wanted to make their tires better which is a great thing because the R888R is definitely a higher end tire I would say, more expensive but a lot of that price just comes from the brand. To me I feel like there's a couple other tires that definitely fight for the title of expensive and useful and the Toyo Proxes one of those tires. So, I have driven it around some fun country roads, driven around on the highway, all that sort of stuff and I pretty much just used the tires so of course it hasn't been on anything like Road America or WIR or anything like that just yet.

    So if you're looking for like a high, high, high-end opinion on track purpose only, this isn't gonna be the video for you. This is more of if you have a car that you enjoy taking to the track but you also enjoy driving around on town, this video's for you. Good first, would be that it is a very good tire. It's an extremely sticky tire. So the R888R, they say has a heating cycle for maximum traction is between like 160, I believe and 220, to 220 degrees. And a lot of people think that in our tire review that wasn't hot enough for auto cross or anything like that. But I'll tell you what, when I'm driving around on the roads and I'm just going through town and I'm having fun with some friends and stuff like that, it does not lose traction. Now the tires that the car are on are on a modified 996 911 which is my car and I tend to drive more expeditely I'd say at lower speeds. So nothing really is gonna be too excessive but in terms of the getting up and going which is what I care about, it does an amazing job and it does handle the turns like absolutely nobody's business so it's a really great tire. And the second thing that I noticed about it in comparison to the R888 was they're really not that loud. The car is loud obviously, so you have to take that into consideration but when I was driving around on these R888R's, people were complaining about noise but there really isn't any, at least on my car. There's really no road noise, I would say the 315/25's that I had before these tires ultimately were more road noisy and had more, I'd say rebound than my 305/30's do. The sound and just the quality that you're getting has been really great for me, in my personal opinion and how I drive. And probably one of the final big points that I would make with these tires is they're just a good tire. They grip well, they're quiet, they're not noisy. They're not, you know, they're high priced but they're worth it and could you throw these on an autocross car on a warm day? I would say yes, yes you could. You could get these up to heat, you could get these sticky, you could get them to last. Should you? Maybe not. There are other options that I think offer more versatility than the R888 does. The R888 is definitely, you know they have that water channel to evacuate water to make it more of a daily stylish, you know sunny day only day tire. And I still just don't know if the R888R is there yet. I don't think that this tire will ever be that capable. I don't think that these are really meant to be other, anything other than what they look like which is a track-oriented, like R-compound higher end strong tire that just gets the job done.

    A couple things that I would say about it were other tires would probably beat it. So the R888R is an expensive tire and I don't know if I'm convinced that it's completely worth the price. It's a very good tire, but there are some things that kind of pose a little bit of a competition with it. The lifespan on the tires, just driving it for the short period of time I can't speak on how long it's going to last but I can tell you how long I think it's gonna last. And I don't think it's gonna be that long (laughs). They stick so well but because they stick so well they just, every single time I'm taking little pieces off the tire when I put the car back into the showroom. Its just not something that I foresee lasting too long. And because of the price, you know, you're kind of competing with the Michelin higher up wheels, you're kind of competing with the Toyo T1R's and stuff like that. And you know, it's definitely gonna, these other companies are definitely gonna give this tire a run for its money. The second thing, and this is something that I've noticed in just a lot of higher-end Toyo tires in general, is the sidewall is just a little bit, it seems just a little bit bulkier than other brand's tires. And I know that sounds like a really weird thing to say, again it's just my opinion but it's just kind of bulkier. You know, the sidewall definitely feels more like a 33 or a 34 even though that number doesn't exist, than it does a 30 and I know that sounds ridiculous, I hear you. It just doesn't seem like it's as thin as other 305/30's that I've seen and that I've ran in the past. But, it does a really good job at what it's supposed to do. It's a good tire, you know it's not as bad as I think I was expecting it to be. I was expecting it to be a very competitive, loud, obnoxious, rough tire that just never let up and just really stuck to the ground and that was all it was supposed to do so that's all it did. And it does all the good stuff without really any of that bad stuff. It's not that loud, it's really not that terrible to ride on, it's not that bad of a ride. You know, is it the best within it's class? I guess that depends on the purpose that you're using it for. So, this has been really great for me but because of the sidewall issue, you know some of my sidewalls getting eaten up a little bit just because of the measurements. Could you compete against something else? Maybe, definitely. So, don't forget to subscribe because we're trying to make cool concepts for you guys that you want to watch. So let us know what you want to see and check out www.fitmentindustries.com. We have wheels, tires, suspension, airlift. We've got all sorts of really really cool stuff so go out there, support us, let us know if you need help with making a purchase on wheels, tires. That's what we're here for, but I am Alex from Fitment Industries, we'll see you later. Peace.