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Everything YOU Need to Know About Airlift Suspension

Fitment Industries Author | | March 27th, 2018 |

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    - It's safe to say that bagging your car and putting it on air is probably one of the hottest mods you can do in 2018 right now. We're gonna go through Air Lift Performance kits, talk about 3P, V23H, and all the different components that you get inside a kit. Let's go check it out.
    - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, stop, hold on. Really, a 20 minute video? We just want to put a disclaimer out there that yes it is a 20 minute video, and this video is for the person that is considering buying an Air Lift kit. This is not for you guys that have been rocking air, you know everything, all about the kits. We want to make something a little more in depth to show the average consumer if you want to learn about Air Lift Performance kits for your vehicle. What comes in the kit, what to expect when you have a kit, and why you're paying so much for a kit. So watch the video, let us know what you guys think, and let's rock out those awesome comments. Thanks for watching, don't forget to subscribe. Let's check it out.

    All right, so now that we're inside, let's take a look at some of the kit components. We are gonna run through the management, some of the compressors, talk about the tanks, the wiring harnesses, essentially all the components you guys would use so. If you're new to air, not a problem, we're here to go through all that stuff with you, give you guys the low down. What we're looking at today is the Air Lift 3P management. This is actually for my vehicle. I'm gonna toss this on my Volkswagon Alltrack. Super excited, and I could not wait to actually open this stuff, so it's kind of a mini unboxing. We're gonna run through all the stuff, show you what's inside of it, but I already unboxed some of this stuff and looked at it cause I was like a three year old child on Christmas morning and could not wait when I got my air component. Let's take a look inside the 3P box here and see what we have going on. So first off, super cool packaging, the gloss back, gloss black, I can't talk. Super cool stuff So everything is all nestled nicely inside of here as you can see. Here's our controller. Pull out the actual management, ECU, and I think that's it for that piece there. Set that aside. So if we unbox the actual controller, now this is the newest model that they have. There is V2 and essentially there is three different air managements and controllers that you can get so this is 3P. 3P and 3H run off the same controller, we'll get into the details about that in just a minute. V2, Jared, one of our video guys here actually has V2 on his vehicle, so we'll run outside and take a look at V2, compared to this controller and then see what the two differences are. Let's go check it out. So we're inside Jared's bag G35 right now. We're gonna take a look at the controller for 3P and 3H compared to the autopilot V2 controller. So let's take a look at the two here. If we look at the 3P controller, one of the pros about this one is you're gonna have a full color display on this one. You're gonna have all you presets down the middle. This is all illuminated, more of kind of a iPod style, fits really great in your hand. Now if you look at the V2 controller, it's just a little bit different style. A little bit older technology. This one is more of the recent style controller that they offer for the kits. This ones a little bit older, but just as functional and still performs great. You're gonna be able to have eight different user presets, so four across the top, four across the bottom.

    Now one of the pros about the newer controller is that you're not gonna have to do as many hold two buttons down, hold one button down here, hold another one down to cycle through functions and things. It's a little bit easier just to navigate on this controller or because this ones a little bit older, and the screen's smaller. You kind of have to riffle through the functions a little bit differently. And opposed to the full color, this one is more of an older LCD screen here, so you can see, he has it kind of set to more of like an oranger kind of color. So you can kind of change the intensity and the brightness just a little bit on this one to tweak it for your style. So if you need it a little bit brighter or just a little bit different tint to kind of make sure that you can see that at night. The management for this one, the ECU and everything is just a little bit different. It's not quite the same as a newer updated model, but it's still gonna show you your tank pressure. You're gonna have all your different presets, different functions, essentially does everything that this guys gonna do. This is just gonna be a more recent version of it. So you can kind of see the size difference here. And the cool thing about this one is you can also run it horizontally if you need to. That's kind of the difference between the two controllers. All right, let's actually check out his setup in the back here. So he has the, just the standard end port tank from Air Lift Performance. This is the raw aluminum finish. He decided to do the wooden floor, and then back here he has one of the chrome compressors. So that's just one single standard 444C. And then over here, you can actually see the ECU so that is the V2 Autopilot Air Lift management right there. So you can see that ones a little bit different shape, little bit different looking from the one that you get with 3P and 3H. And I have a Samsung phone so just to give you a size reference here, just a little bit thicker. You have your little cord that's gonna plug into the back, of course.

