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Reacting To Old Tuner Builds

Fitment Industries Author | | July 23rd, 2018 |

  • - Hey what's going on guys it's Andrew and I have Mister Alex with me today.
    - I don't even know why I'm here.
    - He doesn't know what's going on and we know everybody loves reaction videos right, so we're trying to be creative so I was digging around in my garage the other night-
    - This is gonna be weird.
    - And I found a little something something in this storage bin so it's not my old beanie baby collection, that's in a different box.
    - There's a lot of things that it could be.
    - So what we're gonna do is we're gonna unbox a little something something, I wanna show it to you guys and Imma take Alex into an adventure into the old school car scene so I need you to get in the mindset so picture music at the time 2002, 2003, 2004.
    - Would that be like Limp Bizkit?
    - 50 Cent, or Ja rule.
    - Ja rule?
    - Finding Nemo I think came out around that year, so this is the time, so, what's in the box? What do ya think's in the box?
    - What's in the box?! Alright I don't know, I'm assuming old magazines, I'm probably gonna assume some good old Polaroids, some good old photos, some pictures
    - Damn, this guys good.
    - Cuz they didn't have the book of faces back in the day, they didn't have Myspace back then but.
    - I pitched this idea to him a while back I shouldn't have told him, so.
    - Oh jeez.
    - What I have is my high school magazine collection, Imma show you here, so, at the time, before all the online stuff was hot, Super Street, import Tuner, Sport Compact Car, the three most popular magazines out at the time, so basically I would sit in math class and I would you know do the open your text book.
    - (Alex) Oh my gosh.
    - (Andrew) Put the magazine in there.
    - Oh my lord.
    Wow, first thing that you could possibly want in an early 2000's, good old R34 GTR ad on some Volt te 37s would be a good rich tires, that's awesome.
    - So times have changed and let me tell ya, so I remember when this was hot, so Bazooka came out with this subwoofer that was shaped like a nos bottle, it literally looks like a straight up nos bottle, except with a subwoofer in it.
    - That's awesome, the crazy thing is like, look there's like the front bumpers and all that stuff, some good old fashions.
    - For you old school Honda guys it was buddy club, street fighter one, street fighter two, the blitz front bumper, all of those old school bumpers, all that stuff is in here. Here's another good one, Andy's Auto Sport, all these super old ricey
    - This is all so bad.
    - Body kits, all this stuff was hot.
    - All so terrible.
    - It was hot.
    - Was it hot? Was this actually cool back in the day?
    - (Andrew) Yep.
    - (Alex) Accessorize.
    - Look at this.
    - Accessorize.
    - APC, American Products Company, was super hot, they were doing all the altezza lights, the body kits, all the arrow, if you flip through here, I know you're gonna see a bunch of ads for altezza lights cuz everybody had altezza lights.
    - Hey look that's my RX7 right there, look at that, how bout that, rotary rotation. See some of this stuff aint half bad, which, I don't know if that makes me a terrible you know, car guy or that's just how the scene is going but hey, Lexani was crushing it back in the game, look at those things, they're like little diamonds, these are terrible.
    - (Andrew) Yeah the Lexani crystals.
    - (Alex) That is disgusting.
    - I got a 2002 street glow brochure.
    - This is getting really fun, rolling arrow, Toyota Celica, boom, let's go to the next one. Super street, hot bodies, Toyota Spider Turbo, the car that just never really took off. That poor guy. And there's scandalous women on every single one of these.
    - That's the best part about the old magazines.
    - Oh I bet it was, I'm surprised none of these pages are sticky yet. Carbon fiber hoods starting at $395.
    - I remember thinking that was like a lot.
    Look at the photos of all those front bumpers.
    - That's disgusting.
    - All fiber glass, super crazy, fast and the furious, street glow ads were super hot, Ichiban, I remember that was a hot company if you guys remember that. More APC goodness.
    - Hey SSR was still making wheels though, look at that!
    - Yup.
    - Look at that real wheel game.
    This, I was surprised because all of these have hot, scandalous women and none of the pictures are sticky, I mean, it is what it is. In my spare time, oh my gosh.
    - If you guys remember this, JC Whitney, they were a super hot, remember JC Whitney?
    - Yeah.
    - I would just go through this, look.
    - They still have the website, I know that.
    - All the foam filters, DVD screens, all these like, super like rainbow racing suits.
    - These wheels are disgusting, everything about these wheels are terrible to look at. Um let's see, this I'm pretty sure, isn't a car magazine.
