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Lets Talk About: Wheel Trends

Fitment Industries Author | | August 21st, 2018 |

  • - We are looking at a line--
    - Pal.
    - Great, so I'll see you at six o'clock.
    - Six o'clock.
    - Watch how OxiClean unleashes the power of oxygen.
    - So, today we're bringing you something different. We're gonna be talking about different, just automotive things that you guys have been asking about. Now, we have brought you the 'This or That', where you got to ask us questions about which one things we preferred. But you guys have been asking more about, like the automotive wheel culture and just the things that lay behind the scenes. And one of, probably, the most common ones we get asked about is like, 'What sort of wheel trends
    - Wheels.
    - are happening right now?' So we have started a new series called, 'Let's Talk About'. And this is our first episode. We're gonna be talking about wheel trends. So, of course, I'm Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - I'm Andrew, hello hello.
    - And we're just gonna just jump right into it. I was gonna say 'delve', but we're not delving.
    - Yeah, we're gonna chat a little bit more. So we, actually, we enjoy the tangents on the 'This or That' series, so we decided to pick one topic where we can actually talk a little bit more about our own opinions on things and, you know, what's happening in the automotive scene scape.
    - Yeah, and there's a lot of stuff that is happening behind the scenes, if you guys didn't know. And we wanted to, kind of, bring that education to you so that you could, hopefully, know a little bit more about the wheels that you buy before you pick up a set, hopefully, at FitmentIndustries.com. But if not, at least you watched a cool video and you subscribed, which helps us out a lot.
    - Indeed.
    - So, we're gonna talk about a couple wheel trends. Now, the first thing that I think I notice, when we're talking about wheel trends, is just like, how popular rotary forged wheels are getting. Right?
    - [Andrew] Absolutely.
    - [Alex] Like, every single wheel company is offering rotary forged.
    - There's a lot of options.
    And, of course, if you guys go back, I did do a video on this where we covered that. Alex is gonna do another one where we go a little more in-depth. But, we started noticing that a lot, at SEMA, I think.
    - Yep.
    - Last year.
    There's a lot of companies that initially started off doing cast wheels, now they're doing flow formed options. So, flow formed, or flow forged, basically the same thing. But it's crazy how there's a lot of companies now, that are kind of coming out of the woodwork to jump on that technology.
    - Yeah, it's crazy to see though, too, because a lot of times, you would see, with rotary forging, very limited options for offsets. Really, the only company that was out there that offered a whole bunch of offsets, was TSW. And not everyone was always a fan of TSW's styling. It was always just a little bit different. Well, now Rohana's coming out with rotary forging. ESR's coming out with rotary forging. Konig got rotary forging, I mean, they're partnered with Aachen, so they've got a lot of tech that they're using now. But, like, not just rotary forging, but how comprehensive cast wheels have become, in terms of, like, wider wheels. Cause everything's wide. Now they have, like, lower offset cast wheels, too.
    - Yeah, and I think the cool thing with flow formed is, you'll notice this too, with some of the brands, a lot of them do start at 20 inch. So, if you don't need big wheels, there are a couple brands that do the smaller ones. So that's, like, where Konig, like you mentioned, they come into play, cause they start at 17 and 18 inch applications. So, you know, you don't have to get the big massive 20. You know, not a lot of people are gonna run those. But it's interesting how they're doing that. Cause even 3SDM, with the zero point five zero.
    - [Alex] Yep, yeah, the SF, yeah.
    - [Andrew] Yeah, so that one starts at 20 inch. So, interesting.
    - Another cool trend that we're seeing a lot of, in case you guys were wondering, is now, obviously, multi-piece wheel craze is huge right now. But, there are cast wheels now that are coming out in lower offset ranges. Probably, one of the biggest ones that we've seen recently, kinda taking the market by storm, would be Cosmis.
    - [Andrew] Yeah, absolutely.
    Yeah, and we first got to see a lot of the Cosmis wheels. I've seen a few of them, at some shows around here. And then when you saw 'em at their booth at SEMA, last year, it was just kinda like, whoa, like these guys are killing it. So, of course, kind of originated from the drift scene. And now, they actually do a lot of technology, into a lot of different measurements and things. And they're doing vehicle-specific offsets. Like, they do the one for the Focus RS, RS or ST. The Focus Fitment, Mustang Fitment, Scion, so FRS, BRZ-type stuff. So, they're doing the measurements, giving exact staggered fitment options, which makes it a lot easier. Cause, you know, years ago it was kinda like, the guessing game of offsets. And now, it's like, specific. This is what you need, front and back, staggered options. A ton of 'em available.
