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How Hard Is It To Make An Original Wheel?

Fitment Industries Author | | August 16th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries, and today we're gonna be talking to you about if it's still possible to make an original wheel. Now, I have already started my templates. Now, we did just have the two circles, and then, it didn't look the best, but here's the challenge, here's the thing that we're gonna do today. I have Corey and Jasper on their laptops and they're going to see if I am duplicating, copying, replicating somebody else and we're gonna see if it's actually still possible to make an original wheel, right? Is that the game plan?
    - [Jasper] I think that's the idea.
    - [Alex] Are you gonna be able to do your research fast enough?
    - Oh. Pft.
    - [Alex] 'Cause I'm, like, an expert artist.
    - I'm a wizard.
    - So here's the rules.
    Corey's gonna make sure that I keep every drawing under 60 seconds or less, and I am going to try my hand at creating an original wheel with nothing more than this black marker. Right?
    - [Jasper] Okay.
    - You ready?
    - Yeah, sure.
    - Are you sure?
    - Yeah.
    - You sure?
    - I think.
    - So, you guys might be wondering, "Why are we doing this?" Well, first off, it took us like three hours to actually get this entire thing set up. So, at this point, we're just gonna do it because we spent most of our day preparing for this. And, uh, yeah. I'm gonna do it. So, I'm gonna start off really simple, and if you don't get this one right, then you're just a noob. Alright.
    (mellow music)
    - Rohana.
    - Rohana RFX11.
    - Really?
    - [Corey] 3SDM 0.50--
    - All right, okay, okay, all right.
    - Good work.
    Wow, that really hurt.
    - 14 seconds.
    - Okay, all right.
    And right now, it's not looking good.
    - [Jasper] Yes!
    - Okay, just to make Corey better.
    - Come on.
    - Corey and intern.
    Okay, fine.
    - I've been here, for like--
    - Corey and Jasper.
    - [Corey] (snorts) That is just pathetic.
    - There you go.
    - [Jasper] Wow, that really hurts.
    - Why don't you go back to art class--
    - [Corey] The 'intern' still shows through the 'Jasper'.
    (everyone laughs)
    - You're still both.
    All right, all right, all right, all right.
    - I'm already started.
    - You're started.
    - Yeah--
    - You better start moving.
    (Alex laughs)
    - You're five seconds in to it.
    - [Alex] All right, fine.
    - 50 seconds left.
    - [Jasper] Oh my God, now you're at eight.
    That... Whoa. Uh-huh.
    (mellow music) Completely solid.
    - Mm-hmm.
    - SSR MK1.
    - Dang it! All right, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine.
    - [Corey] I'm glad you knew the name of it.
    - All right, so, now.
    Yeah, I threw that at your Mac. What of it? Let's do another one. All right, fine. Ready?
    - [Jasper] Um, sure.
    (mellow music)
    - Oh, the Vision Morgana.
    - Damn it, all right.
    This is gonna be difficult. All right, I'm gonna try and get this right 'cause this is gonna be tough.
    (mellow music)
    - The Arelli Assassyn.
    - So, this isn't going very well.
    - [Corey] How do you just have all these memorized?
    - This just isn't going as well as I want to. So, now we're gonna switch it up. So, I know Jasper does a lot of, like, Euro stuff. He's a big BMW guy. E36.
    - I do own a BMW.
    - And all that sort of stuff so let's mix it up. We're gonna go into--
    - Can you call yourself a BMW guy if you ruin the ultimate driving machine?
    - The ultimate stance machine.
    - It's not, though, right? It's, I mean, it isn't but that's okay. We're just gonna, we're gonna make our circle.
    (mellow music)
    - [Corey] Oh, a Dayton.
    - Nope.
    - [Jasper] Dayton Wire wheel?
    - Nope.
    - [Corey] A sad attempt at Mario's 3SDM wheels.
    - Nope.
    - [Jasper] Oh, IND-T.
    - Nope.
    - [Jasper] The LAS-R.
    - Nope.
    - [Corey] Bicycle wheel.
    - Nope.
    Huh, yeah? You can't tell 'cause I got a terrible drawing.
    - [Jasper] This is stupid.
    - I'll give you some help.
    It's rotary forged.
    - [Corey] Beyern.
    That, however you say that company.
    - [Jasper] Ooh, yeah!
    - [Corey] Beyern Multi Spoke is what it's called.
    - Nope.
    No, it's the TSW wheel. You got, like, 10 seconds left. 10, nine, eight, seven, six.
    - Oh, right here!
    - Five, four.
    - TSW...
    - Three.
    - It's just called a TSW!
    - Two.
    One. Boom, baby! And I got my first point!
    - Oh, no.
    - What up?
    - I have it right here!
    - It's your boy.
    It is your boy.
    - [Jasper] Okay, what's it called then?
    - I think it's the TSW Aristo or something like that.
    - [Jasper] The Luco.
    - Is that what it is?
    - That looks right.
    - The Luco? It's like a super heavy multi-spoke rotary forged TSW.
    - Take a gander at this one.
