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Meeting the Team | Fitment Industries

Fitment Industries Author | | October 31st, 2018 |

  • - Hi, I'm Alex, from Fitment Industries.
    I'm the director of marketing for Fitment Industries and Custom Offsets.
    - My name is Mario, and I am the creative marketing lead here at Fitment Industries.
    - My name is Eric, I do all the social media.
    - Cory, I am a graphic designer.
    - Greg, I'm a videographer for Fitment Industries.
    - My name is Steve, and I am a videographer at Fitment Industries.
    - Max, and I am a videographer for Fitment Industries.
    - Alex, AKA Gels, I'm a videographer for Fitment Industries.
    - My name is Claire.
    I am, my title is a brand ambassador.
    - My name is Dom.
    I am the operations lead at Fitment Industries.
    - Charlie, I am customer service.
    (gentle music)
    - So I got started at FI back in September of 2017. I was head hunted by the owner, Shawn. Back in the day I ran a car club called Wisconsin Car Enthusiast club. I still do it today, and he participated in a road rally event that I co-founded with another person that was a part of the club that we had made here in Wisconsin. He was in it, and then he reached out to me in June of 2017, telling me about Fitment Inc, which is what it was at the time, and to try and get me to come on board a few months later.
    - I got started at Fitment Industries way back last year. I used to work for Custom Offsets, and I did a lot of videography, and a little bit of graphics, photography for them. And then we wanted to kind of do the same thing for cars, so I called up the homie Alex. I was like yo, let's get this running. No, not like that (laughing). So yeah, we wanted to do the same thing we did for trucks for cars, so we kind of started doing that. We started doing a lot of wheel history. We started doing a lot of, kind of the same things that Custom Offsets used to do, and we slowly built a team, and that's where we're at now.
    - Well originally I worked at Custom Offsets. So, I did the shipping and receiving in the warehouse for Custom Offsets. And then, I did that for about a year and a half or so, and then I actually got the opportunity to work for Fitment maybe a month, month and a half ago. The opportunity just came up, and a lot of people were transferring over and getting different jobs, so at that time I thought it was a really good opportunity to speak up and kind of talk about what I wanted to do down the road.
    - I actually got started, I was sitting in my apartment, in college, one day, and I lived alone. So I was just sitting there, scrolling through Facebook and on our Sig Tau Alumni Facebook page, so Sig Tau represent. On our alumni page, there's one random old guy named Shawn Chartier who was like hey, I'm tossing around the idea of a summer intern, that's this year, and I was hoping that it would be a Sig Tau. Any of you guys interested? And I responded back, and I said, well I have absolutely no experience in what you're looking for. I'm going to school to become a cop, and you're looking for someone in the social media, photography, videography department. But I had this car club in Chicago, and it went pretty well.
    - My girlfriend actually, she sent me a message. She DM'd me about this opportunity. And I kind of thought it was weird that it was on Facebook, but I was like, it sounds very interesting. Why don't I apply, put my resume in, and I got contacted immediately, and then they talked about doing a full day interview, and that went amazingly, obviously. And then, yeah, now I have the job.
    - I got started with Fitment Industries this past summer. I started doing a lot of car videos and stuff after being, mostly, into photography for a lot of years. I always had a passion for video though, just didn't have the equipment. Upgraded the equipment to the equipment I needed, and started doing videos that I wanted to do, and then ended up getting a lead on a job here through a friend of mine. And didn't think I had what it took to make it, 'cause I figured I needed more time to get into my groove of things. I didn't think I would get the job, let's put it that way.
    - I was hired by Custom Offsets in 2017.
    (sarcastic stuttering) I was hired by Custom Offsets in the summer of 2017, and I saw Fitment Industries grow, saw the team grow, and really neat to see. But I always wanted to be part of Fitment, 'cause I don't really like trucks that much. They're cool, but I don't know. I'm not really feeling trucks. Cars are way better, they're way cooler. So then I talked with Mario, and I was like yo, I wanna be on the team, and he was like alright. See, and now I'm here.
    - It was actually, kind of a shot in the dark for me, actually. Doing videos and photography and stuff like that has always been a hobby of mine. I've always kind of done it on the side, never really done it for professionally. I saw an opening for a position for videographer at Fitment Industries, and I kind of thought about where I was at at that point a couple months ago. And I'm like, I think I'm ready to go for it. And that weekend was the Appleton Takeover, and I grabbed my camera and I'm like, I'm gonna put my most effort that I've ever put into anything into this video, and sent it off Monday. I literally shot it Saturday, edited it Sunday, sent it off Monday, and heard back from Alex later that week and now here we are, a month later.
