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First Look EVER at ESR Multi-Piece Wheels

Fitment Industries Author | | June 19th, 2018 |

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    - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex, from Fitment Industries, and today we have a little bit of a different video for you, so, if you guys didn't know, we've been talking with ESR, trying to get our hands on some multi-piece wheels, because 2018 called, and now, everybody's doing multi-piece wheels, and yes, so I was like, "Hey, we're gonna give our shot at it". So, we asked ESR to send us a sample wheel, eventually, when they got around to making their multi-piece wheel. So, they did, they sent us one. And then, they sent us three more. So, we figured we would actually go through and unbox these. Now, I have no idea what's in these boxes, I don't know the models, I don't know the colors, I don't know anything like that. David, the sales manager over at ESR, actually just kind of hooked us up, to allow us to look at, probably for the first time that you guys are seeing it, ESR's multi-pieced wheel line. So I got my fancy scissors, and we're just gonna go right into it. So, we're gonna just... Oh dear. Just speed this bit up, OK? Ow! Scissors not towards you. So the first thing on the box is that, the box itself says that they're made in America, which is pretty neat. We got our good ol' fancy top. And this is the first one. Lemme just... That is awesome. And these are brand-new, by the way. Wow! Definitely not something I was gonna say I'm expecting from the ESR lineup. So this is the ES3 multi-piece, and just taking a look here, the finish is super nice. So, gold hardware, actual hardware, and then the paint finish, and we'll show some bevel there. Killer. Absolutely killer.

    So taking a look at this specific wheel, we are at a nine wide. And then, in terms of sizing, it is in 19. So 19 x 9, it looks like. So, this is the ES3, so we're gonna put this one down, and we're gonna open up another box here, to see what's going on. And the next one. Let's see if Corey can get it in 15 seconds or less, because I have no idea what's in 'em. Never underestimate the power of safety scissors. Ooh! That is very different. We're gonna move this off to the side, here. And this is the what? This is the ES2, in a really interesting face finish, too. So this is the ES2, looks like it is a some sort of semi-matte gold finish on the face. Super cool hardware, is the black hardware, so it's just a flat black hardware, which is pretty nice, it kind of gives it a little bit more tone. And then, of course, same cell design, like we talked about before, so it's not gonna have a lot of heavy concavity, it's got the step-lip, which is nice. For this wheel you have 3.5 inches of lip, which is pretty cool, this is a 10.5 wide by 19. So 19 x 10.5, so that's very cool. Then they shaved-- There goes my coffee. Alright, so we're on to the third wheel, I just spilled my coffee, so we had to take a small cut. The boxes are getting bigger, when you guys see the last one, you're gonna be like "Why, why is this so big?". Ooh! ooh! Ooooh!
    - [Speaker] Just look at his face.

    - This is a good-- No, sit back down. Alrighty. Let me...we're just gonna...
    (whistling) It's got an awesome color shift. An absolutely beautiful wheel. So, a little bit of concavity on this one, so we're gonna check the specs. Probably a little bit wider, I'm gonna guess. Nope, still 10.5. I'm assuming this is a 19-inch, so I'm gonna measure it here real quick. Yep, 19. So, definitely a beautiful wheel. So, 19 x 10.5, probably my favorite. This is the ES11. So then, just so you guys know too, we'll put videos out for each specific wheel, so you guys can get a little bit more details on how much it costs and all that sort of good stuff. But, for now, I'm just gonna put this one by my desk. And then, finally, we have the last wheel. Oh God. This is the last one that they sent us, so, again, guys at ESR, thank you so much. We'll be doing individual videos on all of these. And, of course, if you guys are watching this and you're like, "You know what? "I'm making the jump, I'm gonna try it." ESR is selling their multi-piece wheels anywhere from, like, 875, 900, even 800 dollars, per wheel, which means you can get a set for, probably, about as low as, like, $3,200? Which, when you go on to the multi-piece wheel market, it's not that bad at all. OK, so I take it back, this is my favorite one, and this is something that I think David sent specifically because of our conversation that we had, where we were talking about inlays and things like that. No, you gotta cover your eyes. This--
    - [Speaker] Oh-hoo!
    - Is probably my favorite one, and I have to leave it on, so you guys can just see how it came packaged.
    - [Speaker] Oh! They do that?
    - This is the final wheel.
    - [Speaker] Holy shit.
    - Sent to us from ESR.
    This is insane! This is awesome, this is so, holy (beep)! In terms of ESR pulling, like, magic tricks out of the hat, this one takes the cake. So, this is a two-toned candy black with a candy red polish blend paint, you've got the outer lip with the carbon fiber inlay, which is awesome, it's probably, like, what I would do, which is why I like it so much! And then you have the candy apple inner barrel. This looks awesome. So this is one of their flagship models, I would say, so it's a twist spokes, anything with a T abbreviation at the end of the ESR ES wheel on, is gonna have a directional twist to it.

    This, however, is super cool. So this is a 12 wide, 12.5 wide. I'm not taking these off just yet, so it's a 12 or 12.5 wide, and then we're probably looking at a 19 again. Yep, 19 inch. So this, is probably, one of the biggest things we wanted to show you for the ESR wheel line, we have like half the team in here right now, because we talked about it before, we've talked about it in the past, we talked about it in our five things video, we've talked about, pretty much since we really started, was that, a lot of companies are jumping into the multi-piece wheel game, because of, just the amount of customization that you can have.

    Now, there are a lot of companies that used to kind of be frowned upon, in terms of making wheels, because of their designs or because of how they started, and their price point and things like that. So, this is ESR's answer to all those people that were questioning the brand. So we're gonna see how they hold up, how they do, everything like that. We'll put a bunch more videos out with detailed information on each one of these wheels, but if you guys are interested in learning more about 'em, definitely check out our website, and on top of that, if you're interested in getting a quote for one of these, just shoot us an e-mail, you can actually do that at wheels@fitmentindustries, or you can just jump on our website and send us your car information, we're happy to help you out. I'm Alex, from Fitment Industries, We hope you guys enjoyed this really impromptu, kind of weird video, that has no direction or style, because I was just way too excited. I was like a kid at a candy shop, just really wanted to open up these boxes. But, be sure to subscribe as well, we're trying to hit 50,000. I'm Alex, we'll see you later. Peace.
    (clapping and cheering)
    (hip hop music)