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How To Properly Clean Your Wheels

Fitment Industries Author | | April 3rd, 2018 |

  • - Alright, guys, if there's one thing we can agree on, it's that nobody likes dirty wheels especially when you send hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your set-up. So here at Fitment Industries, we're gonna show you how to properly clean your wheels. Come check it out.
    So getting started, you're gonna wanna take your vehicle wash, your soup, and fill up that first bucket with soap and water.
    Alright, guys, so next up, you're gonna wanna take your garden hose, your pressure washer, whatever you have. Obviously a pressure washer works a little bit better. Then you're just gonna wanna rinse off the wheel. Alright, so you're gonna wanna take your wash mitt and take it over to the soapy bucket. Get it all nice and sudsy in there. Then head on over to the wheel and just start dabbing it and working that dirt off. You wanna be careful because you don't wanna scratch your wheels with the rocks or dirt that could be on them currently. You just wanna get that off nice and gently. So now you're just gonna wanna go ahead and rinse your wheel off. So after you go over it once, you're gonna wanna come over to your bucket with clean water. Go ahead and rinse that here. This just gets all that dirt and rocks and stuff like that off the wash mitt so it doesn't scratch your wheels again. Come back over to the soap. Go over that wheel one more time. This time we can actually scrub to get it nice and clean. So now you're just gonna wanna go ahead and rinse your wheel off. So the next step after you get your wheels cleaned up, you're gonna wanna move on, grab two microfibers and your carnauba wheel wax, of course.

    So you might be wondering how we got a carnauba wax into a spray form. Well, our lab guys did some pretty crazy that I'm not gonna pretend to know about. And they give us the best of both worlds with it being a polymer and a carnauba wax. Why? Because science. So after you get it all sprayed down, you're gonna want to come over here with your first microfiber and just get that. Work it along the whole wheel, work that solution in. So after you get that initial layer wiped off, you can go ahead and take your second microfiber and just clean up any other residue that's left on there in those tough little tight-to-reach spots. Just so you know, this product should be used only on clean painted wheel. However, you can use it to get off dust, fingerprints, or water residue. You also want to avoid using it in direct sunlight just for the best results. You can also get all of the products we're using in the video today in our website at fitmentindustries.com/carcare. You can check them all out on there. We got some cool kits we built for you. That's all for today, though, we'll see you next time.