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First Look | ESM Wheels Unboxing

Fitment Industries Author | | October 16th, 2018 |

  • - What's going guys? Nope.
    I can not say that because, the last time I said that the comment section literally imploded on itself and every one was like who the (bleep) is this guy? That is not Alex from Fitment Industries, so what's going on guys? Gels from Fitment Industries coming at you today. And today we got some boxes to open. And you're probably already saying "This one's already open, and this one's already open." But I have not seen them yet; someone probably got happy when they came in and had to see them before I did, this is the first time I'm seeing 'em. We're gonna open 'em up today, and we have some ESM wheels here today to go over. So if you guys aren't familiar with ESM wheels, they're a fairly newer company. They started back in 2002. They started doing a lot of smaller wheels, like 16" diameter wheels, was like one of the first wheels that they did. And one of the first ones was the ESM-002R, which we have right in front of us. So I'm going to to ahead and open this one up. I don't need this, the one I have in my hand. Alright, so here we have the ESM-002R in a white finish, polish-lit. Like I said, these are cast wheels, single piece. This one's got a white face on it. This one here is a 15 by nine. And I believe we're at the smaller size, like the 15's that either come in a 15 by eight or a 15 by nine. Once you start getting up into the 17's, then you start seeing your nine and a half, 10 inch wheels, and stuff like that, but for the smaller wheels, eight and nine is about the weightiest that you're going to see with these. So, first look at these, It kind of reminds me of like a BBS style wheel, is kind of what they're going after here. So it's like a mesh, multi-spoke design. You've got your cover here. You got cover the lug nuts. Looks like a nice finish on it. You've got your gold hardware. I believe that there's multiple cars that these ones come in. I believe you can even get like a black and a silver and then you can get like different colored hardware as well I believe. But yeah, it looks like a pretty decent wheel. You can probably see a lot of these, a lot especially in the smaller sizes. Be run on like your older Euros and like older JDM cars, like your older Civic hatches and stuff like that. You probably see a lot of these. Alright, so next up we've got a ESM-004M. Now I believe this is a bigger wheel, yeah?
    (rustling of plastic) Sick, looks like kinda got the same styling going on on this one, so instead of white face we've got like a copper or goldish face on this wheel. Again, the multi-spoke mesh design. Looks like it's got a little bit of convex look to it, you know, the spokes are being pulled back a little bit, rather than like the concave, where the spokes fall in. Again, we see the lug cover here, so you get that nice hidden look again. So this is a 17 by 10. Looks like they've done a pretty good job on it. I'm lookin' kinda like in the corners her and everything. Yeah, it looks pretty clean. Black hardware on this one, like I said, depending on which color face you get depends on kind of the color hardware, so yeah these are all one-piece cast wheels, and I believe they are starting to do full-forge as well, or full-forming full-forge. And I believe that we have some of those in these boxes here. So we're going to go ahead and move on to those, because nobody has seen those yet. Those came right off the pallet, and they're not opened. I don't know where I should throw these. Alright, so first up we have this guy here, and this is a ESM-FF1. I'll give you a guess as to what the FF stands for in this one, and I guess most of you probably got it. It means full forge. So we're looking at a rotary forge full forge wheel here. And as you know that's what a lot of companies are trying to do right not, get in to the full forging.

    It's really popular; it's what people are looking for when they're going to buy a wheel, especially like a cast wheel or an entry-level wheel that's not gonna break the bank. Alright, we got a little cover on this one, I'm making a mess out here guys. (laughs) So this is the FF1, and like I said, this is a full-forge wheel. This is a little more of a modern day design I would say. Lookin at the ones that we just unboxed, it does kind of remind me of like a old school kind of a BBS look to 'em. This, looking at it, kind of looks, like I said, more of like a modern design, more of your flat face here, you got a concave look. So we got the exposed lugs rather than the covered like on the cast ones. This looks like a very sharp wheel. I actually kind of really like these. So yeah, this one is the FF1. This one here is a 18 by nine and a half. So like I said, we're going up in diameter size in the wheel; we're gonna start seeing a little bit of wider. I can see you running these on more of like modern cars versus the other ones that we just looked at. Um, yeah, overall, it looks like a really sharp wheel. I like that they're kind of stepping up the game a bit. They're getting into the full forging verus the cast. Yeah, let's go ahead and take a look at the other one here. I believe it is the same model, but it might be a different finish. So looking at the sticker her, yeup, we got a, this is an 18 by 11, so a little bit wider, but it is also uh FF1, just like this.

    Aight guys, how I like this one. It's probably my favorite one so far. Knock that out there.
    This my box cutter. I am such a klutz.
    You probably shouldn't let me handle wheels, honestly.
    Yeah, I can tell but this is my favorite one that I've seen so far actually. It is a matte copper, matte bronze finish, or a satin bronze finish. I don't know why I'm a sucker for this color. I think it looks good on pretty much any color vehicle you can go with, but again we're looking at the this is the FF1, we're looking at the same style here. This is an 11 wide versus a nine and a half. I think this is the only design that they have in their full forge series right now. I think they're startin' to just get into it. This I my actually first look at ESM wheels. So coming from the cast ones to this, I can definitely say that I don't think I would mind running a set of these on my car. I actually really like the design. I like the finished; I especially love the bronze here. I believe they come in a bronze, silver, and a black. I'm not sure about any other colors, but yeah, I really enjoy these. So yeah, that's my first look at some ESM wheels, probably some of your guys's first look at 'em too, especially probably the full-forge series. But overall I think they're a pretty decent wheel.

    I wouldn't mind picking up a set of the full-forge, keep an eye on them, see what they're coming out with in the near future. As far as the cast wheels, I think a lot of those would look good; like I said, older Euro cars, older JDM, or if you want to throw them on a newer car, go right ahead, it's your call. As far as price-wise goes, your regular one-piece cast, they're starting at the 15 inch size. They're starting at around $600, high 500's depending on what style and size you go with. But I know the 15s, we said around 600 and I think up to the 18s they end up around eight to nine hundred. As far as the full-forge ones here, I believe they start around 1099 or $1100. So if you're interested in picking up a set of ESM wheels, head on over to fitmentindustries.com. We have plenty of options to choose from. And again, don't forget to subscribe. We're almost at 100,000 subscribers, and that'd really help us out. And I'm Gels from Fitment Industries, not Alex, and we'll see you later. Peace.