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How To Actually Keep Your Car Wheels Clean

Fitment Industries Author | | July 24th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries and...
    - Oh I thought you were saying my name now, you got me confused, you said it last.
    - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries and this is...
    - (bleep) Claire.
    - Claire doesn't do this a whole lot.
    So you guys might be wondering is how do we keep our cars looking so fresh and clean and nice? And you might be saying in a sarcastic response, "You guys just don't drive them." And we don't drive them a whole lot but when we do drive them, they do get dirty and behind the scenes we're probably not the ones that are gonna be cerama coating our own cars and taking care of them like that. So, we have Claire. Claire is our detailer here at Fitment Industries and she is here to spread some knowledge, to learn some truths about how to actually keep your car wheels clean. So, Claire has not been on the camera a whole heck of a lot so cut her a break. But, she's gonna teach us a couple things on things that you should know about cars. And obviously we're trying to get to 100,000 subscribers so if you could just you know, hit that button that would be super, super cool. She doesn't like those cloths and we're gonna talk about it a little bit but let's just jump in to number one. So, the first thing that you're gonna want to know is if you have one of these is just, just don't. Just don't even-- Just put it down, lower and just drop it on the floor.
    - Light it on fire.
    - And just never, just don't alright. We're going to talk to you about dry microfibers and Claire's going to talk to you about why it's important.
    - Well, first of all when you get a microfiber it's going to come with a tag like this. Usually they're a little smaller but you're going to want to rip that off right away because believe it or not, those do scratch, they like to scratch, and they will scratch no matter what. So rip that off, throw it away, throw it on the floor, whatever you want to do. Second of all, dry microfibers not a good idea. Always put product on it first otherwise if you just take a dry microfiber and wipe it on your paint, it's going to scratch. Also, before you use a microfiber, double check it, open it, look on both sides, look really close cause one little tiny speck of anything that gets stuck in here will scratch the paint. Another rule of thumb is if you drop one of these on the floor like that one, never pick it up, well pick it up but never use it again. Light it on fire, whatever you need to do, just don't use it on your car.
    - So the second thing that you may not think about when you're actually cleaning your wheels is something that happens on wheels is your tires they get nice and brown and a lot of times what people do is they get tire shine and then they end up just putting tire shine on top of it and that won't actually fix the problem. Claire?
    - Okay, alright so the brown that you start to see on your tires is actually an antiozonant. Manufacturers put that on tires to prevent premature drying and stuff like that. And what that is is it's coming out, you start to see it. But there is a way to get rid of it. Just use simple dish soap, water and a brush that's a little tough, but not too tough. If you use a brush that's too tough it might scratch your tire, it might puncture it if you go a little too crazy with it. Just take some dish soap and water in a spray bottle, and a softer brush, not too soft, not too hard.
    - Like a tooth brush.
    - That might take a while, but you could try it.
    - Not a tooth brush.
    Alright, got it.
    - And spray the brush, spray the wheel, scrub it for a little while, make sure not to hit your wheel because you don't want to scratch that, and then just simply rinse it off and keep on as much as you need to and it should go away.
    - And the good news is after you get done taking that like layer of film off what you're going to have is pretty much a bare naked tire. What you can do with that is we have a matte tire finish that you can use after the fact and what that does is it actually just makes the tire look new. So, it's not gonna be a heavy, greasy shine, it's gonna be more like a restore matte tire finish. So, you can put that on afterwords and what that's gonna do is it's gonna make the tire look new again but it's also gonna give it almost like a small layer of protection from the sun to kind of keep it looking new for a good long while until obviously that oil and film for keeping the tires, you know, from dry rotting, till that comes out again. Because that's just a natural thing that happens with tires. So, the third thing that you're gonna want to take into consideration is that not all rags are created equal. So, back in the day, when I say back in the day I mean like last summer, we used just kind of whatever was clean at the time to clean our cars and then Claire came along as our detailer and I think she wanted to either start us on fire or the rags, we couldn't really tell.
