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Reviewing OUR Cars | From The Gallery Ep. 7

Fitment Industries Author | | August 26th, 2018 |

  • - Hey guys what's going on? It's Alex from Fitment Industries and today we have a new guest.
    - That's not me.
    - Just kidding. We are reviewing our own cars for another episode and today we have...
    - Myself. Brian.
    - Wow. Ah. Right. Okay.
    So we're reviewing our cars again because you guys wanted to know what we drive and we convinced Rainey and a few other guys to bring in their cars, so that we could try to rate them appropriately, but because this has turned into a self-proclaimed roast session, it's probably going to end up being a second. So we're gonna have a special guest for every single car.
    - Yeah. I'm Jasper...
    - Rainey are you ready?
    - From Fitment Industries..
    - Yeah
    - by the way.
    - I am ready.
    - What, who are you?
    - We're just gonna add that.
    - This is your last week, you're pretty much off.
    - Yep, this is my last week.
    - So we are going to start off with Rainey's car.
    - Yeah.
    - Rainey, you wanna go get it?
    - Yeah.
    - All right.
    - [Alex] Scrapes are bad.
    - [Unknown] Oh, baby.
    There we go! Oh, mama!
    - Like (clap) follow suit.
    That's what I'm talking about.
    - Alright, Rainey, give us the details on Big Bird here.
    - [Rainey] Alright, so Big Bird beastie extreme drops. 20K in the front, 18K in the rear. Not even halfway lowered on the spindles. Shortened spindles up front, full figs front, and then a full battle version of just the rear with breed over fenders, as you can tell, and then wed 19 by 10, negative 26 in the front and weds transported in the rear as well in 19 by 11, negative 41.
    - Jasper, you first.
    - I love this car. This thing is so pimpin'. Yeah,I mean it's pretty haggard, like it's pretty jankey but like it's really great.
    (laughter) so a big part is that he has perfectly fendered a lip on this side. And then if you come over to this side he has full fledged pockets. So that's a really nice touch.
    - [Alex] So you get the rollers from this side, you don't get the rollers from...
    - [Rainey] You can change it up.
    - I mean, if you want tuck, it just depends what you're feeling that day
    - [Rainey] Some people like to lift the lip.
    - He's got a nice missing quarter panel, him and I drove to work today and I just got to see this on 41 for about three hours, so that was nice.
    (laughter) But besides that, you know, it's a car.
    - I can't get over the fact that it says Seven Suns Garage on that side, but then it says 'Egarag Snus Neves'. I really like the car, I always thought it was interesting, so this car used to be on air and then you switched to the static, right?
    - Yep.
    - And you've been like, dedicated to this for a long time. I just love the body style. The wrap, you know, it's there.
    - [Unknown] You did it yourself.
    - [Rainey] That's all I can add to it.
    - But that's the good- like, everything that you've done, you have done, right? So this was like, if you don't know how, this was your test car to learn how to do it. I think the tail light's probably my favorite thing about this whole car, and the fact that you can't see
    (mumbles) inside it at all.
    - [Unknown] What's your tint?
    - My percent around, all the way round is-
    - You could fit so many scene points in this.
    - [Rainey] It's five percent all the way round with thirty five percent on the windshield.
    - That's awesome.
    - [Unknown] I'll also always appreciate that he has truck-sized wheels on a Lexus.
    - Yeah, those look nice.
    - [Unknown] It's like truck's back. Truth, for sure.
    - Alright, let's sit down.
    - [Unknown] Let's rate it.
    - One, two, three...seven.
    - Nine.
    - Four.
    - Did you say four?
    - You said nine?
    - I said nine.
    - Four, solid four.
    - Alright.
    - It's the fact that you did it though, I could assume that if people didn't know you, it would be difficult to understand. But if you've done everything yourself and people know the car, I think it's-
    - I also give you like a plus- it would probably be like an eight, but I gave you the plus point for the JDM front grill.
    - Thanks.
    - I gave him a plus point for the rattly bumper.
    - Yeah, that was nice.
    - That was good.
    Alright, we're moving on to car number two, which is who?
    - Kevin.
    - Kevin?
    - Kevin.
    - Kevin's gonna bring us in something that we really-
    - Is a car.
    - It's, yeah.
    - It's a car.
    - Let's get into it. Kevin, let's go.
    - Alright, so we have Kevin, he is our graphic designer for Fitment Industries and he drives a Honda Accord. So we're gonna see what that looks like, and let us know what you think. We have the Fedex man just coming in to check it out as well. Alright, so second up we have Kevin, Kevin who is our graphic designer for Fitment Industries,
    - Hola.
