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Lets Talk About the Enkei PDC...

Fitment Industries Author | | October 29th, 2018 |

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    Ooh, all right, what's up you guys? It's Claire back again for Fitment Industries, and today we actually have an Enkei wheel for you. This is the PDC, and taking a first look at it, it is a little different than a lot of your typical wheels. It doesn't really have those curved spokes or anything like that, and this is actually a seven spoke, a split-seven spoke wheel. And also another little quirky thing about it is before the spoke actually splits off, they have these little diamonds cut out. All right, you guys this is a one piece wheel, obviously, and as far as what you're going to see it on, you're going to see it on a lot of different stuff. You can see it one Volkswagens, you can see it on GM cars, Euro cars, basically whatever anyone wants to throw on. As far as sizes go, you guys, this is going to come in a 16 by 7, a 17 by 7.5, and an 18 by 8. So your a little limited as far as sizes go, but your in luck because they are pretty popular sizes, so it looks like the kept that in mind.

    And for bolt patterns this actually comes in a 5 by 114.3 and that's it, so not a whole lot of those for you guys either today so this wheel as far as sizes and bolt patterns go, it's a little limited, but they do keep those popular sizes and that's a very popular bolt pattern. So a lot of you should be all set if you want to rock this wheel. And as far as colors go, again, this wheel is a little limited. It's going to be available in this gloss black and what they call hyper gray, which isn't a very dark gray, it's a very silvery gray. So keep that in mind if you're, again, looking at these wheels. And these wheels are very, very affordable. Enkei is a very good brand, and these wheels actually start at about $516 per set, so you can get a really good-looking, good-branded set of wheels for not a whole lot of money at all. All right you guys, so that's all we have for today. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button because we are getting really, really, really freakin' close to 100K, and we really want to hit that number. Also if you need wheels, tires, or suspension, you know what to do, hit the link www.fitmentindustries.com. Other than that, this is Claire from Fitment Industries, and we'll see you next time. Peace.