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First Ever | 2016 Ford GT350 on RSR Forged R901s

Fitment Industries Author | | October 17th, 2018 |

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    What's goin' on guys? Gels from Fitment Industries. Today we've got a wheel matchup for you guys. Today we're gonna be looking at this 2016 Shelby GT 350. Now this is Kirk's. He's our operations manager here and he just installed these RSR's on this car. Now these are the RSR 901's in a brush titanium finish. He's running 20 by 10 plus 35 up front and 20 by 11 plus 50 in the rear. With these RSR 901's right now, they have two sizes. They have the 20 by 10 and they have the 20 by 11's and they only come in only those offsets. The 20 by 10's come in the 35 and the 20 by 11's come in a 50. And if you own one of these GT 350's or know of these, you know that they have these massive (bleep) fenders up front, so he had to add an 18 millimeter space up front to kind of pull that wheel out to get a more flush fitment. As far as tires go on here, he's running the Nitto NT05's. He's got 305-30's up front on the 20 by 10's and then 315-35's on the 20 by 11's in the back. And as you can see, the tire setup on this car fits it almost perfect.

    He's got a good amount of sidewall here. It's got a nice meaty look to it. It's not stretched at all. It's got a good flat sidewall look to it, really suits the car well. And the fact that this car is still on stock suspension, it really fills up that wheel well. It almost looks like it does have some kind of coil over or lowering spring in it, but this is the stock suspension that came on the car from factory. And it looks pretty good. He's got almost perfect flush setup in the front and then he's poking just a little bit in the rear. But yeah, overall a great look for this car. It really suits it well. It's got an aggressive look to it. And yeah if you're interested in seeing what other people are running for tighter setups on this size wheel, head on over to fitmentindustries.com and you can scroll through the hundreds of pictures that we have on there and see what people are running on this size wheel and as far as tires go as well, and pick what's right for you. But I'm Gels from Fitment Industries. Don't forget to subscribe and we'll see you later. Peace.