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Fitting 12.5" on Infiniti G35?! | Employee Fitment

Fitment Industries Author | | August 7th, 2018 |

  • - How's it goin' guys? You may have noticed that I'm not Alex and holy (beep) dudes, I suck, but I'm Jarrod with Fitment Industries and I'm here to tell you guys about how I made 12 1/2 wide Concept One Forged wheels fit on my bagged Infinity G35. So how I and how Fitment Industries kind of started hearing about Concept One was actually through Klutch Wheels. So Klutch Wheels back at SEMA 2017, we met up with them. They were the first ones to send us a bunch of samples of their wheels. They sent us over a dozen between Klutch and Concept One. Concept One is actually owned by Klutch. And so, between all the wheels they sent us, all the cast ones for both Klutch, Klutch Offroad, Concept One, and then the Concept One Forged three-piece wheel they sent us, as soon as I saw that wheel come out of the box, I fell in love. We've got pictures showing all the wheels they sent us. We did a bunch of videos. It was awesome!

    The three-piece wheel that Concept One sent us really screamed like luxury and clean. It was a super bad ass style and design, and the finish was exactly what I wanted too. It has like a brushed face with gold hardware and a gold center cap, and I just could totally see that wheel on my G35 and knew that I wanted to go with that. Now the specs I went with were kind of aggressive. Just based off of Fitment Industries gallery, what I'd seen on Instagram and some stuff talking to some guys, there wasn't much as far as the aggressive sizing that I wanted, so I kind of had to go out on a limb and kind of guess at the measurements I wanted to get as close as possible. I had run a 19 by 9.5 and 19 by 11, front and rear prior, so I kind of knew based on test footing that 11-wide that was on the rear on the front what I wanted to do for new specs with these Concept One wheels. I ended up going with a 19 by 11 in the front, zero offset, and then a 19 by 12.5 negative five in the rear. The reason for the 12.5 in the rear versus a 12 like I was originally gonna go with was that extra 1/2 inch would give me more of the concavity that I wanted. A lot of guys would go with either a left wheel or a concave wheel, and with this style, I really felt that it already had a decent sized lip on it, and I wanted to go more concave as it's a car, car wheel, car styling and design. So I opted for the more concave look, so I ran a 12.5. Now, test footing those was awesome, they looked super sexy, but they were pretty riot in the rear. Running a 12.5-negative five in the rear of a car, even though the G35s do have pretty wide bodies that you can fit some pretty big wheels under. A 12.5 is still pretty aggressive so I actually had to roll my fenders flat and then pull them a decent amount too to get these wheels to sit fender to lip how I wanted them to. And then I also had to run some Voodoo13 camber arms in the rear, and those got me the adjustability that I needed to sit fender to lip in the rear. After about a month and a half of messing around and trying to get it dialed and in perfect, it's finally sitting exactly how I want it to front and rear. Front is still stocked.

    There's no camber arms or anything like that in the front. There's no camber adjustment on my stock air ride system, so the front is just as it is, and they fit perfect, and then the rears, I had to do the adjustments with the camber to get 'em to sit exactly as I wanted. So that took a little bit to dial in and get perfect, but now it's exactly what I wanted, exactly what I was envisioning, so I'm glad I went with the more aggressive specs just because of the fact that I have something that's a little edgy, it's not on the safe side. I wanted something that was aggressive that you can tell looks aggressive when you see the car. I'm probably sitting at about negative eight degrees of camber all around then to get it to sit exactly how I want. So now for tire size, I ran with a 245-35 in the front on my 19 by 11s, and then in the rear, I ran a 275-35 on my 19 by 12.5s.

    I actually went through three sets of tires before I finally got some to seat on the rears fitting a 12.5 wide wanting to run some super stretchy tires to sit fender to lip. It was not fun. I went through two sets of 265-30s and neither of them stretched the amount I needed to to get 'em to actually seat, so I had to bump up a size. I went to a 275-35 then. Part of it was just getting it done on time to go to one of the local shows and having tires to make it there. I probably could have gone with a slightly smaller size if I'd wanted to, but a 275-35 is what they had nearest where I got my tires mounted, so I ran with that. So 245-35 in the front, 275-35 in the rear. It is pretty stretched, but it's exactly what I needed to sit fender to lip. I'm super happy with it, and obviously this car is on air ride too, and all of this you can conveniently pick up at FitmentIndustries.com which is where I work. Air ride, wheels, tires, Concept One Forged, CF-003SX. Peace! Oh, wait, is it still rolling? And I'm all strutting 6P/three-piece spiked lug nuts, so if you're interested, you can check those out on fitmentindustries.com as well. Ding!