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Reacting To RARE Wheel (Sent By a Fan) Ep. 2

Fitment Industries Author | | May 18th, 2018 |

  • - So we're sitting down like this?
    - Lord that's hot
    - Put your coffee down please.
    It's not even real coffee.
    - It's coffee
    - Cappuccino with six pumps of creamer is not cof
    - Five pumps
    - It's not coffee.
    - Vanilla coffee.
    - Hi guys it's Alex from Fitment Industries and
    - I'm Corey, hey.
    - Corey's gotten it better this time from
    - Fitment Industries
    - And today we're taking a look at another rare wheel that was sent to us from a fan and his name is, Mario what's his name?
    - [Mario] Corey?
    - Corey what's his name?
    - Casey
    - Casey
    - So thank you Casey for sending us this wheel. If anybody that's watching us is interested in sending us wheels to review and make a fool out of ourselves feel free to get in touch with our Facebook page and this guy will take care of ya. Anyway so just moving into it the first thing I wanted to say is we're trying to get to 50,000 subscribers so if you haven't hit subscribe yet please do and hit that little bell button. It's gonna help us get there. We're trying to make full content for you guys and this is how we're gonna start. But anyway what do I know about this wheel?
    - Uh you know nothing about it.
    - And what's my goal? What do I have to do?
    - Look at it.
    Learn things about it.
    - So the last time we got a wheel it was in a circular shipping box.
    - Yep, this one's square.
    - This is a normal box congratulations we're already a step ahead. Packing is unique. I always feel like shipping one wheel is very difficult sometimes.
    - It sure seems like it.
    - And we have, careful, Damn.
    - That's a pretty cool wheel.
    - So this is a Dino Fiorio Sports.
    - Yeah it is a Dino wheel by Fiorio Sports according to Casey.
    - It sounds like an Italian wheel.
    Is it Italian?
    - You would think.
    - But it's definitely not.
    Is it a welded two piece or three piece do we know?
    - I do not know.
    - I know.
    Just kidding I'm not sure if I know. But it does look like it's at least silicone sealed but doesn't look like it was weld sealed so that's pretty cool. It actually looks like a Ferrari F40 wheel that typical iconic five spoke with the rivets on the outside. Definitely cool gear. It definitely has been worked on though for sure. Because the lip is super nice. There's no way a lip would stay this nice that long.
    - How many other people do you think have this wheel?
    - I don't know was there like a few thousand sets made?
    - I have no idea.
    All I know is that Casey knows of three people who have this wheel.
    - So he's going from a five fatty spoke to another thinner five spoke for it. I bet you're gonna get confused as a Ferrari like ten times a month. So the reason I was talking about thinking that it was probably refinished at some point in its life is because I don't think wheels ever stay especially the lip ever stay this clean for that long. On top of that the hardware looks
    - Mint
    - Relatively mint.
    I'd be hard pressed to believe that this has been actually used much.
    - Or it is a brand new wheel.
    - I don't think it's a brand new wheel.
    Because if we turn it over we see the age. But it's cool it's made in Japan it says right here. There really is no other stamping on it. Is this like a plus 20? Plus 35?
    - I'm gonna say it's a plus 23.
    - Are you just saying that to say that?
    - Yeah
    - I'm gonna teach you some things here real quick. A lot of companies are going back to hidden lugnuts. The problem is that a lot of companies are getting super cheap on these pieces because it just saves them money. And now they're moving part is more money it's more mold it's all that sort of stuff. So they try to just make it as cheap as possible to save money. Well what ends up happening is it sounds like crap unless it's perfectly threaded. I know people that have had some issues with rotoform cover caps having issues. I've heard of people having other hidden 3STM had that issue a couple times. And if you don't keep this thread clean it's a mess. But for how ever old this wheel is, it came off really easily. So JWL 5 x 114.3?
    - Yeah.
    - You don't know anything.
    - I know a couple things about it.
    - What do you know about it?
    - I know that it's the only one that he's ever found in a 15 inch.
    - Okay and it's a 15 by what 7?
    - Yes
    - Are you just saying that again, we don't know?
    - Yes
    - Corey's been a great help so far.
    THat's actually really light. I mean obviously it's a small wheel but not bad at all. Oh here we go, it is a 5 x 114.3
    - Hmm
    - It's a 15 x 6.5 so you were completely wrong.
    - No I was .5 inches wrong.
    - And it's a plus 34 offset.
    So you were wrong again. Model number 4312315 boom, done. So that was actually really cool to see. So this is going on tuned MR2. It's a 15 x 6.5, It's 5 x 114.3, which is pretty interesting especially coming from Japan. Five bolts aren't that common in old school Japanese wheels. I don't know how old this wheel is specifically but it's definitely a cool wheel. The five spoke is like iconic. It's an iconic look. And it looks like it's been redone at least once or twice.
    - I'm confused with it.
    - What?
    - Like the whole Italian design thing, but it's from Japan. That's blowing my mind.
    - Well because Italian designers will partner with Japanese wheel companies. And they make designs with them. So I'm assuming
    - Italian sounding name.
    - I don't know if they took it from the F40 or something like that or something similar and was like yo let's make that.
    - But Japanese
    - But Japanese
    - And so they're like okay.
    What are we gonna make Japanese about it? And Dino said nothing. Nothing is gonna be Japanese about it.
    - 240 was basically the Japanese Ferrari.
    - Yeah not really.
    The 240 was the Japanese Ferrari of nothing. I don't think you can even compare the two.
    - Almost
    - The Datsun was like the ugly step brother of the Jaguar and Ferrari.
    - That doesn't have anything to do with Ferrari. Not really.
    - Oh so now you decide to start knowing things.
    - You're comparing a Datsun and a Ferrari but not a 240.
    - Yes.
    Argue in the comments on what you guys think. But I'm Alex from Fitment Industries. This is our next episode of Customer Wheel Review, Rare Wheel Review?
    - Rare Wheel Review.
    - If you guys are interested in sending in your rare wheels and you trust us to take a look at 'em and figure out some stuff about 'em and talk about 'em for a little bit. Let us know. I never know what comes out of these boxes. Corey does all the research. He was a huge help apparently in this episode. So as you can tell it's in safe hands. I'm Alex from Fitment Industries.
    - I'm Corey from Fitment Industries.
    - Got it, nice.
    And we will see you later. Peace