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Lets Talk About the Enkei T6s

Fitment Industries Author | | October 22nd, 2018 |

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    - What's going on guys, Justin from Fitment Industries and today I have beside me the Enkei T6S. And we're gonna do a quick overview on this wheel and throw some information your way on what makes this wheel what it is. So, the Enkei T6S arrived to the market around 2014 and since then has exploded in popularity. The design and styling for this wheel actually came from a previous Enkei design, the Enkei Kojin. Ko-- Kojin, I'm not sure how to say it. I'm sure the comments will tell me below so I stop butchering that name, but that's where the design came home for this wheel, with the addition of the 6th spoke. And of course with other Enkei wheels, this wheel's manufacturing using Durville die casting and M.A.T. technology, which if you didn't know, stands for Most Advanced Technology. It's what Enkei prides themselves on when they're making wheels. Enkei believes that a high quality wheel requires 3 elements which is light weight, stiffness, and strength. And those processes that they do in manufacturing allow them to put those qualities into their wheels. So, this wheel was designed to cater to the JDM market and you will see a lot of people running these on their Civics and WRXs but overall will look good on any vehicle. I mean it's a clean 6 spoke design. It'll look good on a lot of different cars. As far as sizing goes for the T6S, you'll find them in a 17 and 18 inch diameter and widths ranging from 8 to 9 and a half inches, with a variety of different offsets and a bunch of different bolt patterns. We'll put all the bolt patterns down here because there's too many to list. As far as finishes go, you'll find them in the black as we have here, a silver, and a gold finish. As of right now, the gold only comes in the five by 100 bolt pattern, so those are the only ones that you'll see in the gold finish, are with the five by 100. So, overall with the T6S, you're getting a quality wheel that looks good, fits a multitude of vehicles, and is offered for a pretty decent price. You can get started with a set of Enkei T6S's for right around $730. So, if you're looking for new wheels for your car head on over to www.fitmentindustries.com. We have a bunch of wheels, tires, and suspensions for you to choose from and, if you're interested in the T6S specifically, we'll link it down below. Otherwise head on over to fitmentindustries.com/enkei. That's going to wrap it up for this look at the Enkei T6S. Don't forget to subscribe. I'm Justin for Fitment Industries and we'll see you later, peace.