    - Kevin, what do you have for us?
    - [Kevin] This right here, in all of its glory, is gonna be a 2014 Accord Sport- Honda Accord Sport-
    - [Unknown] (mumbles)
    - [Kevin] It's modern, metallic paint, there's not a whole lot done to it, I just wanted to keep it pretty clean. I have Tein Street Advance coilovers, a lot of people give me crap, saying they're cheap but Tein is a great company. It has 20 inch wheels, which everybody said they're gonna look huge on the car, but I knew it's a bigger body vehicle, I knew I was gonna throw a lip kit on it to extend the body a little bit lower, and then after I put them on everybody's like "Oh yeah, they actually look Like 19." 20 by eight and a half, plus 35 in the front and the rear's a 20 by 10 plus 43.
    - [Unknown] Alright.
    - I went with the Toyo Extensa HP, just because I like the look of the tread. It was a little bit narrower of a tire compared to other 225s. The rear, I went one size smaller, so it's actually three sizes smaller than technically you should run for a tire. The front's only two sizes smaller, and that's a 20 by 10 plus 43. The lip kit is gonna be a Modulo kit, there's not really a lot for the 2013-2017 Accords. Personally I think this one's the best looking one. They all share the same side skirt, except the rear on my kit in the front is gonna be different than, I think it's called a Honda Performance kit for the HFP.
    - It came with four doors, four seats, it came with a steering wheel, it came with tail lights.
    - [Unknown] Oh my god.
    - [Alex] This thing came with some high performance bumpers.
    - [Kevin] I gotta talk it up.
    I could have bought Aftermarket tail lights, but I think Aftermarket tail lights look stupid.
    - Now that I know everything about this car, from the bird poop locations to how many buttons are on his steering wheel, I actually think it's a pretty good looking car. I think that they did a good job with the body lines and I think any newer car that is lowered just instantly looks better regardless. I like the RSR wheels, they just are super heavy. Like RSR 20 inch wheels, 20 by 10s, right, you said?
    - 20 by 10 and 20 by eight and a half.
    - Those are like 32, 34 pound wheels, aren't they?
    - I think the whole setup is only like-
    - Not all of us are, you know, the arms thing? Not all of us are like that.
    - There's a little belly on me, work it off.
    - And what did you say, for tires? You said Toyo Extensas? So these-
    - [Kevin] The Extensa HPs.
    - So decent tires, not bad. I like the look. I don't know, I guess really the only thing that I would say is that it'd be cool to see either more of a blacked out contrast look with the chrome, or if you added a pop of color somewhere on the car, because the gray and the black looks good, I just always like seeing a little bit more color with my cars.
    - [Unknown] This car looks great.
    It's like that luxury style and with an Accord, there's a lot of people who do Accords in that VIP style, which you're definitely getting into throwing 20s on there.
    - One, two, three...six.
    - Seven and a half.
    - Eight point seven five.
    - What?
    - You really wanted to give yourself a nine, but you wanted to be humble enough to give yourself an eight and three quarters.
    - No, exactly. I know it's a good car, and I like the look of it and it's clean.
    (laughter) And it- I don't know.
    - And it's got what? How many miles? How's the tread on the tires?
    - The tread's doing good, the front's a little iffy but the rear's-
    - How many owners? Does it come with a clean car fax?
    - Well, as long as you've got flats on the front...
    - As far as I know, it's a clean car.
    That's what they told me when it was Honda-certified.
    - Alright, we're moving on to the next car. So now we have none other than the CEO, Shawn, so we thought we would go to the polar opposite and we're gonna see what he decided to bring in. Alright, ten bucks says he revs it.
    - Keep going.
    - [Alex] I'll give you ten dollars says he revs it.
    - Really loud.
    - [Alex] I wonder why.
    - Really a lot of noise going on in this area, it's really, it's a lot of...hey, can you shut down the Volkswagen?
    (car revs)
    - Ten dollars, ten dollars.
    I said I bet you ten bucks he revs this car.
    - I'm glad to know the car turns on.
    - [Unknown] And revs.
    - So that's nice.
    - [Unknown] Jesus Christ.
    - [Unknown] Sticks his tongue right in it.
    - [Unknown] It's painful.
    - Okay, what do you own? What is this?
    - [Shawn] This is my 2012 Lamborghini Aventador, I bought it in December of this last winter. It had about 5000 miles on it, and it was somewhat custom so I saved a fortune because it's got a little bit of black paint here and black paint on the sides, then some red stitching on the seats, which is mimicking the 2014 and I believe t