    They make all sorts of cool, crazy mounts and stuff like that for this thing. But you're gonna be able to run all your presets on here. All the different options and things like that. And essentially we'll end up doing a secondary video once all this stuff is installed. We'll run through some of the features inside the controller, what the management can do, all that kind of stuff. But just for a quick unboxing to give you guys a ballpark of what that can do. One of the coolest things about 3P and 3H, which an advantage to getting above the V2 management is, what I'm gonna do here is open up the application and essentially these just connect via Bluetooth, so if you are running, whether you're running this off of your phone or the actual controller, these two sync to each other. So if you're at a car show and you wanna stunt on everybody, you can simply press the buttons down, all of your presets, all of your PSI for all four bags, of course, will show here on the screen, just the same as they would across the actual digital controller. So really cool technology, just simply Bluetooth, both of those are synced and they match, in unison, so you can use either one, which is extremely cool. So that's what the application looks like. Now they do make the application for Apple and they do make it for Android, so whatever your phone preference is, you guys can certainly run either one. So that is pretty neat. One thing that's really cool about all the Air Life components, they're extremely well built, really nice quality stuff. I mean, this controller literally feels just as nice as like an old school iPod, or like you're holding a phone.

    So really good quality stuff from these guys, you can expect. So now that we've kind of taken a look at that, what we'll do is we'll take a look at what's inside the actual box. So I decided to go with the 3/8ths air lines. Now there's two different options, you can do 3/8ths or you can do 1/4 inch. There is 1/2 inch line too, but primarily that's probably just for trucks and things like that. If you're running a sport compact car, you're gonna be running the 1/4 inch or the 3/8ths. So of course the 3/8ths is the bigger, so the inner diameter here is a little bit larger to allow for more airflow to go through the pipping then into the bags. Now what's a pro of that? Super cool that your car is actually gonna air up a lot quicker. A lot of the people that I talk to that had the 1/4 inch lines are like, ah man, I wish I would have upgraded to the 3/8ths. My car, it rises and it dumps a little bit slower. I wanted something that's gonna rise and lower a little bit quicker, so I decided to go with the bigger line. Cool thing about these kits, man, they're all plug and place, your gonna have all the toys, all the components, everything you need in here. So I don't want to rip this open yet till I go installing it, but we'll get you a close up on it. So it's got the screws, fuses, hardware, zip ties, everything you need, butt connectors, all that stuff is all inside the kit here. Here is my water drain for the tank. Then here's your main compressor harness here. Now the cool thing about the 3P kit, which we're looking at, this one you can always upgrade to the 3H, so a lot of people will go this route. Now some of the pros and cons, once again, V2 is the most inexpensive, 3P is gonna offer the better controller, it's gonna air up quicker, it's got a lot better ECU on it. Same with 3H, that's just adding the height sensors, we'll talk about those in just a minute. But the cool thing is that if you start with 3P and you do want to go to 3H and you want some of the additional features with the height sensors, all you have to do is just get a different wiring harness, plug it into this bad boy here, and then you're ready to rock and roll. So, super cool. And you got some stickers, of course, your installation instructions, all that kind of stuff.

    And they do actually get you a tubing cutter, so you can go ahead and cut your tubing, all that stuffs ready to rock and roll. So once again, the kits are made to be plug and play, the applications are for domestic cars, import cars, there's a ton of stuff. Whether you're looking on our website, or if you're trying to reference the Air Lift website too to see what they make, you will notice that certain makes an