    - I actually worked with Nick at Fox Valley Tint, back in the shop. I was doing detailing, I was learning tinting, clear bra, everything like that, and I actually just ended up talking like Cory and Dom one day. I always kind of wanted to be on FI, 'cause I do have a degree in marketing and everything like that. So, it just kind of happened. Brought it up, and got it going. So yeah.
    - I actually got started doing public relation stuff, initially when FI very first started. Then I ended up going away from it for a little bit. Then I came back to do all the digital marketing, and worked my way into the operations lead position.
    - Started with CO, and then came over when the whole team, kind of, started. And did all the, pretty much took over the customer service end of that side.
    (upbeat music)
    - So I drive a Porsche 2001 911 Turbo.
    - I drive an '06 Scion tC right now.
    It was my first car, I've had it for about four years. It's nothing too crazy. I plan on getting something. It's a secret right now, but I'm definitely picking something up in the spring. I'm gonna make it like a real build. I don't know, it's gonna be dope.
    - Drive a 2012 MazdaSpeed 3.
    Completely stock right now, but in the coming, not this year obviously but the next year. I'm the next year guy. I'm the fan boy and the next year, and the Sub WRX guy. Next year, hopefully, I'm looking to get maybe some three piece wheels and then maybe lowered a little bit.
    - A 1995 Chevy pickup, a v2500.
    It's red, it's two-wheel drive, it's sexy. And then I also have this piece of (beep) 2007, 2007 Shelby GT.
    - So I drive a 2008 Honda Civic.
    Stock everything for now, but I don't imagine that lasting too long.
    - Currently my driving situation is sad.
    Currently I drive a 2015 Honda Fit, it's a base model. It does have a six speed manual transmission, which makes it fun to drive, even though it's terribly slow. Not a fan of the speed.
    - I actually don't drive anything.
    I had a moped for a little bit, probably had three or four mopeds, but got pulled over. Yeah, that's the end of that story, so.
    - I drive a 2013 Scion FR-S, and then I also have a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse that I drive occasionally, when it's not broken.
    - I drive a 2016 Camaro SS.
    - I drive a 2015 Subaru WRX, fairly popular in the past six months.
    - I drive a 2008 bag Mini Cooper, and a '97 Caravan.
    (upbeat music)
    - A lot of what I do, I do here at work.
    So Custom Offsets and Fitment Industries probably take up a good chunk of my time. In my spare time, I guess, a lot of the stuff that we do here isn't really a job. It's more of a passion. It's a lifestyle, so a lot of the guys here, we hangout on the weekends. We do stuff on the weekends. We host meets here on the weekends. But I guess, I hang out with my wife and try to be a homeowner and try to be a normal person as much as I can be.
    - Outside of work I like to do a lot of the things that I do in work. So my profession would be videography. So when I'm not at work, I like to be shooting cars, music videos. I like playing video games. A lot of digital things, like photography, videography. Pretty much anything that I can edit, I'll do outside of work.
    - Outside of work I like to,
    (humorous stuttering) I like to cash in my Clout tokens is what I like to do. I like to go to the bank, and I like to blow all of my money on shoes, and. No, I don't do that all the (beep) time. Hello, mom I made it. Anyways. But no, in my free time though I do like to, I'll watch a lot of YouTube podcast video stuff. I love shoes obviously, clearly. So I look at sneakers, try to buy sneakers, try to sell them, try to trade them, and I play video games.
    - I like to fascinate about E30s, or fantasize about E30s. I like to piss off people on YouTube by destroying clean E30s.
    - I like to film passion projects.
    I like to travel. I like to play sports, and I like to rage. Obviously like any typical 25 year old.
    - Outside of work I do a lot of photography. I still do the car thing, do car videos and stuff, go to car shows and film those. As far as photography goes, I do a lot of photography with my own pets, with models. I like astrophotography, big into that. And if I'm not doing any of those things and not watching TV, video games, some GTA and some Red Dead Redemption.
    - Outside of work, I like to sleep a lot.
    I'm really tired all the time. Chill out rap videos for some really (beep) rappers.
    - I actually have quite a few hob