    - That's a muscle magazine.
    - We're just gonna put that out, Daddy Yankee, out there, making moves, Twista out here, also making the moves.
    - This is the era, this is the era.
    Motegi, got an old school Motegi ad.
    - Mercedes Benz C63 is it the M3 Killer?
    - Everything is 100% making a come back so it's funny when I talk to like the young kids, like oh this is in now like glow lights, big wings,
    - Have been in.
    - Body kits, like everything it was in, it went out, it's coming back in.
    - That's what's crazy because these cars here on this issue, let's see when was this issued out. September of 2001, okay so this was in September of 2001 with a riveted wide body kit, upgraded brakes, and a wing, and these are all things besides the vinyl, that you see on a lot of cars right now, besides like the side stickers which was super popular back in the day, and this is 2001, so this is 18 years old.
    - Integra, CRXs, the Celicas were out, S14s, almost anything Civic, Honda was so hot back then.
    - Back in the day that was the thing, oh Datsun, hello.
    - I feel like the V dub stuff then, I wasn't like as into it, I was like a huge Honda guy, and then here's this is what really makes the collection complete, is I have Hot wheels.
    - (Alex) Do you have pictures, oh you have pictures of your own stuff?
    - I have pictures from a car show in an old, it wasn't Honda import nights, I was called Tuner bash, at the McCormick center in Chicago, all super racey cars, like this is like probably 2004, 2003, somewhere in that era.
    - Wow.
    - My Wings west kitted, Civic.
    - Can we go through your awkward photos, Mario do you wanna grab that camera so that you can get like a close up of the pictures that we're about to pull out because I think it's gonna be awesome.
    - The pictures are the best part.
    - So moral of the story is, is that there's a lot of stuff making a come back and I think it's gonna be just about as cringey as us going through it right now. This actually doesn't look half bad, this was March of 2004, Nissan 350z.
    - 2004 Super Street calendar.
    - Can you handle it?
    - WRX, look at this, Celica, the old school Celica, what do we got a Supra.
    - Oh my god there's a sun fire with a, you cut something out here, you cut something out,
    - Integra.
    you wanted something, it was here.
    - I probably have a, I have a bulletin board of all my car
    - It was here, you wanted it.
    - Yep.
    This Integra, the Mcguire Integra, that thing was hot at the time. APR GT2, spoiler, terrible ugly body kit, I don't even know the wheels.
    - Yeah the body kits left.
    The body kits left but the arrow has stayed, I think, like even like when you look at this.
    - The funny thing though is, look at the wheel gap, like wheel gap sitting super low, it wasn't a thing, it was just like, you had the wheels, you had the tires, maybe you had some sport springs, but it wasn't like slamming on the ground and it wasn't bag everything like at all. It was more like hydraulics.
    - These are terrible.
    - I know I had some crazy ridiculous posters on the wall, like this one, this one was on my wall in my bedroom, 100% early 2000, that's 2000.
    - It has everything you want, carbon creations
    - B lax wheels, I think I've heard of those, yeah, B lax wheels, look he's got the bride seats in there.
    - Here all the old school-
    - Andrew is this you?
    - Body kits, that is me.
    That's me in an Import final.
    - Look at that guy, look at that man, just hanging out with the model.
    - (Andrew) Yep, just cruise right up for photos.
    - How did you, is that before bulk season, before Andrew man became-
    - I was a little thinner at the time so here if you wanna see my old Civic, so there's the Motegi wheels, 17 by sevens, I don't even know the offset, probably 45, they're super flat, 205 40 17s, there's the front bumper I had.
    - Oh no.
    - Crazy headlights, the graphics.
    - Is this it too?
    - That's it, yeah that's a better photo of it.
    - So this is the front quarter-
    - (Andrew) That's the first car that was-
    - In license plate, mesh bumper
    - (Andrew) Yep.
    - (Alex) Everything that you could possibly want. So I wonder if you put this on air, you put this on the ground, and then you painted the grill black, like that mesh, I bet it really wouldn't stick out that much. Like you go from the white to the black, and you lower it, and you're probably halfway where a lot of other kids would wanna be right now.
    - There's only one other guy in town that had white wheels and I remember Motegi's were hot, like I got em at like Fire stone, like a look alike tire place, and I did like custom order em.
    - Motegi used to be super popular.
    - Aluminum wings, they got dogs out here, old school caprese.
    - Remember kicker, how big kicker was in the automotive scene.
    - Kicker coms.
    - Kicker