    - Both.
    - She wanted to tell us a little bit about why this is just not a good idea to do. Claire?
    - Not at all, actually because those rags, people are gonna be grabbing them, they're gonna be wiping every part of the car with them including probably wheel wells, wheels, everything. What's gonna happen is they're gonna get dirty, they're gonna get nasty, they're gonna get full of crap, shavings, dirt and they can get stuck in those little microfibers. So, rags like that I take, I use them as my junk rags. I use them to wipe some, I don't know, like inside wheel wells, stuff like that. Then just throw it away. You're actually going to want to use for drying something like this. A lot of these towels are waffle weave towels, they soak up a lot of water, most of them are pretty big. I actually have a bigger one than this, too. And you're actually going to want to get it a little bit damp before you start using it because if you take a dry microfiber, and wipe it on a car, it's gonna scratch. And this will get wet, just keep ringing it out, soaking up more water. But before you use this, I actually take a leaf blower, air gun, anything and blow as much water as I can off the car without touching it to prevent scratching.
    - So the next thing you're gonna want to know when you're cleaning your wheels and tires is that shiny doesn't always equal best. And we have kind of a perfect example, the wheels are by no means clean, by really any regard at all, but we have to remember there's a lot of times companies just try to put as much greasy stuff, is the easiest way to put it, into their products so that you just assume that it works cause it's super shiny. Claire?
    - Don't do it.
    Again, don't do it. Shiny does not equal good. A lot of times shiny products actually dry out your tires or interior. There are a lot of products out there that a ton of people use--
    - Armor All.
    - Especially on their dashboards and stuff like that and over time that will crack them. Like Alex was mentioning before, find a tire shine that gives it a nice matte finish, maybe one that mentions something about not flinging the tire shine up onto your fender because that also looks gross. So look for a nice matte, satin ish type finish that doesn't look too crazy and is not too greasy.
    - And another thing that you're gonna want to remember is that if you're looking to get that shine look going, a lot of times what we recommend is obviously start with like a matte tire finish. Once you've cleaned your tires then you can put a matte tire finish on it to get that restore back and if you want to add gloss there's actually specific products meant to gloss your tires that goes with the rubber of your tire. So it just gets something that's basic and bland and generic cause it's likely not going to work. Same thing is gonna go with your wheels. If you're going to clean your wheels you're gonna want to make sure that you start off with clean wheels. Then once you make sure that everything is nice and dry, you're gonna want to add a protective layer. A lot of times there's a layer of wax that you can add on to it or even polish that you can do, and that's going to give you that look that you're going for. If you're looking for something straight out of the bottle that's going to work there are wheel waxes out there that even we supply that are gonna give you that look and are gonna have a protective layer on it, but at the same time, there's not gonna be anything really out there that's gonna provide you a layer of nice shine that is a full wax that is generic for everything. So just be sure that if you're gonna want to do it, if you're gonna want to restore your wheels, make them look nice and clean, just do it right the first time. It may include you buying a couple different products to get it done but it's gonna last a lot longer and it's gonna be a lot better. And the fifth and final thing that you're gonna want to know when you're doing things with your wheels and tires, or pretty much anything is that wiping it down to dry is not gonna be the way to go. There's actually other ways that you can do that that look a lot cooler than a rag. Claire?
    - Well, after I wash my wheels what I do is I just take this leaf blower, any leaf blower is gonna work, doesn't matter. And I sit and I blow the wheel off like that. And what that does is it gets most of the water off. Again, what I do after I do that is I take a very, very lightly damp microfiber and once I have most of the water blown off I go around the wheel before I put on any wax or anything like that and completely dry it off.
    - So those are five things that you're gonna want to know when you're cleaning your wheels and tires. These are just tips and tricks, this is just something that you're gonna want to think about before you go and just spray on a bunch of greasy wax onto your wheels an