    - Yeah.
    - Okay.
    - I'm gonna make an original wheel, kay? This is a little bit-- This is, like, a little doughy so we're just gonna ignore the fact that it's a little wide.
    - [Jasper] It looks like a dumpling.
    - It looks like an onion, you know? You just do, like, a little... It's like a little baby. You're going to go...
    (mellow music) No, this is my own, original wheel.
    - [Corey] We have to find one that looks like it?
    - [Jasper] The 3SDM 0.07.
    - And we're gonna call it Alex.FI wheels.
    Just throw that plug in there.
    - The Cojones by DUB
    - Is it really?
    - Yeah.
    - What?
    - [Corey] Looks like a set of Forgiatos.
    - [Alex] Ha! It's not! See 'cause mine is only a five spoke.
    - [Corey] That's 'cause you didn't leave the room to draw the rest of the spokes.
    - I'll give it to you.
    All right, that's fine. All right, so, you ready? Bet you're not gonna get this one. We're gonna go here and then we're gonna go here. Then we're gonna go here and then we're gonna go here. Nobody has thought about this. It's revolutionary. If you're making a wheel brand--
    - [Jasper] Oh!
    - And you're thinking about stealing my designs, don't. Oo! (laughs) Alex.FI wheels. You guys got 20 seconds. See, here's the thing is that I could be a designer. I'm like the Foose guy. I'm assuming this is how he does it, right?
    - [Jasper] The Foose guy, right.
    Oh, of course, the Foose guy.
    - Do you know the Foose guy?
    - Yeah, Chip Foose?
    - You know, the guy whose last name is Foose?
    - Yeah, Chip Foose.
    - That's the guy.
    - [Jasper] Oh my God, I know these.
    It's a set of Work Emitz.
    - 10, nine, eight, seven, six.
    - [Jasper] Eight.
    - Five.
    - Nine.
    - Four.
    - You can't just make up your own timer.
    - Two.
    - Got it!
    - One.
    - The Parlay DUB.
    - [Alex] That's not even close! That's not even close!
    - Hold on.
    - [Alex] Look at this thing!
    - [Corey] The shock clock was running and a shooter's gotta shoot.
    - This is the per-- This is number-- I'm gonna say this is number one. This is the number one wheel that's gonna come out of Alex.FI Wheels. This is number two.
    - [Corey] You just keep promoting your own Instagram.
    - Yeah.
    - [Corey] I just noticed that.
    (Alex laughs)
    - Boom! All right, so now that I have made two original wheels and I'm gonna start up my own wheel brand, we're gonna go into number three, which is gonna be... I'm gonna do these. Me and road are gonna get along. Mint. Let's do that. Then we're gonna go here. Boom. You got one minute. This.
    - [Corey] Oh, that's that old SSR wheel.
    - No, it's not.
    - Yeah, it is.
    - No, it's not.
    - Oh my God, it totally is.
    - No, it's not.
    - [Jasper] SSR Viennas.
    - Is that?
    - [Jasper] That is not.
    (Alex sighs)
    - [Jasper] Here.
    - I mean.
    Hmm, all right, fine. I did take a little bit of inspiration from the SSR. All right, so, I'm going to delve into the domestic market so then it's really only Corey and I know Corey's feeling really tired so I don't think he's gonna get this one. Oh, wait, you guys get a point, don't you? Let's see. I got this.
    - [Corey] American Racing.
    - [Jasper] Is it actually American Racing?
    - I don't even want to argue with you about that one. 'Cause you know which one I'm thinking about, don't you?
    (laughs) All right, fine.
    - [Corey] You're going with the classic Mustang (mumbles).
    - [Jasper] Oh my God, I found your other wheel.
    - Which one?
    - Yeah!
    (Corey and Jasper laugh)
    - It is American Racing (laughs).
    - Oh (laughs) no! Oo, I got one. I got one. We're gonna go here. Then we're gonna go here. Then we're gonna go.
    - [Corey] Actually, that is not a structurally sound wheel. That is not.
    - Boom!
    - Symmetrical.
    - [Jasper] That's what he's making right now.
    - [Corey] His spokes are going the same direction.
    - [Jasper] Yeah, that's...
    What direction is that?
    - You have--
    - That's a great point.
    They go, uh...
    - [Corey] You have one backwards.
    - Do I?
    - Yes.
    - [Jasper] And you have a few straight that are not even. What do you mean, "Do I?" Look right there!
    (Alex laughs)
    - [Corey] That's just a really bad wheel.
    - [Jasper] This is--
    - This is--
    - [Corey] You would not cast that.
    - This is revolutionary because you can't tell if it's directional or not.
    - [Jasper] I can tell.
    It's the wrong way.
    - Why? Which way does it go?
    - [Jasper] Give me that marker.
    No, give me that marker!
    - You can have...
    - Give, no, give me that marker.
    - [Corey] Found it! And it's not even original.
    - Okay.
    Right here. So, he wants the wheel to go in this direction, right? Right?
    - [Alex] Why are you...
    - So, move. <