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Lets Talk About the Enkei RPF1

Fitment Industries Author | | October 15th, 2018 |

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    - Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries and today we're gonna be talking about one of the most iconic wheels out there in the market that you can still pick almost 20 years later. We're gonna be talking about the ENKEI RPF1. A lot of you guys have always asked us about our thoughts and how, what we think about the RPF1, what's it made out of, why is it the way that it is and we decided that we were gonna talk about it. Because this is probably the most common, highly sought after, super well justified, and probably one of the most likely wheels that you will see on a lot of different vehicles that involved, a lot of autocross or even HPD style events. Because the ENKEI RPF1 is just quite the wheel. So we're gonna go into a little bit of the styling and we're gonna talk to you a little bit about the history of the wheel and then we're just gonna kinda talk about what you can get it in, in terms of sizes and finishes and all that sorta good stuff. So, let's, let's talk about it. So the ENKEI RPF1 is actually a wheel design that's existed for a quite a long time. If you go out to ENKEI's website you can actually read a little bit more about the history of the RPF1, but one of the biggest things that you have to take away from this is that the wheel was designed over probably, I wanna say, around 20 years ago. And it was designed in cooperation with the Formula One racing team.

    You see the double six spoke style is something that is truly for function. Back in the day, that pretty much was how wheels were made and nowadays there's a lot of wheels that are made for aesthetic purposes. What's gonna look the sharpest, or sometimes, you know, what's just gonna be the lightest but maybe not the strongest. There's very few wheel companies out there to this day that still produce wheels that are meant to have a lot of function behind them and the RPF1 is one of those wheels. So the double six spoke style is actually to help with quite a few different things. The RPF1 is built to handle two major things. To handle both heat dispersion with your brakes and rotational mass issues. And what it allows, the double six spoke, what it allows it to do is maintain a super high structural integrity when it comes down to having a lot of pressure on this wheel. And over time the RPF1 has just kinda become an iconic wheel in terms of the fact that it does everything very well for a relatively low cost. The RPF1 is actually made out of what's called MAT Technology which is called Most Advanced Technology. And what that is is that ENKEI essentially goes into this wheel and they use different processes to help align the grain structure within the metal to increase the structural integrity of the wheel. What happens is is when you do that on top of just having a lighter wheel, since it aligns the molecular structure of the metal, you also just get a stronger metal, it's less porous, it's gonna help with just maintaining integrity over the long haul and it can actually take a beating fairly well. So, ENKEI has certain wheels in this line up that do feature MAT technology but what this also allows them to do is it allows them to make these wheels as an affordable price which is probably the next biggest and best thing about these wheels. It that they have such a great function to them, they also have a great form, but most importantly, they don't actually break the bank as heavily as you would think.

    Now the ENKEI RPF1 used to come in pretty much predominately smaller sizes. A lot of 15 to 16 inches, where you'd most commonly see the RPF1, but now you can actually see these all the way up to 19 inches wide, or I'm sorry, 19 inches in terms of diameter, which is ultimately a very big wheel. The RPF1 is one of those wheels. If you take a look at the actual design of it, which is actually pretty neat, you're gonna see a couple different features about the wheel that really stand out. The first thing that you have to remember is this is a one piece wheel, so you are gonna have a slight step lip which is pretty nice, just to give it a little bit more depth. This an 18 by nine and a half, which is why you're gonna see it just look a little bit bigger. Now on Miatas and things like that, most people are running a 15 or 16 inch wheel. You are gonna see that it has almost a flat face here, before it almost elevates for the rest of the face of the RPF1 and then it goes into the double six spoke, which is that iconic RPF1 design. It's something that a lot of people have duplicated in the past, however ENKEI nailed it on the first try and they've had the same design for almost two decades. Now this is a five bolt, but it also does come in a four bolt application. We'll actually list a couple of them for you, but you don't have to hear me name them all off. Likely, if you have any four or five bolt, there's probably an RPF1 out there in your size because they just are such a well produced wheel that they make them in pretty much any size you can possibly imagine. So in terms of testing, the RPF1 has what's called a Spec-E testing. So you have you JWL, you have your VI testing, you have all that sort of stuff, but you also have what's called Spec-E testing which is ENKEI's own form of testing on their wheels. And what that allows them to do is it allows them to be a little bit more abusive, a little bit more brash with their wheels to make sure that their wheels survive out on the road. So a lot of times they consider their testing 20% more intense than the actual necessary JWL testing. The RPF1 is one of those wheels that if you were to name off probably the top five most iconic, the RPF1 is in there and we've done videos on it where we've talked about that in the past. If you're looking for different widths, you're gonna see a lot of different sizes for the RPF1.

    Commonly you're gonna see a lot of the RPF1s come in anywhere from a six all the way up to a 10 wide, depending on the diameter of the wheel that you're looking for. In terms of offset, you'll likely see it fall in to be anywhere between 32 and 45 offset. So it's gonna clear probably the most popular ranges of different vehicle year, makes, and models that you could want. You're gonna see this on Miatas, S2000s, FR-Ss, BRZs, Evos, and everything between. You'll see it even on STIs, you'll see it on anything that could possibly go to a track and it's just a great wheel. So if you're looking to pick up a set of RPF1s, let us know, you can actually check out fitmentindustries.com/enkei check out the RPF1, see what fits your wheel. Otherwise, if you're at looking to have any questions answered, be sure to drop a comment below. Don't forget to subscribe. And then we're having a meet and greet at SEMA 2018, 4 PM on Tuesday, you'll be able to meet us out at the Acuwear booth at the, I don't even know where it is anymore, we'll drop a link below on where you can meet us, but I'm Alex from Fitment Industries, and we'll see you later. Peace.