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Reacting To Mystery Rare Wheel (Sent By A Fan)

Fitment Industries Author | | April 4th, 2018 |

  • - We have strong--
    - Booom dude! Booooom! Dude.
    - Somebody get a picture.
    - Do you have a knife?
    - Yes.
    - Okay no, no, we don't need it right now.
    I'm just making sure. Just don't cut me. Hey guys, what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries
    - I didn't know I was gonna have a line.
    I'm Corey, also from Fitment Industries.
    - And this is probably the most awkward place Mario could have put us for this specific video.
    - Two males, one black couch.
    - But we are actually unwrapping a wheel that was sent to us by a customer. Now this wheel is actually from Japan, and I've actually never seen a wheel that's been shipped in a circular box. I didn't even know circular boxes
    - This is a custom wheel-shipping box.
    - How do I? Mmmm, my mom told me not to cut towards me. Okay so, I did this bit.
    - Wait, wait, first guess the color, even though you might have seen.
    - This is silver. I got it.
    - Alright.
    - It's such an interesting pack job.
    - Careful, okay, don't hurt yourself.
    - Care-- don't do it towards yourself.
    - But you can't do it towards the wheel, so it's one of those things where you have
    - Yeah, sacrifice yourself, this isn't our wheel.
    - No, no, no, I got it.
    I got it. So, this is a used wheel of some kind. So I'm assuming it's not going to be in perfect condition. But I have no idea what it is. So let's see if I can guess right away. Ooo...
    - Well it gives us a clue right on the face.
    - So this is Nismo.
    Rays, is that a Rays?
    - It is.
    - Is that real?
    - It is.
    - Five bolt? No four bolt.
    - Mhm.
    - This actually, this is cool because this indentation, these cuts actually, I haven't seen until clutch came out
    - Your knee is in the way.
    - Well, I'm sorry.
    - This one right here, we'll get a close-up.
    - I haven't seen those cuts since we actually did the clutch SLC2 and SLC3, have these big cuts. So it's kinda cool to see such an old wheel have that. I didn't think that that was an older thing. So we're gonna open up the back so that I can figure what the rest is. Let me just, I'm trying to get the back open. Okay, can I look at it? Am I allowed--
    - Yeah, I think that's all part of, Oh wait! Is this a one piece? Or a two piece? Or a three piece?
    - Dang. Um...
    Two? Is it actually? Okay.
    - Yes.
    - See the only reason I was wondering is because I couldn't see the weld right here, which is where the face mounts. You can't actually see any, like
    - So is the face attached to the front lip? No, huh. So I wonder what the point of that is?
    - I have no idea.
    - Huh.
    - It's looking a little old.
    So 1998 these were made. Is that 20 years old? Holy (bleep). So we actually, I remember when we did the wheel history on Rays, we actually talked about their, like, racing pedigree and history, and how they made wheels specifically for companies like Nismo and Nissan. So this must have been one of them at the time. 17 by nine. I was totally close. Plus, 38 offset. This one was made in December, December 9th, 1998.
    - That's really cool because since it was made by Rays Engineering, obviously high end company, there is a whole tag on the back. Straight from Japan, it has all of the information. It has the build date. Lot of cool information on here.
    - So, probably one of the neatest things about these kinds of wheels, especially ones that come from like Rays and Work and a lot of older companies, kinda the ones that almost carry themselves to a little bit of a higher pedigree than entry level brands, is they care immensely about, like, when it was made, how it was made, where it was made, what the testing was, JWL, VIA, all that sort of stuff. So you can actually see all of those markings on the inside of the spokes, which is really cool. I know my ARA-Z actually didn't even have, it wasn't a tag; it was actually a plate. But definitely a cool wheel. Definitely could use a little bit of love, but, I mean, that's half the fun of bringing wheels into the States. So if you guys didn't know, if you have never brought in wheels into the States, it's actually not that uncommon. A lot of people do this. There's a couple pretty predominant wheel companies that are on Facebook and Instagram and the websites and stuff, that specialize in bringing aftermarket old wheels into the United States. But, sometimes the quality is less than stellar. This, on the other hand, actually looks to be in really good shape, all things considering.
    So, you're gonna have some cracks and stuff here and there, that's just age, but if the overall wheel is there, it can be recovered. So it's cool to see a wheel that was made in '98, so just so you guys know, this was made 20 years ago, that has the Rays indented centerface, on a four bolt, which this design is coming back. So you'll actually see a lot of our wheel talks, with like, Concept One clutch, and a couple other brands, they're doing this again, but what I had thought was a new look actually isn't new at all. So I'm gonna get depressed again, because it seems like every wheel design has been already made, but it's cool to see that. It's cool to see the lip actually come in and then have about half an inch to an inch come out for this wheel. I think it will look killer on the 240. Center caps, if you guys didn't know, are probably the hardest thing to get a hold of when it comes to buying old wheels. If you buy old wheels without the center caps, good luck. Because finding old wheels with old center caps is extremely difficult. Usually that's actually, probably some of the more expensive parts of buying them. You can actually go buy refinished ones, and stuff like that, but if you can find old wheels with the original center cap, a lot of people will actually pay a ton more than they would with non-center capped old school wheels. So thank you so much for sending this to us, Roger. We definitely appreciate it. We're going to pack it back up, probably in something a little bit more secure, though.
    Definitely enjoyed unboxing this and taking a look at it. It's cool to kinda jump back into the past, two decades worth, that's pretty neat. If anybody else feels confident enough to send us old wheels to review, send em our way. Shoot us an email. You can send it to shop@fitmentindustries.com. Otherwise, you can message our Facebook page, and Corey, although he doesn't look like he could handle responsibilities, I promise he can. He will actually set up the whole thing with you guys, and get it all taken care of. But I'm Alex with Fitment Industries, and
    - I'm Corey
    - From--
    - Fitment Industries
    - And we will see you later
    - Tomorrow.
    - Peace.