    - And, just in case you guys are wondering, how aggressive you can get. Now, if you haven't watched anything about offset, remember that the lower the number is, the further the wheel's gonna stick out of the fender. The higher the number, the further barrel, essentially gets sunk into the fender. The popular craze right now, are lower offset wheels. Meaning, the wheels stick out farther. They have a deep lip. Or they have heavy concavity. But, Cosmis is one of the few that actually offer a cast wheel. You can pick up, like an 18 by 11, with a plus five offset, which is actually huge, considering it's a one-piece cast wheel.
    - [Andrew] That's crazy.
    - [Alex] It gives you a huge lip.
    And it also gives you some concavity, at the same time. So that's pretty cool to see.
    - Cosmis definitely has their own look, you know, all the cool milling, in a bunch of finishes, which kind of segways into another point, of course, is custom finishes.
    - Yeah yeah.
    - Now, years ago, it was kinda like, you were the odd man out if you're doing custom powder coating. And, of course, now a lot of the wheel companies we deal with, they do custom powder coating in-house. So, whether that's something you can request when you purchase your order from us, we get it through them or through one of our sources. But the crazy colors are coming out of the woodwork, man.
    - And the crazy colors are coming back.
    Because one of the next trends that we're seeing, is the amount of customization options that people want with their wheels now. A time ago, it wasn't the case. You just didn't do that. Well, now it's all about the wheels. It's all about the fitment, for a lot of reasons. And that's going into the multi-piece wheel game. Now, what's interesting, is because there's been so much competition in the multi-piece wheel game, that all of a sudden, there's a lot of entry-level companies, not entry-level to be rude, but entry-level companies coming into the multi-piece wheel game. I think we're... I'm looking at one right here. And I know Conceptone is not too old, either, when it comes to the multi-piece wheels.
    - Yeah, Conceptone, and even Klutch Wheels. Klutch has three different designs. Once again, I hate to keep bringing up SEMA, but of course that's where they debut all the cool toys. And I was blown away. Cause I used to run Klutch KM20's and cast. And we roll up and see these Conceptone and these Klutch wheels. And I'm like, "Damn, these guys are crushing it." And ESR is absolutely massive, too. I mean, when we unbox these five different wheels, you know, we're like freaking out. Like, "What is this?" This is a cast company that was a little lower on the radar. And now these guys are doing their own CNCing. I mean, everything is all in-house, built-to-order, just absolutely beautiful wheels. So it's pretty impressive. And, I think another one, Radi8.
    - [Alex] Yep, Radi8's offering the multi-piece forged wheel. Which, in my opinion, I would almost say, every single one of their multi-piece wheels looks better than their cast alternative. They look absolutely insane.
    - Yep, I run Radi8 cast wheels on my car.
    And once they dropped the forge line, my draw dropped. Just absolutely insane. And those guys are pushing the envelope for really cool, contemporary designs. Like, they're not worried about doing a lot of stuff that's kind of replicated, or similar to old styles. They are absolutely just doing crazy stuff. The R8's HS9, I believe it is, really crazy looking pattern. I showed you that one a couple days ago. It's like, "What is that?" It's something that's totally new.
    - Which kinda goes into, like, another thing that we're seeing that's extremely common. You guys remember, probably almost a year ago now, we talked about what was going to be trending in 2018. And we talked about hot colors. We talked about multi-piece wheels. But you are going to see so many retro styles coming out of the woodwork that... Almost everything that you see right now. Rotiform is like, in my opinion, the king of trendy, retro wheels. Because every single thing that they're coming out with, right now, is an homage to older retro-style wheels. The turbofan stuff. Yep, all that old school Bbs motorsport-style wheels. I mean, you're gonna see that almost everywhere. Whether you're looking at something that's like the sporty multi-piece work-style or the turbofan retro-style, I don't think there's gonna be a whole lot else.
    - There's the new aero disc, that one's crazy. That's the one I showed you on the white Audi. It's really cool that they're taking a lot of the old school design elements, putting a little bit of a contemporary twist on it and kind of reintroducing that into the market